Mama Pride Overflow

The weekend past was full of tears. Most of them though, were happy.


Sadly we weren’t there to see him get his certificate, but our Damien has qualified as a Dive Master!


For those not in the know – and as I have learnt – its an intense course and means at least 60 dives, a full physical, a series of fitness tests, skills tests, several exams and courses requiring at least an “A” to pass each one and leading at least 5 dives.


He did all this while working six long days a week and living away from home – which meant he had to look after himself- doing his own housework, laundry, cooking and cleaning – and he had to discipline himself to study and revise his course work in preparation for his exams.


He’s healthy, happy, tanned, he’s smoking less, he’s getting to travel a bit, and I only hear good things from his employers and instructors.


Man… I’m in tears again just thinking about how much he’s achieved.


I am so proud of him I could burst.


He’s changed and grown and matured so much. We have actual conversations on WhatsApp and when we spend time with him, like for his birthday, he chats to everyone and tells them about his work and his dives.

The next big qualification is Dive Instructor – another set of courses and another 40 or so dives (he has to have 100 to finish qualifying), along with working full time and being a grown up, and he should finish that by the end of this year.

My child is happy.


13 thoughts on “Mama Pride Overflow

  1. This is the best blog post EVER!!! It wasn’t easy, but look at him. He is successful, handsome, healthy and happy… It’s wonderful to see that grin all the time and that he now has a chance to show everyone who he REALLY is and what he can achieve – on his own. I am SO very proud of YOU. You have been the constant drive behind him, wind in his sails, cheerleader, defender, teacher and Mother. It is wonderful to finally see it all paying off. Now you get the reward – IN FULL. Well done Sis. WELL DONE!! I love you.

  2. Wow so awesum can feel your pride pouring through your blog-still remember how hesistant you were when he first started out on this journey. Enjoy your proud mom moments and Im sure there will be plenty more to follow

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