One thought on “Trying My Hand at a Vlog!

  1. You mentioned allot of things which I though was the only one noticing.

    The latest reduction of chocolate size happened when Cadbury was taken over by Mondelez. They also changed the recipe slightly to make it sweeter to compensate for smaller bar but saving on cocoa.

    Simba Chips used to have chips not just air in the packets. I have send Clover Long life Plastic 1l bottles back and stopped using them because they only contain 850ml milk(Clover’s response was that they weigh the container to 1kg therefore it is approx 1L).

    Aquafresh increased their specialty toothpaste cap holes by 1mm that you automatically use more toothpaste without notice.

    Smarties are no longer perfect shaped polished domes but mass produced dull looking smarties.

    Sunlight Dish-washing liquid – There was a time I could wash dishes with half a teaspoon like the TV ad. Now the water needs to be beyond hot and two teaspoons only last for half the dishes and then I have to refill for the pots and pans.

    Did you notice Mentholated Spirits are not widely available anymore? I had so much use for it cleaning windows and glass. now we are forced to buy window cleaner that don’t even work that well…

    Now at least I can put a name to it…

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