F1 in Hungary

Hungary’s Hungaroring is my favourite F1 track.
It has a reputation for being a dull race, with not a lot of overtaking, but as they say in F1, you never know until the checkered flag waves.
Sunday’s race was the 10th of the season and they’ll now go into the summer break so it’ll be three weeks before the next race, but a Ferrari win after a gripping 69 laps was just SO cool!

The race started with a very touching tribute to Jules Bianchi. He was involved in a horrendous, freak accident at Suzuka last year, and he passed away this month.
He was a good driver, destined to race for Ferrari, and the Hungarian Grand Prix was dedicated to him, with the drivers paying tribute with his name on their helmets or their cars.
Bianchi is the first driver to lose his life in a race-related incident since Ayrton Senna’s death in 1994, which is an incredible testament to the safety of F1.


After two warmup laps, the green lights went out and my heart nearly stopped when my beloved red fire engines (BRFE) with Vettel and Raikkonnen rocketed into P1 and P2 off the start, and Hamilton dropped to 10th when he went wide and through the kitty litter (blaming Rosberg for it)!
I’m not a Hamilton fan.


The rest of the race was thrilling indeed. Loads of overtaking, wheel-to-wheel battles for position, time penalties for race incidents, followed by a podium like we’ve never seen – a Ferrari and two Red Bulls!
Force India’s Hulkenberg’s front wing literally fell off and then shattered under his car on lap 40, sending him into the tyre barriers and bringing out the safety car. It’s a wonder his car didn’t take off considering it was doing over 300kph at the time! He was uninjured, and the team changed the nose on teammate Perez’s car, just in case.


Raikkonen’s Ferrari retired on lap 56 after he’d been in second for most of the race. The poor guy’s had some shitty luck this season.
The McLaren’s scored 12 points, largely due to penalties served by other drivers, but they need the points.
Despite their domination of the practice and qualifying, Hamilton and Rosberg finished 6th and 8th after losing their front row start to my BRFEs. After Hamilton went wide on the first lap, he had to serve a penalty later for running into Ricciardo, and then Rosberg tangled with Rissicardo later in the race too, coming off second best.


Maldonado maintained his reputation for being a bit of a nut with no less than THREE time penalties
Nasr and Ericsson in the Saubers battled each other throughout the race and were both in the points until the Mercedes recovered and pushed them down to 10th and 11th.
Williams wasn’t doing too badly, even after Massa caused a second formation lap after stopping out of position the first time, but Bottas lost position due to a sliced rear tyre after a collision with Verstappen.


Vettel’s win put my BRFE on the podium again, and it meant he equalled Ayrton Senna’s 41 wins.
In my head, the German anthem is immediately followed by the Italian anthem, after all the years of Michael Schumacher winning with Ferrari, and it was really awesome to hear it like that again after my favourite race.


Hamilton still leads the championship race with 202 points, followed by Rosberg with 181 and Vettel with 160.

And now we wait for the next race.

~~ images from www.formula1.com ~~

Go! Go! Go!

Last year I think I saw all of 2 races in the F1 season.

Of the 6 races this year I have missed 2 because I forgot to PVR them, but having the F1 calendar uploaded to my Gmail calendar means I know exactly which race is happening when!

I’m a bit out of touch with the new rules, and I must be honest in that I preferred it when the pit stops included refueling, but its been awesome to catching up.

I forgot how much I enjoy F1.

Oh and I’m still a Ferrari supporter – no matter who is driving them!

She’s Heeeeere!!!

Ferrari’s F10 was launched yesterday!

I’m still trying to get used to seeing Alonso’s name on my beloved red fire engines… I dislike him intently, but anyhoodle. The season gets underway in a few weeks, and Ferrari is determined to make a go of it this year.

It Was Over So Fast!

It was like I had no weekend…
Friday I spent driving around. I drove the knucklehead to school, then I drove to work (20km round trip), then we had a company karting thing in the middle of Pretoria, after which I drove to my mom’s place (in peak traffic)- prolly another 20km round trip. Then I popped in at the hospital to see my daddy darling before heading off to see friends of mine who I haven’t seen since I can’t remember when.
We didn’t get to chat much… there was a woman there who was highly entertaining- but who didn’t stop talking. And I thought I spoke a lot.
Whilst driving to my friend’s house, I decided I would not be driving back to the other side of Pretoria to fetch the knucklehead from the party he was attending, and that I would fetch him on Saturday morning. He was tickled pink, I was neurotic over leaving him somewhere that I hadn’t agreed with the parents or made arrangements for meds or anything.
I picked up mommy darling on Saturday morning, then we fetched the knucklehead and his friend J, and then we visited my dad.
My intention was to take mommy darling out a bit for a change of scenery- but that didn’t happen when daddy darling’s kidneys started doing worse and they decided to do dialysis immediately.
I ended up bailing on BlogGirls to spend the day with mommy darling.
Later in the afternoon, when my Glugs had gotten home from his business trip, sister B arrived at the hospital so I went home to my man.
And then I started crying. I don’t cry easily, and I don’t cry in public. I never have. I just can’t. I have received flak for it as well because I come across as unfeeling to some people.
But when I’m home, in my own space, I cry.
And when I got home and started telling my Glugs all the details about my dad I cried.
And just for added excitement, I had the knucklehead’s first term school report as well (he’s on holiday now).
He has failed. Miserably. Again.
I cried about that too.
I told him earlier this year that if he failed I would not be sending him back to school. Especially after all the drama and his having to play catch-up…
I am now torn between my longing for him to at least have a grade 11, and my anger at his wasting my time and money!
Okay. I’m going to stop there. I feel a lump in my throat again…
On Sunday da Bruvva came over with my Nephew N and we watched the Melbourne F1 together. It was a mindblowing race, and if I get a chance I may do a race review a little later. Lemme just say for now, that this season is going to be VERY interesting!
And I am finally back on Twitter and feeling connected again!

9:30PM Daddy darling update. he’s much better tonight- sugar and blood pressure under control at last, kidneys working a little better so no dialysis tomorrow. He is a lot happier about everything than he was yesterday. Thank you for all the prayers, messages, emails and good thoughts.