Karma Is A Bitch…

I stopped in PnP today, after spending a few hours at a car repair place, to get eggs, oil, and some other baking ingredients. Not a huge list, but I was already hot and thirsty.
While I’m waiting in the queue, with two people ahead of me, the woman in front of me goes and stands in another queue, so I move forward a bit.
YAY! Shorter queue. This never happens – I am a queue jinx!
While I’m waiting I have a look at some severely battered Cornetto cones in the freezer next to me, choosing the best looking strawberry one I could find in the nearly empty fridge, and as I am about to step forward in the queue – the woman who left my queue comes back – AND GOES AHEAD OF ME TO WHERE SHE WAS!


No apology, no wave of the hand, she doesn’t even look at me!


Now I’m hot, thirsty, and pissed.

So she is nearly done paying, and I am done unpacking, and I accidentally-on-purpose push my trolley – one of the smaller ones with two baskets – just a little too hard, and it bumps into her. Not very hard, but it hit her.
Yes – I know – petty, vindictive, childish. Sue me.
She whips her head around, but I don’t even make eye contact and I flick a “sorry” at her.
Petty, vindictive, childish.

I am a just-barely-under-control short-tempered bitch at the best of time, I work hard to keep it under control.

She leaves, my stuff is processed, and I head out the door.
I stop at the recycling bins, unwrap my ice cream, and the fucking thing is HOLLOW! The cone part is like wet cardboard! It has very clearly melted and been refrozen, and sold anyway.
For R18 a pop.
So I turn around, and in my best possible calm-but-annoyed voice, I ask the woman behind the info desk to get me a new ice cream. She says I can go and get one, and I say no, I don’t want one from the freezer I took this one from – I want a new one. One that hasn’t melted and been refrozen.

She leaves with my ice cream and I wait.
A guy arrives five minutes later with a new one, which also looks a little battered, and as he stands next to me I unwrap it. It certainly looks better than the one I chose for myself, so I say thank you and off I go.


A few bites in and it’s clear this one too, was melted and refrozen. I threw it away.

Payback for being petty…?

5 thoughts on “Karma Is A Bitch…

    • I didn’t. I did hear back from the PnP, and a manager called me and said I must go and see him when I am there again.

  1. YIKES.. sorry about your kak experience.

    I don’t think Karma would intervene in this situation as she was obviously being a douchebag. But I hear you…

    Perhaps next time if you feel the urge to ram a trolley at someone, do a PROPER job and then just don’t buy a icecream.
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