Ah Facebook, How I Loathe You…

The more I use it, the more I dislike it.

For a while I thought it was social media in general that I can’t stand anymore, but I actually still enjoy Twitter and Instagram. WhatsApp has become a communication tool rather than a form of social media. And even though I blog far less than I used to, I still enjoy that too.

I also work in social media – Facebook included – and this I enjoy too. Probably because it’s not personal…


My growing distaste of Facebook has nothing to do with the fact that my feed defaults to “Top Stories” no matter how many times I change it to “Most Recent” (get over it people, it’s not going to change no matter how many times you share a protest-slash-petition).
I try to keep the number of Facebook friends I have under 200, and I limit my acceptance of friend requests to people I actually speak to on a fairly regular basis.
My irritation also has nothing to do with the games people play. I just reject the request and block the game. Problem solved.
Even the click bait, bad grammar, and “vaguebooking” isn’t what has put me off.

What I have come to hate is that as much as people share on Facebook, they don’t talk to each other.

5 thoughts on “Ah Facebook, How I Loathe You…

  1. Hi Angel

    While it can be so annoying sometimes, but being deaf, I can communicate via Facebook and keep up to date with most of my deaf and deafblind friends. I have some time ago joined a closed group of deafblind people mostly from the UK and USA, sadly, in some ways, I have friends on Facebook who knows me well yet have NEVER made an effort to like or even comment on my post, so I had to erase them off my friend list. The annoying parts are the games requests and bogeymen who send false friend requests……………!
    Daryn xx and Askii woof woof!

  2. You make a damn good point. It’s become a kinda non-communicative-communication.

    If that makes sense. 🙁

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