Dreaming Big…

I have been having insane dreams lately…

Last night I dreamed the earth was invaded by aliens, in ships that looked like a combination of Stargate and Star Wars vessels… and there had apparently been some form of the Rapture that I had missed! I was yelling “Its Fringe! Fringe was right all along!” and we were all armed. My mom was in a hospital, on the 10th floor, and my dad went up to see her but the aliens – assisted by giant spiders – blew up the lifts so we couldn’t get to my mom and she couldn’t walk down the stairs ‘coz of whatever surgery she’d had… But we could talk to her and my dad through the window, from the ground, and they were only one floor above us! I was very upset at missing the rapture, but I was also upset because I couldn’t get to my dogs!

Another night I dreamed my folks were living in a big house inside a complex, and they had some kind of mining operation on the go under the house. A friend of ours – Jessica – was there too, and she reckoned she was an expert and put a bomb in a hole in a wall in the house – not under the house – and proceeded to blow a bigger hole in the wall, and blow all the windows out of the surrounding houses, both of us laughing our heads off!
At the same time, I’m being called by my folks to see to my dogs ‘coz a woman dressed like Father Christmas was trying to get in the gate and they were trying to get out.

Those aren’t even the kakkest dreams I’ve had, and I have no idea why! And my dogs are almost always in the dreams!

I’m sleeping well. I’m not drinking coffee late at night, o eating cheese…

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2 Responses to Dreaming Big…

  1. Gina says:

    hahahaha, awesome. I love dreaming. I usually dream Im in some kind of action adventure movie style scenario 🙂
    Gina recently posted…I got a baking bug!My Profile

  2. Wenchy says:

    Well, that is dreaming big at least! 🙂
    Wenchy recently posted…If I should fall behind, wait for me.My Profile