Being Younger…

I’m watching a TV series called “Younger“, and I am rather enjoying it – but it has got me thinking too…

In a nutshell, Liza is a recently divorced 40-year old mother, her teenage daughter is studying abroad, and Liza has to figure out a way to support herself and her daughter since her ex-husband’s gambling addiction has left them in a financial hole – losing all their savings and their house. She tries to get a job in publishing, but is dismissed due to her age. On a night out with her best friend, she is mistaken for a “millennial”, so her BFF comes up with the idea of giving Liza a makeover in order to pass her off as a 26-year old. Ultimately, she becomes an assistant at a publishing firm, she befriends a 20-something co-worker, gets a hot a 26-year-old tattoo artist boyfriend, and has to quickly learn the ins and outs of social media, age appropriate slang, and how to party all night…
Granted, Liza has a lovely figure, small boobs, and has obviously followed a strict facial cleansing regime like her mother told her to when she was 12. 😛

Unless I lose 35kg, dye my hair, and botox my hands, there’s no WAY I could pass for 26… But watching the show has had me wonder what I would do if it were possible – to go back to being 20-something, as a 40-something woman.

When I celebrated my 26th birthday, I was a working single mom to an almost 8-year-old boy.
I fell pregnant at 17, so by the time I was legally permitted to drink and party, I had to organise a baby sitter in order to do so (my folks were fabulous with that), I partied quite a lot with my girlfriends, but it certainly wasn’t every night – or even every week.
I didn’t go to varsity. I didn’t take spontaneous trips with no idea of my destination. I took my son with me when I went out as much as I could. I tried to avoid a hangover unless I knew he was staying somewhere overnight. Partying all night wasn’t an option. I never took men home with me, or let them meet my son unless we were actually “involved”.

I was always conscious of the fact that I had a little boy depending on me. He was my life.

It might be fun to be younger for a little while, to experience being young, free, and single…

Would you consider it?

I Do Love The Cold…

And I think I fell in love with a fridge last weekend…


It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.
Every now and then I see something that I just have to have, usually an appliance of some sort, and this is the first time I’ve seen a fridge that caught my eye!

Its a 510L French Door Samsung Refrigerator.
The fridge door shelves are deep, the shelves in the fridge are adjustable, it has two veggie drawers inside that have their own temperature controls, the fridge door has a water dispenser and you can dispense ice too – crushed or cubed!!! In case you didn’t know – I have ice in ALL my cold drinks!




The freezer section at the bottom is a drawer, so you can pull it out and see whats in your freezer to pack or unpack groceries, without having to sit on the floor!

Between the fridge and the freezer is another drawer – with adjustable compartments and its own temperature controls!


We had gone out for a bit of a brunch because of loadshedding, and were window shopping in Dion Wired before heading home. I opened and examined every single fridge in that shop – and I kept going back to this one!
There’s not much chance I’ll ever own such a sexy fridge… At over R30,000 its well out of my price range, but its nice to dream, right?


~~     As per my Ladybloggers pledge, and in case you were wondering – nobody at Samsung, Dion Wired,
their advertising or PR companies had anything to do with this blog post.     

Do You Have a Dream Kitchen? How About A Dream Scullery?

Whenever I think about my “dream house“, the first room I think of is the kitchen. This makes perfect sense considering how much time I spend in the kitchen – baking and icing cakes, cooking for my family, entertaining…

And I know many people have a dream kitchen, their idea of the perfect kitchen, but do any of you have an ideal scullery? Or laundry room?


I do!

Follow Angel’s board My Dream Scullery-Laundry-Mud Room on Pinterest.

My perfect scullery-slash-laundry-room-slash-mud-room will ideally house not only my sink, dishwasher and washing machine, but also clever storage space.

It would be where I feed my dogs and cats for one thing. I love the idea of having drawers to put my pet food buckets in – I can then put ant or roach traps in the bottom of the drawer, away from the food and it will look tidy and be safe from sneaky paws.


I would also keep my kitchen dustbin in this room – ideally also in a pull-out drawer. I can then hang an air freshener in the drawer and put bug deterrents where they can’t be reached by my animals.


A raised doggy bathing station is a must have for me. Bathing dogs is a mission, especially Labs. They love it, but they’re big dogs and by the time I’m done bending over a bath or kneeling next to it I’m finished! I know that sounds ridiculous but my knees are already borked and kneeling is painful.


Wall-mounted drying racks that can fold flat again are perfect for rainy weather!


My “back door” would also be in this scullery-mud-room, leading ideally into the garage so that when it is raining or some such I can come in and bring the dogs in through that door and get them dried off a tad instead of muddying up the whole house!

What would yours look like?