Granny Darling Update…

email from my mommy darling:


Catheter is out. Drip is out. She has kept a litty-bitty food down. Progress at last.
They are going to x-ray her chest today. Dunno what for?
She is up and about in a wheel chair (which is held together with bandages. It’s really 3rd world there). The sooner we can get her out of insert-shirty-hospital-name-here the happier we ALL will be.

Thank you for your prayers and care- it has all worked.

If I have missed anyone please pass this along!

Love and such gratitude to you all!

Granny Darling Update

Hi allbunnies!
Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers and such- we’re not out of the woods yet. Yesterday was taken up with tests, poking, proddig, xrays, scans, and more- and now they’re only operating on Monday! They have not changed their minds about doing the surgery so I dunno why there’s a delay… I was under the impression they were going to operate yesterday.
But, on a good note, my Granny is impressed with the doctors and staff and that’s put her a little more at ease.
I’ll let you all know if anuything changes before Monday.

Revenge Of The Offspring Part XXCMLLCV

I have Damien’s flu… fargin marvellous!
And whilst he was fine just staying indoors and in bed and sucking on lozenges and downing Cherry-Menthol Med-Lemon, I had to go to the doctor and I am again on antibiotics (after already taking a hectic dose for my cellulitis) and being treated for sinusitis to stop it turning into bronchitis!
and then this morning when I dropped Damien off for his lift I looked at him and said: “don’t you have art today?” and he swore under his breath because he’d left his stuff at home! And then I had the audacity to roll my eyes because this means another detention and me having to fetch him… and he jumped out the car and slammed the door yelling at me “WHY ARE YOU CROSS!? I’M THE ONE WHO’S GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE!!” before I had a chance to say anything or say goodbye!

Oh What A Beautif…

eeeuuggh- definitely no singing for me this week!
I am so not looking forward to this week. I spent the weekend coughing myself into a splitting headache… see, I’ve had a slight cough for a couple of weeks- nothing hectic you understand- but on Friday night I was visiting da Bruvva, and my cousin Ydnic was smoking some cherry cigarillos… they smelled divine- so against my better judgment I bummed one off her. It hit my lungs HARD bunnies!! I figured that since it’s nearly three years since I stopped, a couple of smokes wouldn’t hurt right? Boy was I off the mark on that one! Saturday morning I woke up with what felt like a ball of velcro inside the base of my throat! I spent the whole weekend dosing myself with stuff to make me cough, and I still sound shitty today… and I’m still coughing… not fun- but it’s my own fault.
Then this morning my Darling Damien was helping me put away my laptop while I got dressed for work (I was in my bedroom) and I hear one helluva smash! I go running to the lounge- and there’s my coffee table glass in about 50 pieces on the lounge floor- and blood running down Damien’s leg! I quickly sat him on the edge of the bath and left him to run cold water over the cut while I hurriedly pick up the biggest pieces of glass. I went back to have a look at Damien’s leg (a jagged cut just above the right ankle bone) and since it was bleeding quite a bit and starting to swell, I decided it warranted a trip to the emergency room. Thank goodness the coffee table glass wasn’t sharp, so the skin tore more than anything else- it coulda been much worse.
Two hours and two stitches later I finally got to work…
…and that was an absolute train smash! Their company’s business calendar ended last Friday, so everything they did over the weekend and today went onto the next financial year and some of their stuff wouldn’t allow them to touch or change anything! Very entertaining in deed! Spent the day trying to finish a project that’s due by Friday as well as fighting little fires everywhere- you’d’a never guessed they only had a skeleton staff there this week!
AND its swelteringly hot down here- I’m absolutely loathing it!
Sound like fun?