A Whole Decade…

Yesterday marked my tenth anniversary in the blogosphere.

Ten years.

I couldn’t imagine it back when I started. When I did think about it I thought it would be exciting. A noteworthy event.

This blog has gotten awfully quiet since my son became a grown up…
I blogged a lot about being a single mom to a boy with ADHD, and about how much “fun” his school years were. But as he’s an adult and can be Googled, and he doesn’t want a lot of those stories shared with the world at large.
Maybe one day I’ll be able to make those blog posts visible again, but for now they will stay private.

And my blogging has changed in other ways. I have a separate blog entirely for my furry family, and that gets updated fairly frequently since my Glugs and I raise Guide Dog puppies now. And I have a separate blog for my baking adventures.
I don’t read as many blogs as I used to either… I miss that. I just don’t get to them anymore. And I am still incapable of reading a blog post without leaving a comment on it.

I met my darling Glugster, my husband, through blogging and reading blogs.
I met some of my nearest and dearest friends through blogging and reading blogs.
I’ve attended some fabulous events and launches, and I’ve been given some awesome gifts and gadgets to test which has been fantastic, and I do hope that continues.

Thank you to my readers. Thank you to my commenters.

Happy bloggiversary to me.

31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 26


Day twenty six, share something you are proud of.


 I have a lot to be proud of. I just have to remind myself about it, often.

I am proud of my knucklehead. My son. He is doing so well and he has changed so much for the better in the last year. He’s doing something he loves and working really hard at it too.

I am proud of the volunteer work I do for SA Guide-dogs, and of the puppies my Glugster and I have raised and trained that are now working as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs all over the country.

Find the original challenge here:
31 Days of Blogging Challenge

Summer Time And The Living Is Easy…

I actually got tagged by acidicice to do a blog post! I’m going to do the questions now – which I haven’t even read yet – while I mull over who I may be tagging at the end…


What is your favourite thing about Summer?

Airconditioning… When and where I can get it! I am a lover of the cold not the heat.

Do you have a favourite Summer drink?

I like Coke Zero most of the time, and when its really hot I do enjoy a G&T. Frozen Original Cocktails are also divine – I love the Singapore Sling and the Strawberry Daiquiri in the sachets!

Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?

If I could, I’d head to where its cold, like Europe! 😀

Favourite makeup look for Summer?

I typically only wear mascara every day, I do like putting makeup on when I go out.

Dresses or skirts?

Mostly skirts ‘coz I battle to find dresses that fit properly. In Summer I live in my denim shorts!

Sandals or ballet pumps?

Barefoot when I can be, otherwise its sandals for me!

Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer?

I always wore it tied up, and now its cut off short!

Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?

I prefer to do my eyes than my lips, but it depends on the look I feel like doing.

Favourite perfume for Summer?

At a function in 2013 I got a bottle of DKNY Women that I like to wear on special occasions.

Last but not least, favourite music for Summer

I have a list of my personal favourites on my phone that I listen to and I like channel 806 on DMX all year round.


And now onto the tagging… I’ve done so little blog reading lately so I think I’ll tag people who haven’t blogged in a while – ExMiShebee and Sass!

Don’t hate me!



Dear Internet…

You’re going to be a quieter, darker place.

The Gorgeous and Divine Bee is no longer of this earth and that is very, very sad.

Bee’s blog was the second one I found on the internet waaaaay back in 2005. It was titled “Accidental Mother” and my first thought was …ooh I’m one of those…
When I started reading her blog I realised that not only was she a wonderful writer and a scream to read, she was a single mother like me, and she was a South African!
From Bee’s blog I found a veritable smorgasbord of South African bloggers, as small as our little club was back then it seemed like a smorgasbord to me.
And I figured that if Bee liked them they must be okay.

On Mother’s Day, Bee lost her battle with cancer and today her nearest and dearest are wishing her farewell.

When I think of you Bee, I remember a wicked sense of humour and grabbing life by the short and curlies. I was privileged to have met you in real life Bee, to have a beer with you and to be able to put a laugh to the face.

I will be forever grateful to the internet for putting you in my life, G&D Bee. I am going to miss you.

I Won Some Sexy Shoes From @BeierSafe & @cathjenkin!

Did I forget to tell you?!

Ag sorreeeeee!!

Back in February, @cathjenkin hosted a giveaway on her blog for a pair of safety shoes from Beier’s new Sisi range.

beier, sisi, angelina, ladies safety shoes

As luck would have it, mine was the winning entry and I could pick a pair of shoes from the Sisi range!
There was only one that REALLY caught my eye – the Angelina!


Why would I even want a pair of safety shoes!? Well, having worked in safety shoes for many years I know they are comfortable, and they’re made for working and walking in.
I spend most of my working days on my feet, in my kitchen, and a good pair of shoes is essential. Having shoes that are non-slip as well is a huge bonus as I am so not the neatest baker…
And having dogs in the house means I often have a wet floor! Puppies have accidents, and Labradors LOOOVE water. And I have toes that get trodden on regularly and when your puppies weigh 30+kg thats no joke!

Due to my own disorganisation and car drama and life and and and, I only went to fetch my prize this week. I love them already!

beier, sisi, angelina, ladies safety shoes

Don’t they look fabulous!?! You would never have guessed that these were safety shoes with steel toecaps!!