Twister’s First Adoptiversary!

Twisted Twister cat has been a part of our family for a year now.

He’s on a special diet because of his bladder, and frustratingly he’s still peeing where he shouldn’t, but he’s the most lovable little Twister-pister!

Twister is completely unconcerned about the dogs, flat ignoring them even when he’s being “hounded” by a puppy. 😀

The cats are another story…
Greebo is the only cat who is not concerned with Twister at all. They’ll nap together and occasionally play together too.
Magic will play with Twister every now and then, but he’s always been a grumpy bum.
Minx is a different story. She won’t tolerate Twister anywhere near her, and has taken to sleeping as high up and as far away as she can, as Twister’s vision limits his access to high-up perches. Unfortunately, Twister won’t leave Minx alone! It’s as if he is determined to make friends with her even though she hisses at him and swats him if he comes near her, and if he manages to corner her, they have a rolling fight with her yowling like mad. 🙁

It makes me sad that they still can’t get on, but I’m hoping it will improve in time…

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