Peeping Out From Behind The Madness…

Sorry I’ve been so scarce bunnies… Lotsa stuff on the go here.

The knucklehead is in seventh heaven. He’s spending this coming weekend with his father and stepmother again, after spending last Friday night with them and meeting his paternal grandparents. He’s calling him “dad” already- which made my heart jump a little in my chest when I heard it– so this is clearly something he’s wanted for a long time. His paternal granparents couldn’t get over how much he looks like his father! His stepmom- I need to call her something “nicer”– blew me away! I got a text message from her asking if there were any dietary restrictions for Damien since he has ADHD! I was seriously touched that she thought to ask me. We had a bit of a chat over the phone and I felt a lot less stressed when we’d done chatting. The knucklehead got home early Saturday morning beaming from ear to ear! And do remember, when you leave a comment, that this is as much a record for the knucklehead as for me. Nastiness will mean passwords & I don’t want to do that…

We’ve started our get-to-know-you sessions with the minister who will be conducting the #AnGlugWedding ceremony in July. He’s very cool and the first session was very interesting- my Glugs and I know each other very well!

The dogs have settled in beautifully. Their names are officially Thelma & Louise (the black one is Louise) and they are very well behaved. We’ll be starting dog school some time too. The cats are adjusting, Greebo and Diva are the most “shaken” by having the dogs outside.

There are some interesting developments afoot too… more on that when I can talk about it! 😀

I’m baking LOTS! I’m having to turn down two to three orders a week because I can’t fit them in! Talk about a rock and a hard place…

My daddy darling is still up and down…

The Girls Are Here

They’re fabulously well behaved- even the hour long car ride from Wetnose was easy for Glugs & Damien.

They’re waiting for us at the gate when we get home from somewhere, and they were immediately happy with their kennel.

They’re so sweet, they “smile” by showing all their teeth when we greet them!

We’re torn for names… They’ll be either:

Thelma & Louise


Brandy & Cola

Which do you like?



Update!!! The girls are officially Thelma & Louise!!! By overwhelming majority, as well as what seemed to fit them best.