My World Is Totally Connected

Nicki wrote a blog post titled “How the internet connected me …“, touching on the friends she’s made, the support she’s had access to and Unlocking the Power of the Internet, and whilst I was reading it there was so much that resonated with me that I was making notes in my head about writing my own post on the subject.

And then I discovered there’s a prize up for grabs too!


When I started my blog WAAAAY back in 2005, it was the realisation of an idea I’d had for years. My own space on the internet! I had always wanted a space where I could share my story of single parenthood and raising a child with AD/HD. Blogging gave me that space, but I never dreamed it would be so much more. When I eventually told my parents and family I was blogging and how it worked my parents especially were horrified and my dad was convinced I would be stalked and murdered in my bed! For the most part my friends and family didn’t understand why I would want to share so much of my life with strangers on the internet, but there was no way I was giving it up.

I started finding and reading and commenting on other people’s blogs (I was never just a reader, I loved that I could leave my opinion or a word of encouragement on what was essentially someone’s personal diary). And not only did I get to share my life and experiences with people on my blog, I got given some incredible advice and support when I felt like I didn’t know where to turn anymore! I got to use the people in my computer’s “out of the box thinking” to help me out!

I joined a USA-based email support group for parents of children with AD/HD, and I got so much support it was like the sun had come out at the end of a monsoon of drama and battles! Their support planted the seed in my head of supporting other parents of children with AD/HD and it became a campaign in my life.

After a few years of being electronic friends with the bloggers I had gotten to know so well, we started meeting face to face. It was nerve wracking and terrifying and wonderful all at the same time! I formed a special bond with a few of those bloggers and we are now close friends in real life- sharing special occasions, milestones, whiny 2am text messages, desperate phone calls and really good friendships. They are the friends I spend time with, without hash-tagging the occasion to death on Twitter or feeling the need to blog about it before and after, because our relationships are bigger than that.

And then I met The Glugster. He’d started blogging to see if he could make money, and we started reading and commenting on each others’ blogs. Soon Glugster, SweetStef and I were chatting on Skype until the wee hours of the morning and eventually decided to meet face to face. We planned a lunch which I missed, but he and I met for dinner a few days later when both of us had had unbelievably crappy days… What was supposed to be simply a chance for us to finally meet face to face very quickly turned into a date and we were still laughing and talking at 2am the next morning with the restaurant staff packing up tables and chairs around us! He was a perfect gentleman and when we parted ways I felt like I was walking on a cloud! I was completely smitten and spent hours online with SweetStef having the equivalent of a 15 year old girl’s conversation with her “OMG do you think he likes me oh I think I like him but I don’t know what to do I’ve been single for so long and do you think he likes me and oh I think I like him but I don’t know what to do“! I didn’t know it, but he was having the same kind of conversations with SheBeeGee! A few days later we met up again and after I gave him a runaround he refused to accept, we started seeing each other and announced our relationship to the world.

Two years and seven months later we got married! Our wedding was streamed live online so that our friends around the world could share our wedding day with us and we even had our own hash-tag on Twitter: #AnGlugWedding!

And with the aid of blogging, Facebook and Twitter, I have been completely self-employed for over two years now and my alter-ego The Cupcake Lady is very nearly a celebrity!!

I reckon I have successfully “unlocked the power of the internet”. I get to support parents who are raising children with AD/HD, I have my dream career, I have a killer social circle and I have the most incredible husband on the planet!

The @SlutwalkJHB Press Release

Slutwalk Johannesburg

It’s a dress, not a Yes!

Slutwalk expresses the notion that no victim of sexual assault is the cause of that assault. No one ever asked to be raped.

Slutwalks originated in Canada in January 2011 when a representative of the Toronto police told a group of students, “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. A furore ensued, followed quickly by a protest march, the message of which reverberated so that there have now been Slutwalks in over 100 cities around the world. This August 25th 2012, Slutwalk is coming to the streets of Johannesburg for the second time.

We, the organisers of Slutwalk Johannesburg see Slutwalk as an international Movement which can help us raise awareness around a number of sexual assault issues; victim-blaming, corrective rape, gender violence and questioning the acceptance of a “rape culture” which has become the norm in our country. This is in line with the focus of the original Toronto Slutwalk.

In our country it is obvious  that sexual violence is a very pressing issue and in spite of Slutwalk this year being during Woman’s Month, it is not only a woman’s issue, it is an issue that all of society needs to address.

The participants at Slutwalk are ordinary people, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters – people who believe in the vision of an equal society.  Some dress provocatively to emphasize the absurdity of much of society’s view on the issue, others dress in normal work or casual clothes in solidarity.

To quote Heather Jarvis, founder of Slutwalk: “From the very beginning in 2011 people were always encouraged to challenge slut-shaming language like “slut”, “whore”, “ho”, “skank”, “tramp”, etc. and never told they had to identify (with) one or another in order to participate. We’ve always maintained people should be safe to be who they are, how they are.”

If you’re human and believe that nobody, despite their age, sex, gender, sexual orientation or sexual history deserves to be raped, then come support Slutwalk and spread the message.






Slutwalk JHB is being organised by founder Sandi Schultz, Gina Jacobson, Nadia Assimacopoulos and Walter Pike


The march is happening 25 th AUGUST 2012 starting and ending at Zoo Lake Sport’s Club, Cnr Westwold Way and Lower Park Drive, Parkwood. People are asked to arrive at 10h30, speeches start at 11h00 and the march will start at 11h30.


Parking has been organized on the cricket field on Westwold Way and will be R10 per vehicle. The organizers kindly ask that participants carpool where possible and that no one park on the streets, in keeping with the resident’s association’s request.

For more info on Slutwalk Johannesburg, we have the following in place:

We would like to express our gratitude to the following:

Please make any donations to:

FNB Savings Account


Acc : 62325235902

Branch Norwood Mall


I Think I’m Adjusting…

This whole 5am wake up call was exhausting, but I think I’m getting used to it. Like when I used to stay up till 2am reading blogs and talking strawbreez on Skype, and then get up for work at 5h30. You can get used to anything! And they do say smart people need less sleep…

You can stop sniggering now.


Ooh and don’t forget – you can read about my adventures with Volt here and on Twitter here -> #SAGApupVolt.

This weekend past I had a couple of cupcake orders to take care of (you know who my alter ego is right?), and then we spent the afternoon at a place called “Higher Ground”  to celebrate @SnowgooseSA’s birthday. When this venue boasts about having an awesome view of Jo’burg they’re not kidding! Its gawjiss! And the children exhausted themselves with all the open space to play!

higher ground restaurant bryanston

And what a lovely afternoon! I got to see some good friends and meet some new people including one friend’s new fiancée and a few fans of The Cupcake Lady, which is always an awesome ego-boost!  There was also a famous rugby player there, whom I of course didn’t recognise, much to my Glugster’s consternation… But its cool, his rugby doesn’t clash with my F1… LOL!


Sunday was spent recovering – for the most part – from Saturday night, LOL.

Ooh and I got another invitation for a new Ford vehicle launch on the 23rd, so keep your eyes open for that review! And I may or may not be contributing a little something to a printed publication for the first time in my life and I’m very excited about that!