Being an “Old Lady”

When my now 26 year old son* was growing up, we had many, MANY conversations about sex and where babies come from and all sorts of things – I decided early in his life that I could either suck it up and be age-appropriately honest with him if he asked me a question, or he’d learn bullshit elsewhere.

One of the conversations we had was about PMS, and as a result of that conversation I have been able to warn him when I am PMSing, give him – and my Glugster – a heads’ up so that we could avoid a “spontaneous confrontation”.

It has worked well for us, and thankfully I usually only had a couple of really “bitchy days” a month. 😛

Recently we had another conversation, different – but along the same vein – as I am officially peri-menopausal.
It intensified about a year ago, and my gyno doesn’t think it will go on too much longer as my ovaries can now only be seen with an ultrasound! :/
My cycle has gone bezonkers, I am battling night sweats (literally waking up with my pillowcase drenched, and sleeping with a frozen 2L bottle of water at my feet), and I am BEYOND emotional!!
Emotional doesn’t begin to cover it… And more emo than moody, though I don’t know which is better.
I was never one to cry. Not in movies, and not in front of other people, and NOW I cry at the drop of a hat. Nature programmes on TV have me crying over the fawn being chased by a wolf. Facebook statuses about animal abuse reduce me to tears. Other people’s sadness makes me cry.
And I cry every day over losing my precious Riddick – although that is real heartache over the loss of my baby boy, not just irrational emotions…

It drives me nuts!


I’m not going to be taking any hormone supplements or going on any kind of treatment unless I drastically need to for my health’s sake – I’ve lived with it so far, and anyone who knows me knows how I LOATHE the heat and have always had a fan with me, so I’ll just stick it out.

Here’s hoping my family can stick it out too…