I’m Fast Losing My Temper With @Altech_Autopage

Here’s a list of my most recent phone calls made to Altech Autopage regarding my still disastrous Cell C contract. January’s phone calls aren’t shown here…

  • Tuesday February 19th at 8h18.
  • Monday February 25th between 7h53 and 13h56 I made 7 phone calls – unanswered.
  • Tuesday February 26th at 10h44.
  • Monday March 4th at 14h50 – 40 minutes and 23 seconds. FORTY MINUTES ON THE PHONE!!!
  • Friday March 8th at 12h02 – a 10 minute 14 second phone call.
  • Monday March 11th at 8h43 – 5 minutes 47 seconds and again at 13h44 – 4 minutes and 41 seconds. Both times I was promised a call that I am still waiting for.

How much do you think those calls have cost me?

Do you – Altech Autopage – think that the R105 “refund” I got come close to covering the cost of chasing after the people in your call centre!?
Here are the blog posts I’ve already written about this little saga if you want to catch up:

So @Altech_Autopage Lived Up To Their Shoddy Reputation After All.

I am BEYOND annoyed!

Just a month ago, I was SO stoked that I had made such great progress with Altech Autopage in fixing my Cell C contract.

Remember how I blogged about Autopage taking a debit order of almost R2400 at the end of January (for my January bill) where I was expecting the “normal” R375 for my son’s phone contract?
I had spent an AGE on the phone and eventually got them to fix my contract and adjust it to the kind of top up contract I had ASKED for when I upgraded, and I was promised I would NOT get another nasty surprise on my account.

Then I got February’s account for over R2000!

Several phone calls later I was assured that this was January’s usage and that they’d “look into it”. Then I was told it had been fixed and they’d look into crediting me.
Towards the end of the month I called Autopage again to find out if I had been credited at all and after being put on hold repeatedly and leaving unanswered messages I was told they had credited me.
With a whole – brace yourself – R105!!!

My phone calls to them cost me more than that!!!

I was furious, but I was again ASSURED that the contract had been fixed and adjusted to the kind of contract I wanted, and that it would all be fixed.

Yet despite what I was promised a month ago, Altech Autopage Cellular has proved true to their reputation and let me down.

A month ago – I was promised that my Cell C had been changed to the Top Up 200 contract it was SUPPOSED to be on as requested when I upgraded last year.
I was promised I would not get anymore surprises on my bill.
And today I get my latest account from Autopage.

For R1460.

Needless to say there was some colourful language happening here.

So I called them again. I spent fifteen minutes on the phone AGAIN and eventually Henry from Altech Autopage Cellular – the same Henry I had spoken to before – blamed “the network” (in other words, the Cell C network) for the fact that my contract did NOT get changed to a Top Up 200 a month ago as I was promised. According to him, they changed it on their system, but Cell-C didn’t.
WTF dude!? Are you kidding me!??
This after my calls at the end of February where I was again assured that all was well and that I had been credited for the mistake (albeit only R105)!??!

I have again been promised – by Henry – that they will sort it out. He has also promised that they have logged a request for an investigation to the accounts department and then told me that I would get A TEXT MESSAGE letting me know what the decision was!

I told him a text message was unacceptable and that I want a phone call FROM HIM in the next three days to tell me what is going on.

This is the last straw with you people, Altech Autopage, I WILL be throwing my toys out the cot if this isn’t sorted out soon.

I’ve Actually Made Progress With @Altech_Autopage!

Last Friday I blogged about how my knucklehead’s cellphone had suddenly cost me R2400 instead of the R375 I was expecting.

What happened was that when I upgraded my Autopage Cell C contract over the phone last year they did NOT upgrade it to the type of package he had been on for years- a “top up” contract- where the knucklehead can’t exceed the allocated time and number of texts.
I knew that I had definitely stipulated that I wanted the top up contract when I upgraded. I can’t do surprises come month end especially when it comes to phone usage.

So they went and listened to my upgrade phone call recording, and contacted me today to tell me that the contract had been changed to the top up contract I wanted and that they were looking into reimbursing. I don’t know yet what kind of refund they have in mind, but I will appreciate whatever they can do for me.

I am very impressed with how quickly it was sorted out for me, I’ve had this contract for about 10 years and this was the first time I’d had any kind of drama with Autopage.

That said, I was far from pleasant or patient with this issue… I pity any call centre people who have to deal with me. Ever. I was ready to bail on Autopage this morning because I couldn’t get hold of the guy I dealt with last week and I was half convinced I was going to get screwed.
I wasn’t.
And I can’t tell you how relieved I am that I don’t have to worry about the knucklehead’s phone bill at the end of the month again! That said – if its not sorted at the end of February and I have to find another couple of thousand Rand then heads are going to roll…

But in the meantime, thank you Autopage.

I Could Effing CRY!!

In fact I AM crying!

I have been so careful to get my bank charges down to as little as possible (and I am still keeping an eye on that to see if I am going to get what Absa promised me) and put away some of the money from my baking income and not run my phone bill through the roof…

And then yesterday evening I pop out to Pick n Pay for bread and my card is declined! I KNEW I still had money in my account and I was more than a little peeved…
I checked this morning and discovered that Autopage had taken a debit order of almost R2400 where I was expecting the “normal” R375 for my knucklehead’s phone contract!

I sure as shite don’t have an extra two THOUSAND Rand!!

TWO THOUSAND RAND!!! Its like some bell ringing in my head!!!

So I call Autopage this morning.
It took a 20 minute phone call- about a third of which I spent on hold and waiting for an operator- to work out that when I upgraded my contract last year (the one my son uses), they did NOT upgrade it to the type of package he had been on for years- where the knucklehead can’t exceed the allocated time and number of texts.
I thought he was on a contract where he got 200 call minutes, 200 text messages and 200MB and when that was finished he had to buy his own airtime. Thats the kind of contract he’s been on for the last few years. It means no surprises for me at the end of the month.
But his new contract is “open”. Which means that when his allocated bundle is finished he can continue using his phone, but he pays the “out of bundle” rates.

So now they’re going to go and listen to the call I made for the upgrade (because I didn’t sign anything anywhere) to decide whether or not I was misled or just plain stupid when I upgraded.
I now have to wait until they trace the call and listen to it and get back to me to tell me what they decide – by next Tuesday apparently – and if I am unhappy (which I already kind of am, as it will be their word against mine) I can go and listen to the call as well.
If I was misled – and I am pretty DAMN sure I made it clear I didn’t want my knucklehead to be able to exceed the time on his contract – then they will switch the contract to the kind I want it to be at no cost. And if I am REALLY lucky they’ll reimburse me – and I mean REALLY lucky…
If I just screwed up when I made the upgrade call, then I have to wait until six months have elapsed before I can migrate the contract again, which I think is another four months.

And beg my knucklehead every day not to use his phone…

I Just Might Be Able To Say “Thank You @Absa”…

But I’m going to wait a month before I do, I have learned not to look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to banking…

After I blogged yesterday about how upset I was about what I was paying Absa every month, they got hold of me on Twitter and asked how they could help.
This morning I got a call from a very sweet young lady who offered me a package deal that she promises will cost me just R79 a month- all inclusive- although I will start paying for ATM withdrawals after the 5th one- which is fine since I almost never do that anyway.
She also apologised that I had had to throw my toys out the cot before I got offered a far more cost effective package.
When I asked why it wasn’t standard across the board anyway, she said that when they implemented it last year they started calling people to offer it to them but people don’t answer “private number” calls!
I had to laugh as I am guilty of that too.

So, as of the end of this week- she said she’d put a rush on it- I will be saving a lot of money because I won’t be paying for debit orders, internal transactions, internet banking or card payments when I shop.

If you’re an Absa client, phone them or go and see them and get your charges sorted out too!