The Good, The Bad & The Sucky

The good.
I had a great meeting with a wedding client, my baking went well and I finished on time, and my mommy darling and I got to see The Sound of Music together at Montecasino.
We had a really good meeting with the people at scubaversity about the knucklehead joining their Blue Ocean internship programme.

The bad.
Our car. Its getting worse by the day and driving it makes me so anxious and tense. And replacing it is not an option right now.
It was our last few days with our guide dog puppy Lennox. He goes back to SAGA tomorrow to start his formal guide dog training.


The sucky.
Mother fuckers broke into our house while we were out on Saturday afternoon. They knew exactly what they were after too.
The rented TV AND its remote, our laptops (including our old machines), spare phones, my jewellery box, Glugsters’s clothes, the knucklehead’s suit and, AND – all three back up hard drives. I am so fucking angry and I can do nothing.
FIVE dogs on the property. FIVE. All fine thank goodness, and the cats are fine, but FIVE dogs didn’t deter them at all.
Mother fucking sons of bitches.
Everytime I think about how much I’ve lost I start crying again. YEARS of work data and THOUSANDS of photographs.







And then today the guy arrived to see if they could find fingerprints. Which is pretty much a futile exercise since the South African forensic database is nothing like what they have in Europe or the USA.



Happy Birthday And Welcome Baby!

Our family welcomed a new member last week!
My brother’s new baby, E, was born on January 10th 2013. He weighed 2.86kg and he is just so beautiful and so perfect. We went to meet him the day after he was born and we were all quite smitten.

20130111_IMGP5431 - Copy

its a dreadful picture because I forgot to check my settings before attempting a photo in the dark ward

It was a bit of an up and down day though… We were so happy and excited to be able to welcome baby E into our lives and our hearts, but we still hurt so much from the loss of E’s big brother, Nathan. And it is so heart sore that E will never know him.

Baby E does have a really sweet big brother who is very proud of his new title! Almost 6 year old J is so cute and so smart, and my Glugster and I are his godparents!
He visited us this weekend past without his mommy for the first time and we had so much fun! We baked cupcakes, the boys swam, he played with the puppy, he played PS2 with his cousin the knucklehead, and he got to know the knucklehead’s beardie, Spike.
He loved the baking part- cracking eggs like a pro- but the decorating isn’t the best part for him. He’s a right little fish too- he’ll swim all day if you let him! And he thinks his big cousin D is just awesome!



We’re really glad he’s happy to spend time with us without his mommy because we love having him around, and there’s a lot we want to do like take him to Sci-Bono (at the end of the month) and the zoo! And of course spending time with him gives his mommy a break and focuses some attention on him which is important when there’s a new baby competing for the spotlight and mommy’s time at home.



Celebrating #AnGlugBirthday

This year, my Glugster and I celebrated our birthdays together for the first time!

I usually celebrate my birthday a month early as I was born on a date on which people are seldom around, sober, or have any money, and it is often overlooked because three days after Christmas and three days before the New Year, people have a lot on their minds! That said, I do love to celebrate it and I can’t just let it go by.
My husband was never big on celebrating his birthday, but as I think birthdays are important, I changed that when we started seeing each other.

His birthday is about two months before mine, so celebrating mine a month early and his a month late meant we could meet “in the middle” and decided to do something all our loved ones could enjoy.

We opted to go 120 years behind the times and headed for Gilroy’s in Muldersdrift.

I sent out save the date notifications waaaay in advance of the date and by the time I phoned to book a table (you have to book if you’re heading there) I had 60+ RSVPs! Knowing people and events like I do though, I booked a table for 40 people and it turned out that that was perfect! We had two long tables reserved for us and we filled them up toot sweet!
I took my camera with me but I didn’t take it out of its bag!
I baked a whole lot of mine and my Glugster’s favourite cupcakes (Oreo, red velvet and strawberry) to take with us as dessert and they went down a treat!

We had a fabulous time! Almost all of our favourite people in the world were there to celebrate with us, and if you’ve been to Gilroy’s you’ll know the atmosphere is simply awesome. The food is fabulous and even if you’re not a beer drinker its worth trying at least one. There’s lots to keep the kids busy too- if you have some extra cash- so lots of the parents could enjoy their afternoon without kids counting their teeth!

Thank you to all who joined us, and thank you for the gifts we received!

So Whats Up?

Its been a productive week for me. I like a week that feels like I’ve achieved something when I get to Friday night. I had to turn down two big quote inquiries this week because even with two ovens, and as much as I want to, I can’t bake 4000 cupcakes!

I was baking today- as usual for me for a Friday- and I have two orders now ready and waiting for collection tomorrow morning. I have a strange feeling the one order will not be collected tomorrow… I just have a feeling. The payment was due today and it hasn’t happened, and she has not replied to my emailed requests for a contact number.


We’ll see.

Ooh, I’m rather excited, I’ve asked Harassed Mom to work out a meal plan for my family! I could really do with some organisation and a bit of variety in our meals. And shopping with a list is right up my alley. I can’t wait to see it!

Today I sent through a copy of my drivers’ licence in order to take delivery of the top-of-the-range Ford Focus we’ll be driving next weekend! Thassaright! We’ll be celebrating my Glugster’s birthday in 5-star style with an all expenses paid weekend away including a hotel in Nelspruit, a game drive through the Kruger and a visit to Kaapschehoop courtesy of Ford! We can’t wait! It is going to be so awesome!

And then the Monday after we get home from our weekend away, I will be flown back to Nelspruit in order to attend Ford’s launch of their new Ranger! Aren’t I spoilt? Anyone out there drive a Ranger? I’ve never been in one.

So what else am I up to?

I’m going to see Sweets* tomorrow morning! Woot! Its been far too long since we saw each other last, and its going to be an ever so short visit since we both have appointments for the afternoon… but it is going to be epic to be able to catch up a bit.

On Sunday I’ll be seeing another group (kak word, but I can’t think of another one) of people when I attend a Sass Designs sale! Seriously hoping I’ll be able to add a little something from the Sass collection to my wardrobe… Have you seen it?!

Ooh and I’ll be seeing Sharon on Monday morning!

How cool is that!? A weekend full of awesome people! And I include Mondays in my weekends ‘coz Fridays- and often Saturdays- are usually insanely busy for me.

*A groovy chick I met through my blog, some of you may remember her! 🙂

Any Suggestions?

My alter-ego spends her time in the kitchen.

She bakes, she makes decorations for cakes and cupcakes, she tastes, she tests.

She loves it.

She also spends a fair amount of time answering email inquiries about cakes and cupcakes, and sending out quotes and invoices. She answers questions about costs and makes suggestions and comes up with ideas.

She mostly loves it.

Sometimes she wishes she could afford to pay someone to handle this side of things…

Something she’s battling with a bit is when people ask for an example of a decoration before they order it formally. If its something she’s never made before, she’ll want to make one just to see if she can, but the first attempt at something is usually at least a couple of hours’ work. The amount of work is mostly what determines the cost of a decoration. Asking a potential customer to pay for that one decoration will most likely cost both parties more in bank charges than anything else… but she doesn’t want to work for free. See, doing the example anyway means she runs the risk of the client not liking the result or the price, and then she won’t get paid…

What should she do?

What would you do?