Being Concerned About Children’s Pictures Becoming Memes

Picture it. You are scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed one morning, while you sip your first cup of coffee, and suddenly… there’s a face you recognise. Its an image that has been shared by a Facebook “friend” you have only a vague memory of meeting or ever speaking … Continue reading

Have a #CupcakeForMyHero to Spread Hope

I am supporting this particularly delicious initiative for sure – and I have a long list of heroes to write on my hand! Get yourself to Brooklyn Mall this weekend to support their campaign! Cancer is primarily seen as an adult disease, however more and more children are being diagnosed. If detected … Continue reading

The “My Most Beautiful Pet” Competition!

My Most Beautiful PET Celebrates South Africa’s Furry Friends Do you think YOU have the most beautiful PET? Well, I can tell you right now that I – in fact – have the most beautiful pet, and that you shouldn’t even bother entering, but that wouldn’t be a fair win … Continue reading