Being More of an “Old Lady”

If you read THIS POST, you’ve already read about how when my now 27 year old son* was growing up, we had many, MANY conversations about sex, PMS, and babies, and more recently, a chat about menopause, and mood swings.
Because I am peri-menopausal.
Officially old.
For about two years already.


My cycle started going bezonkers in 2010 already, after being a perfect 25-day countdown for years, and its only gotten worse… I highly recommend downloading an app, BTW!

The forgetfulness, peri-menopausal the brain fog, is REAL!

So for about eighteen months I battled crazy night sweats – literally waking up with my pillowcase and my hair drenched with sweat. The sun went down, and I started sweating. I took to sleeping with a frozen 2L bottle of water at my feet, and our aircon was on ALL the time! My poor hubby!
And I was SUPER emotional for a while, but I think that has gotten better… I still cry almost every day over losing my daddy darling, and my precious Riddick – although that is real heartache over my loss, not just menopausal emotions…

The night sweats seem to have stopped, but they were replaced with hot flushes! Think of every cliche you’ve ever heard about hot flushes – they are spot-fucking-on! It feels like I’m blushing, but furiously! Thank goodness its short lived, but it happens several times a day and night! I literally strip my shirt off as fast as I can!

And just for fun, for about a month now, I’ve been battling little bouts of crazy lightheadedness and vertigo. Several times a day I get dizzy, to varying degrees. Sometimes its mild, but sometimes it feels like I am going to fall off my chair!
I think I would happily have the night sweats back if I could get rid of the dizziness!

All of it drives me nuts!

And I have to marvel at how life changes… Currently, “Aunt Flo” is the latest she has ever been – more than two weeks. My poor menstrual app has no idea what to tell me, and the other day my Glugster and I had a little chat about how we’d feel if we discovered we were going to have a baby.
The likelihood is zero – been there, done that, paid the specialists to tell us so – but we realised that its not what we want anymore. I mean, I’m going to be 45, the knucklehead is all grown up, AND we have ZERO medical aid this year! 😀


*What the hell!??! My son is heading for thirty!!!

5 thoughts on “Being More of an “Old Lady”

  1. Oh boy, I hear you sister! The hot flushes are a nightmare… mine get worse if I have a glass of wine and I do so love a glass of red with supper, so dinner time generally turns into a freaky sort of strip show in our house, LOL!

  2. Shame, I remember when my mom was going through the flushes. We went to a winter wedding. It was f-ing freezing! They had to light up a fire in the chapel freezing. The bride had to find a last minute sort of goes with the dress jacket freezing! All of a sudden, mid-ceremony, there is a flapping noise. Everyone turns to look. My mom is fanning herself with some spam mail she found in her handbag while everyone else’s teeth are chattering and they’re trying to fend off frostbite.

    Good luck!

  3. Well, I for one are not completely opposed to you taking your shirt off!

  4. Angel, I LOVE how you unabashedly tell of the realities of menopause…of course, I will NEVER have those sensations, but it’s refreshing, funny and telling in an empathetic way just what you go through. We are through with that, my lady and I, because we are older, but the brilliant reality of your snapshot of it is fantastic…

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