31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 18

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Day eighteen, if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?


I often dream of flying, and the few times I have been up in a microlight I absolutely loved it.
I love being able to fly where I can see the ground beneath me. I love the freedom I can only imagine would come with being able to launch myself off the ground like Superman does!

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31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 16

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Day sixteen, a “day in the life” post.


Since today is a public holiday, and I am on holiday, its not going to be quite a normal day-in-the-life… 🙂

Woke up with the puppies at 5h10, the girls were still sleeping but they all get sent outside to “busy” and drink water and I go back to bed for a snuggle with my man.

At about 5h40 either Lennox or Louise will scratch on the door, and then I let them all back in and head head for the kitchen.

At 6h00 the cats are fed – they’ve been shouting at me since I opened my bedroom door. Their stainless steel bowls are ontop of the dishwasher and they each get a level scoop of dry food. Then the dogs are fed- also out of stainless steel bowls – Thelma first, then Louise (her epilepsy meds in her bowl), then Riddick (his food is topped up with water to make him eat slower), then Lennox, then Rhody (when he’s here with us) – pack order is maintained. I supervise their eating because Thelma eats slowly, and whilst she won’t allow the puppies to steal her food, she eats slower if they hover near her! And since the puppies are all taught not to be food-defensive they will eat each other’s food if given the opportunity!

At 6h15 I make myself a cup of coffee and have either 2 slices of buttered toast, or cereal with cold milk. If it were a normal week day, I would be making work lunches for my husband and the knucklehead, but not today.

6h30 myself and all the dogs went outside, as usual I rinsed out and refilled the big water bowl and pooper scooped the garden. Then ‘coz I didn’t have to make sarnies, I played ball with the boys.

7h00 back to the bedroom with all the dogs, scheduled the week’s Facebook and Twitter updates for SAGA and The Cupcake Lady, scanned my Feedly list, scanned my Facebook and Twitter feeds, I think I may have posted an update or left a comment here and there…

8h10 started waking up my hubby, who had not slept well at all and took a frozen focaccia out to defrost on my new, bright yellow, silicone baking sheet.

8h45 headed for Makro for some groceries and bought some new pillows and a bigger stronger vacuum cleaner for the carpeted bedrooms!

10h00 back home, put a chicken and veggies in the slow cooker.

10h45 vacuumed the bedroom whilst my Glugster took the portable aircon apart to clean it out.

11h30 caramelised onion, yellow pepper and green pepper slivers on the stove… My mommy & daddy darling were going to come for lunch but daddy darling wasn’t feeling well.

12h30 pressed the defrosted and well risen focaccia flat with my fingers, then pressed the cooled caramelised onion and peppers into the soft dough, added some halved cherry tomatoes and sprinkled it with sea salt and balsamic vinegar, then baked it for 20 minutes.

13h00 cut up and enjoyed the baked focaccia – and realised I forgot to put feta cheese on it!

13h30 poured a little olive oil on the non-functioning pond outside our bedroom in an attempt to suffocate the mozzie larvae living in it, without killing the birds that frequent it, then covered it with a makeshift cage to keep Rhody the Labrador out of it.

14h30 light snooze on the bed to get away from the heat, with Riddick the Lab and my Glugster…

15h30 late, late lunch of the slow cooker chicken and chunky roast veggies. Spent the afternoon chilling and playing with the dogs, did a little obedience training with the Labs.

18h00 supper for the furbabies! Same as the early morning routine, except that the Labradors get more food than in the morning.

18h20 outside with all the dogs again – busies, fresh water, pooper scooping… The rest of the evening is spent watching TV, perhaps reading a couple of blogs.

A “typical” day for me – when I’m not on holiday – starts the same way as today did.
The puppies wake up between 5 and 5:45am, they’re fed at 6am, I make work lunches for my two men, then I make coffee for the three of us in our travel cups.
We leave the house at about 6:50am, usually with Riddick and Lennox in the car with us, drop the knucklehead off about 1km from his work and drop my Glugster at the Gautrain station.
Back home- except for Tuesdays when we stop at the vet to weigh the puppies.
Surf through social media feeds, leave comments, respond to comments, reply to cake and cupcake enquiries, update my baking business admin.
My Mondays are my quiet days, when I get to chill a little bit, take a bit of a morning nap, get to the shops to stock up on ingredients and the like. I also go to SA Guide-dogs early on Monday mornings to drop off our weekend doggy visitors- currently a yellow Lab named Rhody, a service-dog-in-training. I’ll spend some time there getting news from SAGA staff and getting pictures of anything interesting.
Once my admin is done, I get started on whatever baking or sugar work I have for the day and the week.
When I am really organised, I have the icing I need made and refrigerated, ready to use when the cakes are baked.
Since most of my orders are for Fridays and Saturdays, I try to get my sugar art done early in the week.
I also try to get my work for the day finished by the time my Glugster and my knucklehead get home from work – there’s not much point working from home if it interferes with your home life, after all. I don’t always get that right though, and I am very blessed in that my Glugster will happily make supper for us while I work!

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31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 15


Day fifteen, creative writing day. Write a short fictional story that starts with the sentence “It was time. He/She had fought against it for too long…”


Okay… I had to REALLY dust off my writing hat for this one, I haven’t written any fiction in a LONG time! I used to do this far more often… Here goes.

It was time.
She had fought against it for too long.

She had threatened him and told him she wouldn’t help him this time, thinking that if she left it he’d actually take care of it himself. She had shut the door and had refused to mention it or nag him about it.
Then she’d started to hang air fresheners in the passage outside the door because it had started to smell. Still he did nothing. And after a month the stench was becoming unbearable.
The worst though was that the neighbours were starting to complain about the stink, and the last thing she needed was for someone to call the authorities.

She pulled on a pair of sturdy rubber gloves, filled a bucket with scalding hot soapy water, tied a bandanna over her nose and mouth, and opened the door.

OMG it was so much worse than she’d thought…
The curtains were closed and it was semi-dark, and her covered nose made the smell a little less pungent, but she was sure that even her eyes were burning!
Holy crap.

As her eyes adjusted she realised she had so much to pick up before she could start scrubbing with the hot water…
Filthy, crusty socks… Mouldy pizza crusts… Now she knew where all the coffee cups had gone to! She couldn’t even see the floor!
Why the hell couldn’t teenage boys just clean up after themselves for heaven’s sake!?!

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31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 14

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Day fourteen, what is the last book you read? What was it about? Do you recommend it?


The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.

I’m going to try not to give too much away, but essentially, “parallel earths” are indeed a reality, and they are fairly easily accessible with the use of a potato-powered machine you can build yourself!

While the story mainly follows one character, Joshua Valienté, they also tell how the “original” earth is affected financially, politically and culturally by the sudden exodus of millions of people.

I LOVED it! Where it usually takes me MONTHS to finish a book, I couldn’t put this one down! I am a huge Pterry fan as it is, but this book fascinated me. I couldn’t wait to see where they were going with the plot line.
And there’s a sequel!

If you’re a SciFi fan, you’ll love it. I told my Glugster as much when I was reading it and its just taken him less than a week to read it himself!

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31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 13

My Glugster (yes really :) ), Harassed Mom, Wenchy, Supermom and Jenty are also doing this blog challenge!


Day thirteen, what is the best (or your favourite) moment(s) in 2013?


I think I have a few for this year… 🙂

My Glugster and I celebrated the 3rd anniversary of AnGlugWedding in July, and we celebrated 6 years together at the beginning of December! I love being married to him. I love that he loves me and respects me. I love that we have conversations about everything from the state of the nation to bird watching. I love that he supports my ideas. I love him.


In May we were given a new puppy to raise for the SA Guide-dogs Association! He’s a black Lab, we named him Lennox and he is now 35 weeks old.

20131211_133320 - Copy

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in June!


We moved into a house with a big garden in July! The dogs love it, and we are loving all the birds we’re seeing in our garden.

In September, a year’s planning culminated in #GingerGooseWedding! It was beautiful and I was honoured and proud to have been able to help Heidi and Shaun pull off their dream day.


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