Excited About Recycling!

Thats me!

Its actually a little ridiculous, just how excited I am about this!
I know I’m a project person though, so whilst I will continue doing it I won’t be excited about it for too long…

For now, I’m enjoying it.

For a long time now, I’ve been taking my empty egg boxes and the cardboard tubes from my paper towels to a nursery school up the road from me. And I keep tins and glass jars for my MIL who does crafty things with the tins and fills the jars with jams, pickles and preserves.

I felt better for not throwing them away, but that was as much recycling as I did. I had Pinterest dreams of having the colour coded bins, and a compost heap (which is a little odd since I don’t do any gardening), and a chute from inside my kitchen straight into a recycling bin, but I never got around to actually doing any of it.

And then our suburb’s resident’s association got a whole bunch of us to commit to the Pikitup “separation at source” recycling programme, and they came around and dropped off two kinds of bags – one for paper and the other for tins, glass, and plastic.
The bags are put out the day before our usual Pikitup collection and they leave new bags for the next week’s collection.

With just me and my Glugster in the house, and giving to the nursery school and to my MIL, our recycling bags are never really full, but I’m happier for not throwing it in the bin!

Do you recycle?

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