On Pinterest…

I’ve been on Pinterest for a while having discovered it via a couple of the wedding photographers I know. I have 28 boards and almost 3700 pins…

And I can stop any time I want!!


Pinterest is fast becoming the “in thing” with more and more people talking about it, and it seems its generating more web traffic than Google in some cases! My own boards cover all sorts of things like recipes, wedding dresses, wedding cakes, wedding favours, impressive baked goods, inspirational photography, funny things that caught my eye, my love of dragons and strawberries, I even made a board with my birthday wishlist! And one for shoes. And my dream house.

And as I think I have said before- my Pinterest boards have replaced my internet bookmarks- or favourites- because it is so much easier to find something when I have a picture in my mind!

How Pinterest works is you pin things from other people’s boards as well as things you find whilst surfing the web, and in all honesty- there’s nothing that frustrates me more than finding something divine that I would like to pin and it either has no URL linked to it, or it goes back to a bloody Google Image search! I don’t get why people have whole boards dedicated to movie stars or kittens… IMHO thats not what Pinterest is for and it belongs on Facebook, but at least I can unfollow a board on Pinterest and I don’t have to see it.

On Pinterest you can find their Pin Etiquette page where they give you guidelines to use when pinning things to your boards, like crediting it correctly and being polite, and I would like to add a couple of my own:

  • Please do not copy the whole recipe (or whatever) with the image, the point of the pin is to encourage people to go to the original blog. And I see they now limit the comment space to 500 characters so that will help with this little annoyance.
  • Please include the original link and credit it properly, don’t pin something from an image search
  • Please describe your pin! I want to know why you pinned it- I’m nosy that way.

So. Are you hooked in pinning yet?

Star Wars In 3D!!? Oh Yes PLEEEZ!!


A fan?


Okay. Let me take you back a bit. One of the first blog posts I ever wrote was titled Two large Cokes and a light saber please, about how the knucklehead and I couldn’t wait to go and see Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith on the big screen! We had episode IV to VI on VHS back then and we had watched them so many times the tapes were starting to get a little tired… I am still looking for a full set of all 6 movies on DVD…


You can imagine the excitement in our house when they started advertising the release of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

…in 3D!



And then I got an invitation for us to go and watch the movie at Montecasino’s Numetro! And get a preview of the new Xbox Kinect Star Wars Game at the same time! When I said I had an email invitation for the movie I had my Glugster AND the knucklehead checking out the email over my shoulder!

Then last Friday night we took ourselves off to the movies, where the knucklehead was the only one of us three brave enough to act like a loon in public and try out the Star Wars Xbox game! We all walked away squealing about how we have to have the game though… Then we queued to go into the theatre and were handed popcorn, Whispers and cooldrink as we went into


The movie was awesome! Yes, I’m biased because I’m a fan, but lets face it, the pod racing scene was MADE to watch in 3D! If they are releasing the rest of the movies in 3D I can guarantee you I will SO be there to see them! I will be pouring Smarties into my popcorn and ordering an extra large Coke every time!

Food!! Glorious Food!!

On Saturday morning, I set off for my favourite Pick n Pay store on William Nicol, to take advantage of an invitation from Fresh Living for a Fresh Living Reader Event!

I had to giggle during the introduction to the event when the audience was told there were “bloggers” in attendance. I always wonder what people think when they hear that… are they looking out the corners of their eyes for the cliché, pasty-faced, dressed all in black, never-see-the-sunlight, monitor tanned weirdos? I wonder if they realise that the row of people who are almost constantly head down and typing furiously on their phones or tablets during presentations are actually expected to do so, and aren’t just being rude… 🙂 ?! And I am always amazed that a group of people who spend so much time on their cameras, phones and tablets at events like this one, can have quite so much fun! We had the people around us in stitches at our antics and I went home in a very good mood indeed.

Joining me at Pick n Pay’s Good Food Studio was @KerryHaggard@gnat_j and @badtennis_, and I met @nomnom_cupcake too! We had so much fun! The presentations from Fresh Living’s chefs were fabulous to watch and learn from! I got some awesome tips for when next I feel adventurous in the kitchen, and they always make it look so easy! So what did we eat? The starter was quince and blue cheese phyllo parcels with a divine avo and baby marrow salad, then the mains was a slow-roasted shoulder of lamb with salsa verde and lemon and parmesan risotto, and then we had chocolate truffles and lemon tart for dessert! This was after the Simonsberg cheese platter and a wine tasting! I couldn’t finish my food! ME!!! I was flabbergasted!! And let me tell you… I didn’t eat again until around 10am Sunday morning!

A Mild Obsession…

I signed up for Pinterest a while ago. Or rather, I requested an invitation after seeing a couple of photographer friends using it and I was very quickly hooked.

That said Pinterest doesn’t suck everyone in appeal to everyone, but I love it!

What is Pinterest? Well, you know how some people have scrapbooks or notice boards into or onto which they glue and stick things they find pretty and interesting- or things related to something they are planning, like a wedding or a birthday party? Pinterest is an electronic version of those scrapbooks.

What I love about it is that I can see a recipe, or a cupcake decorating idea, or a pair of shoes, or something that I would love to have in or on my dream home one day- and rather than save it to my bookmarks I can “pin it” to one of my Pinterest boards and — wait for it — I can find it again easily because the “pin” links straight back to the URL where I found it in the first place! You can also “follow” other people’s boards and repin the links they pin to their boards if they happen to find something you like.