Parenthood Is A Lot Easier To Get Into Than Out Of*

Something’s been on my mind for a while, it started around the time I realised Damien was going to be turning sixteen… and I finally realised what it was. It boils down to the following: I am fast approaching a grey area in terms of parenting… it’s a bit like I’m looking ahead and seeing things through a very dirty window! See, when I was sixteen and a half years old- my life as a teenager effectively ended- because I fell pregnant with Damien!

Till now, I have based the majority of my decisions and parenting style on what I went through when I was Damien’s age and how my parents handled stuff I went through and got up to. True, I’ve had a few curve balls… but I haven’t done too badly I don’t think.

Thing is- I don’t know what a normal sixteen and seventeen year old gets up to. Granted, I lived with two sisters and a brother- but I was pretty much wrapped up in my own little world and didn’t pay them much attention except to be bitchy! And by the time da Bruvva reached Damien’s age, I had lived alone with Damien for five years or so already (da Bruvva was only 7 or so when Damien was born) so had not really witnessed any of what my parents had to deal with as he grew up!

I think I’m going to be asking for help a lot…

*Bruce Lansky

Fear Is Not The Natural State Of Civilized People

Aung San Suu Kyi said that, but I’m beginning to wonder if South Africa is civilized at all anymore- for many reasons… We literally live in a constant state of fear- when my mommy darling and I go to house church we sit inside the house and the it’s locked and the alarm is armed. We seldom allow our kids to go anywhere unaccompanied and many people are afraid to let their children play in their own yards. My dad rides a bike to work and back- he keeps a tazer on the seat between his legs… it’s with him in the car too. My sister C and her significant other sleep with a loaded gun next to the bed. We live behind 8 foot fences and walls topped with razor wire and electric fencing. Everywhere you go you need a code or a remote control or someone inside to let you in. If your car isn’t air conditioned, you suffer because you’re too afraid to drive with the windows open. And then I read stuff like this…Is it just me bunnies- or is this whole article just completely messed up?! Seriously- it scares the crap outta me, and I pray that things will stay as is till Damien is finished with school… but then what about my nephews? And Damien’s kids one day? I mean, I am far from wealthy- I work my proverbial ass off so I can send Damien to a good school, in fact his fees are more than my rent- but now private schools are unfair… and this is not a new argument either. And how on earth can our government allow Cosas to declare a day of “militant action”!?!?? Is this not supposed to be a bloody democratic country!

‘Nationalise Private Schools’Johannesburg – The African National Congress-led government had failed the nation by not providing free education in all public schools, said the Congress of SA Students (Cosas) on Wednesday. “Cosas demands that all private schools be nationalised and further demands the provision of free education in all public schools,” said Cosas president Kenny Motshegoa after the students’ national executive committee meeting last week. “We demand scrapping of school fees, history to be a compulsory subject and a productive working-class-perspective curriculum.” Motshegoa said the NEC meeting assessed the education and political situation in the country. Motshegoa said: “The NEC noted that the no-fee school strategy was an act of running away from responsibility to provide adequate resources by the government, as it does not address the basic requirements in our schools.” The students also called for an increase in the age limit for consumption of liquor to the age of 21. Want to influence ANC policy “We demand that the liquor industry must provide rehabilitation centres in all districts of the country as part of their social responsibility to those prepared to quit, and focused programmes must be funded to achieve awareness of the need for the youth to refrain from the abuse of liquor.” They also called for the involvement of students in the fight against HIV/Aids. Motshegoa said the students also decided to influence the policy of the ANC and that of the government. Cosas would recommend the extension of school nutrition to high schools, business ownership by students, free education, nationalisation of private schools, provision of a single school uniform nationally, and safety in schools. ‘National day of militant action’ The students also re-affirmed their support for ANC deputy president Jacob Zuma as future president of the party and the country. Motshegoa said the NEC had declared March 16 as a national day of militant action against the department of education in demand of free and compulsory education.

Does this not smack of communism…? And didn’t South Africans spend years fighting for democracy…? My advice- if you don’t have any children then keep it that way- or wait till you immigrate to New Zealand before you have kids!Oh, and this whole militant action thing is far from unusual- our police regularly have to intervene when protests by school pupils get violent… Google it. I dare you!