The SAKKS Koi Show

On Sunday my Glugs and I went to the 2015 SAKKS Gauteng Koi Show at Val Bonne Country Estate (which we wouldn’t have found without the GPS).
We had a koi pond at our old house, and we’ve had several koi, but we don’t have a pond anymore and we miss it. My Glugs introduced me to the joys of koi keeping, and since he does all the pond maintenance and PT, I just get to enjoy the fish.

2015-05-24 12.34.55

The koi contest was something else, let me tell you. Some of the fish that had been entered were almost a metre long! And exquisite! We walked round and round the big pools where the  fish were on display before heading to the stands where there were all kinds of koi for sale.
Without a pond to put them in we didn’t buy any koi, but there were so many I would have loved to take home! I think if my Glugs and I could do so, we’d have a garden that was at least half-koi pond!

Just for interest’s sake, here are some of my favourite koi varieties, and if I could I’d have at least one of each of these!
koi3 koi5 koi1

And these ones Glugs and I both like…


And Modderfontein Reserve (Val Bonne is inside the reserve) is like a hidden jewel. We couldn’t get over how beautiful the place is, with a few dams, walking trails, biking trails, and a beautiful picnic area next to “Fisheagle Dam”.
Unfortunately we can’t take our pooches with us, but we’re actually keen to go back and have a picnic.

2015-05-24 12.55.17 2015-05-24 12.54.35

So apart from fish-phobic Shebeeliciousness, who probably wouldn’t even read the post since I put “koi” in the title, what do you think of them?

Have you been to the Modderfontein Reserve?

2 thoughts on “The SAKKS Koi Show

  1. Hi Angel!

    Beautiful photos and just the place where Askii and I would have really enjoyed, out in the open air, instead of the Malls. Funny, Askii is like me, he HATES the malls and shopping! But he will dutifully take me there and back. When we are done shopping, then all I need to tell him, “Find the way out” and in a mad rush, he will have me out the main entrance in no time, no matter where we are in the mall. And I don’t have to give him any instructions on HOW to get out……………… XX

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