History in Photographs

I found a whole box of photos in the garage, while tidying up last weekend, and going through them was so much fun!

It brought back so many memories looking at them, I found several pictures I could give to other family members, and, AND – I actually THREW SOME AWAY!
Thats personal growth for me! 😀

What did strike me though, is how many of those pictures could be super precious memories now – but they have a person in them that is no longer a part of our family…
They weren’t technically a part of the family when the picture was taken, either… 

It made me wonder about deliberately excluding people from group family portraits if they’re not technically family. I deliberately excluded my brother’s date to my wedding from the photographs – but that was my wedding – I could get away with it. 😛 

What do you think? Ask them to step aside?

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2 Responses to History in Photographs

  1. catjuggles says:

    Nice memories Angel. I think I would go for the one with and the one without? But it’s always difficult. BTW have you ever watched “Fanie Fourie’s labola”? Watch it – very funny and touching – and see how they handle the girlfriend at the wedding especially if she is of another race
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    • Angel says:

      I suppose one with and one without could work…
      I have seen the movie! Glugster and I actually went to the Valentines Day premiere and we thoroughly enjoyed it!