I Do Love The Cold…

And I think I fell in love with a fridge last weekend…


It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.
Every now and then I see something that I just have to have, usually an appliance of some sort, and this is the first time I’ve seen a fridge that caught my eye!

Its a 510L French Door Samsung Refrigerator.
The fridge door shelves are deep, the shelves in the fridge are adjustable, it has two veggie drawers inside that have their own temperature controls, the fridge door has a water dispenser and you can dispense ice too – crushed or cubed!!! In case you didn’t know – I have ice in ALL my cold drinks!




The freezer section at the bottom is a drawer, so you can pull it out and see whats in your freezer to pack or unpack groceries, without having to sit on the floor!

Between the fridge and the freezer is another drawer – with adjustable compartments and its own temperature controls!


We had gone out for a bit of a brunch because of loadshedding, and were window shopping in Dion Wired before heading home. I opened and examined every single fridge in that shop – and I kept going back to this one!
There’s not much chance I’ll ever own such a sexy fridge… At over R30,000 its well out of my price range, but its nice to dream, right?


~~     As per my Ladybloggers pledge, and in case you were wondering – nobody at Samsung, Dion Wired,
their advertising or PR companies had anything to do with this blog post.     

Penny Is A Mutt Indeed…

Remember we sent Penny’s saliva swabs to MuttMix in December for a DNA test?
You will never guess what her results are, and BOY were we far off the mark!!


So, keep this statement in mind when you see Penny’s results:
The MuttMix test is based upon our database of AKC™ (American Kennel Club) and South African
recognized breeds. If your dog contains other breeds not in our database, that DNA may assign to
the most closely related breed or breeds, or may result in the identification of breeds earlier in your
pet’s history and may therefore provide a seemingly unlikely result for your dog. For a complete list of
the breeds currently found in our database, please visit our website at www.muttmix.co.za


The couch damage is all Penny too!

So here is our Penny’s certificate:

MuttMix_Penny Certificate (BP04040)-page-001

Level2 (37-74%) Miniature Pinscher Level3 (20-36%) Bullmastiff Level4 (10-19%) Cocker Spaniel

No Vizsla, Brittany, Weimaraner, German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador or even Greyhound! Seems crazy doesn’t it!? We’re still giggling!
Now check out some info on the breeds:

MuttMix_Penny Breed Info (BP04040)-page-001

Does this sound like Penny or what!??! Stubborn, smart, demanding and headstrong, love to bark, may show aggression to other dogs…
Reading up on them I found that Bullmastiffs were bred to guard game and catch poachers so they are fast, and they need a gentle firm hand in training – let them go their own way and they’ll soon be running things and early socialisation is essential. “Bullmastiffs need early training that continues throughout their life. Training and socialization help curb unwanted aggression and willfulness.
The Miniature Pinscher, or Min Pin is a small, well muscled dog with a dynamite personality. Contrary to popular belief it is not related to the Doberman at all and was bred to hunt rats. It also needs a firm hand in training and is apparently a bit of an escape artist, and loving attention they may act up to elicit a response. “Without proper training and supervision, he can quickly become a tyrant in the household.
The Cocker Spaniel is also a hunting dog with a sensitive personality. If they’re in pain or afraid they may growl or snap and if they’re bored they resort to digging and barking, they may also be hard to house train.
All three breeds are fabulous as affectionate, make great family pets, wanting to be with their people.


There’s a lot of our Penny in there!
She obviously gets her size from the Bullmastiff. Loving her voice, the shape of her body and clowning for attention is from the Min Pin. She gets her high prey-drive and her red colour from all three breeds. Her energy level is Min Pin, as is her love of bolting through an open gate. The house training battle and her love of digging holes is from the Cocker Spaniel.
Considering she spent the first six months of her life without training or socialisation, tied to the tow-hitch on a truck with a leash and generally abused she’s doing really well. All three breeds are not the easiest to train and need work from puppyhood to be well adjusted.

20140702_IMG_9709 - Copy

Of course now I am even more curious about her! I wish I could have seen her parents and her siblings!


So she’s an honourary Lab ‘coz we adopted her from Lab Rescue, but she’s actually a Miniature Bull Spaniel! 😀

Do You Have a Dream Kitchen? How About A Dream Scullery?

Whenever I think about my “dream house“, the first room I think of is the kitchen. This makes perfect sense considering how much time I spend in the kitchen – baking and icing cakes, cooking for my family, entertaining…

And I know many people have a dream kitchen, their idea of the perfect kitchen, but do any of you have an ideal scullery? Or laundry room?


I do!

Follow Angel’s board My Dream Scullery-Laundry-Mud Room on Pinterest.

My perfect scullery-slash-laundry-room-slash-mud-room will ideally house not only my sink, dishwasher and washing machine, but also clever storage space.

It would be where I feed my dogs and cats for one thing. I love the idea of having drawers to put my pet food buckets in – I can then put ant or roach traps in the bottom of the drawer, away from the food and it will look tidy and be safe from sneaky paws.


I would also keep my kitchen dustbin in this room – ideally also in a pull-out drawer. I can then hang an air freshener in the drawer and put bug deterrents where they can’t be reached by my animals.


A raised doggy bathing station is a must have for me. Bathing dogs is a mission, especially Labs. They love it, but they’re big dogs and by the time I’m done bending over a bath or kneeling next to it I’m finished! I know that sounds ridiculous but my knees are already borked and kneeling is painful.


Wall-mounted drying racks that can fold flat again are perfect for rainy weather!


My “back door” would also be in this scullery-mud-room, leading ideally into the garage so that when it is raining or some such I can come in and bring the dogs in through that door and get them dried off a tad instead of muddying up the whole house!

What would yours look like?

I Shop With A List

This morning I was chatting to Gina & Beagle Momma on Twitter, about shopping lists. Whilst we all use lists to do our shopping, Beags and Gina both write out their lists on paper whist mine is on Evernote.

It got me thinking about shopping lists – my own and the ones I have found in the shops, other people’s lists discarded in trolleys and baskets after their shopping is done.
Has anyone seen this website BTW, I love it: The Grocery List Collection. They have lists you can print out as well.
When my knucklehead was a little boy, we went and did some grocery hopping one day and when I got home and unpacked I realised I had 3 unopened bottles of tomato sauce, 2 bottles of chutney, too much pasta and 2 bottles of dish washing liquid, but I didn’t have tuna, mince, mayo, or coffee! I decided I had to make a plan to stop wasting money and avoid running out of things so I started making lists.
I actually could have kicked myself because I had always made lists! I even had a list for packing his nappy bag when he was a baby because I always forgot something!

So I sat at work with an excel spreadsheet and added everything I could think of to the list over the space of a week or so, updating it every now and then. Then just before payday I would print it out and at home I drew a line through everything I didn’t need. Then I did my shopping with the remainder of the list. It it even had little check boxes next to the items for when I got them and there were separate sections for “luxuries” like Coke, sweets, cookies and cottage cheese, and “extras” for when someone was having a birthday or an anniversary.

In 2005 I got my first “smart” phone. It wasn’t smart like today’s phones are, but it had capabilities I hadn’t had till then. It had a calendar on which I could capture my appointments and birthdays, my contacts could have names, multiple numbers, birthdays, addresses, email addresses and and and, AND it had a place I could make lists.
Whilst all the phones were getting smaller this one was big and bulky, with a black and white screen, a stylus and no camera, and I was put off touchscreen phones when it only lasted about 18 months, but after that I had to have a phone that could do more than call and text.

My lists have been digital ever since.

Now of course, with apps like Evernote I can update my lists on my laptop and see them on my phone and vice versa! I still have a shopping list with everything on it, I just put a mark next to the ones I need and remove the mark when I have the item. It also has separate sections for occasional items and I have a separate list for baking and cake decorating requirements.
I also have a separate shopping list for the knucklehead and I have a list for packing a bag for when we go away!

Do you use shopping lists?

Where Were You When That Song Was Playing? You Must See @MixtapeSA!


All dressed up for Theatre on the Square!

I was given a mix tape once… It was an awesome selection of metal and I loved it. I wanted to play it all the time but old fashioned tapes didn’t last very long, so I had to be careful with it.
And then my sister recorded Destiny’s Child or some such over it! Can you believe it!?

Last Thursday we got to see Mix Tape at Theatre on the Square and I loved that too!


When we arrived we were greeted with some glorious treats! Strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas, popcorn, and a table full of sweets -Toffees, pixie sticks, lollipops, sweethearts, eclairs – it was awesome!
This is my kind of theatre experience!


And the music was so cool! I was trying not to sing along too loudly so as not to annoy the patrons around me, but it was hard to keep quiet. Perhaps thats what the toffees were for… *grin*
The show tells a wonderful story of friends brought together by music, and the relationships they form with each other. I had a lump in my throat on more than one occasion too, so you may want to take some tissues along with you.


From the website: Mix Tape is a heart-warming musical comedy about three unlikely friends and the mix tapes that inspired young love, jealousy, angst and embarrassing hairstyles.
Taking you back to when headbands were cool, Alanis was a rebel, and mix tapes defined a generation – we meet Marvin (Mortimer Williams), Vix (Vanessa Frost) and Katie (Kristy Suttner). The year is 2014, Vix is on her way to Cathcart, Marvin and Katie are on their way too. They’ve been best friends “for-like-ever” but they haven’t seen each other since 1997…that’s like 17 years. Expect lots of laughs as these friends remember the magical moments of their youth…
For a fabulous, funny musical evening with a difference, tickets can be booked by calling Strictly Tickets on 082 553 5901 or Online via Strictly Tickets: www.strictlytickets.com or via the theatre’s box office on 011 883 8606. Tickets are R140 and there are special discounts for students, seniors and group booking arrangement can be made.
Enquire about the HARD ROCK CAFÉ dinner/show special on the Nelson Mandela Square to get into the swing of things!


if I sneak in at the stage door maybe I can have a private encore…?

~~As per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state clearly that we were given tickets to attend the show, and talking about the show s appreciated not specified.~~