Brand New #GoodMorning‚ĄĘ Peach & Apricot Breakfast Biscuits from @Bakers_Biscuits

Yesterday, I received this really cool looking mini-coolerbag in a blog drop from Bakers South Africa, and it was full of breakfast! ūüėĬ†I LOVE breakfast food – I will happily have¬†breakfast for every meal – so this little hamper was perfect for me!

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, but it can be difficult to find a meal that is the right combination of taste and convenience within a balanced diet. BAKERS¬ģ found the magic blend with its Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits‚ĄĘ in 2014, and is now adding a scrumptious Peach & Apricot flavour to the range.

Then I discovered that the box of Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits was the new Peach & Apricot flavour!

BAKERS Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits‚ĄĘ are extremely versatile: you can simply pop a pack into your bag as you run out the door in the morning, and they have the potential to make your breakfast so much more than just your first meal of the day.

The Mixed Berries flavour has been my favourite Breakfast Biscuit flavour to date, but this new flavour is definitely giving it a run for its money. They are delicious! The aroma when you open the little 4-biscuit package is mouthwatering. And the little bit of chewiness provided by the bits of peach and apricot is the prefect compliment to the crisp biscuit.

I decided to share them with my Glugster, so I put some in his new Bakers lunchbox!


Please note => I wasn’t paid to talk about the Bakers Breakfast Biscuits, but I was sent the breakfast hamper as a blog drop with the expectation that I would talk about it on social media.

Have a #CupcakeForMyHero to Spread Hope

I am supporting this particularly delicious initiative for sure Рand I have a long list of heroes to write on my hand!
Get yourself to Brooklyn Mall this weekend to support their campaign!


Cancer is primarily seen as an adult disease, however more and more children are being diagnosed. If detected early it is highly treatable, but locally it is estimated that less than half of children with cancer are diagnosed, and many of those who are diagnosed are in advanced stages of illness.


This Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, Mugg & Bean will construct a Wall of Generosity to bring South Africans together in support of those who have been affected by cancer at Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria on 24 and 25 September 2016.
Each visitor will receive a complimentary cupcake from the wall and be asked to write down the name of their ‚Äėcancer hero‚Äô ‚Äď someone they know who has battled cancer ‚Äď on their hand, and then pose for a picture holding up the cupcake with the other hand.


‚ÄúWe want to create something special where everyone can come together to spread hope; hope for those who have been affected, for those who are battling the disease and hope for the future,‚ÄĚ said Lee-Ann Cullingworth, Marketing Executive for Mugg & Bean.
‚ÄúBy driving the conversation, we hope to raise awareness of the early warning signs to equip South Africans with the knowledge to identify possible symptoms and act quickly to ultimately save lives.‚ÄĚ

The Wall of Generosity forms part of Mugg & Bean’s annual Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer initiative in support of Cupcakes of HOPE that aims to raise awareness and funds for families in need of assistance. #CupcakesForHope 

In addition to bringing together a community of supporters, Mugg & Bean also introduced a lemon meringue cupcake to its menu for the month of September 2016. The sweet treat is offering consumers a simple way to help change and save lives – all proceeds generated from the cupcake sales will be donated to Cupcakes of HOPE.

‚ÄúWe‚Äôve surpassed our 2015 donation of R100,000 within the first week,‚ÄĚ says Cullingworth. ‚ÄúWe‚Äôre humbled by the phenomenal response and honoured to be part of such a worthy cause.‚ÄĚ

To support Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer, enjoy your lemon meringue #CupcakeForMyHero at any Mugg & Bean, upload your picture of support using the hashtag to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, spread the generosity by donating to the cause or visit The Wall of Generosity on 24 – 25 September between 09:00 ‚Äď 17:00 at Brooklyn Mall.

My New Favourite Things!

On the hunt for blog¬†fodder I¬†remembered there are a few things I’ve been telling people about, and raving about, and if that’s not blog fodder¬†-what is!?

I am loving the new Colgate Plax for sensitive teeth! Its fantastic! It doesn’t feel like it burns in my mouth like¬†regular plax,¬†and¬†its alcohol free.


Annique Resque Zeroache+ and Annique Resque Crème.
The Zeroache+ provides temporary relief for everything from¬†muscular aches¬†and¬†stiff joints¬†to¬†headaches and a sore throat! My sister discovered it after her spinal fusion surgery and now we’re all using it!
The Crème is the only thing that has so far soothed my itchy and cracked knuckles! Its made to helps to effectively relieve irritated and itchy skin and its safe for children and babies.
In winter, when I am doing sugar work for cake decorating, I wash my hands a lot. Between colours, between finished pieces… I wash my hands so much that my knuckles and the sides of my hands are raw, itchy and sore. So much so that it keeps me awake at night, and in the morning¬†my hands are swollen from scratching in my sleep! This¬†Cr√®me actually soothes it like nothing else I’ve tried does!


~~ ¬† ¬†¬†As per my Ladybloggers pledge, and in case you were wondering¬†‚Ästnobody at Annique, Colgate,
their advertising or PR companies had anything to do with this blog post.     

Support #SAB18Plus for Your Child’s Sake

You’re too strict!
Its just a beer…
But its a special occasion!
My mom used to let me have a drink with her before I was 18.
If you never let him have anything he’ll go overboard one day…

I heard these and other arguments many times when my son was growing up, because I did not allow him to have any booze before he was legally allowed to drink at age 18. Not even a sip of my drink.
To put it very simply, it was a case of it being against the law so he wasn’t allowed to do it. I grew up with the same rule.
But there’s more to it¬†than that.

Lets face it, alcohol is unnatural and unhealthy. Its an artificially created substance accidentally discovered thousands of years ago thats been modified and changed and developed to become a part of almost every culture around the world.
That doesn’t make it okay for¬†a child’s brain and body, which¬†is still growing and developing.
I know there are studies that say a glass of wine with your meal aids digestion and prevents heart disease, and-and-and, and if you¬†search the internet long enough you’ll find studies that refute those exact findings, but there’s no disputing that its bad for children.

Alcohol in moderation for adults?
No problem!
If you’re a grownup you can choose how much you want to drink and when and where. Heaven knows I’ve played my share of drinking games and I’ve had hangovers and I enjoy champagne very much.
Make no mistake – I did some drinking¬†when I was underage,¬†and I experienced a tequila hangover that pretty much put me off it for life. I also know my son did so as well. I don’t go around with blinkers on, and growing up he always knew – and still knows – that if he needs a ride or he’s stuck somewhere he can call me. His safety is whats important, we¬†can¬†deal with the fallout later.
I’m not denying that children will try their hand at all kinds of things, but that doesn’t make it okay.

What about drinking in front of your children?
Provided you¬†don’t go overboard, thats also okay in my mind.
Children should never witness drunken shenanigans of ANY sort, and I don’t believe¬†children belong in bars AT¬†ALL. Feel like a drink while you¬†watch the rugby? Get a sitter, or do it at home. I feel¬†it builds a healthy attitude towards alcohol if children can see their parents enjoying a beer at a braai or a cocktail at a party – whatever it may be – and doing so without behaving like an idiot or driving drunk.
If you hide it from your children it becomes a taboo, and that will make them nosy.

If you’ve had to live with alcoholism in any form you may well be¬†doubly aware of the dangers.
Our family has always had a mantra of sorts¬†–¬†that you never drink alone. Having alcoholics in the family makes you more aware of the risks of drinking, and whilst I know there are MANY people who are able to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer after work, especially after a particularly shitty day, I’ve never been able to get that caution out of my head.
My Oupa was an alcoholic, and whilst he was thankfully never particularly mean to his grandchildren when he was drunk, we were aware of his drinking. He was a spiteful drunk to his wife and children but he was amazingly intelligent and sweet and generous when he was sober, and I try to remember those moments.
I also have a sister celebrating her 10th sober-versary this year. I am so proud of her and I admire her so much because fighting an addiction like alcohol is a daily battle, and I have only a vague inkling of what she goes through.

And now my son is a grownup.
He¬†is not an alcoholic. Nor does he drink like a lunatic even when he’s partying. I believe he has a perfectly healthy attitude towards¬†booze, even though¬†I never allowed him to have anything when he was growing up!¬†The choice to imbibe is his – he knows about alcoholism and he has experienced plenty hangovers, a couple¬†of those when he was underage and as punishment I took him grocery shopping with his throbbing head…
But I believe I did right by my son.

SAB has a campaign to prevent underage drinking, a fast growing problem in South Africa. There are a number of PDF’s on the website as well, to aid you in speaking to minors about drinking and behaviour to look out for in preventing underage drinking.
You can find the campaign on Facebook too.

Whats your policy for your children?

Do you have tips for the #SAB18Plus conversation?

Have you spoken to your children about healthy drinking habits?

I Shop With A List

This morning I was chatting to Gina & Beagle Momma on Twitter, about shopping lists. Whilst we all use lists to do our shopping, Beags and Gina both write out their lists on paper whist mine is on Evernote.

It got me thinking about shopping¬†lists – my own and the ones I have found in the shops,¬†other people’s lists discarded in trolleys and baskets after their shopping is done.
Has anyone seen this website BTW, I love it: The Grocery List Collection. They have lists you can print out as well.
When my knucklehead was a little boy, we went and did some grocery hopping one day and when I got home and unpacked I realised I had 3 unopened bottles of tomato sauce, 2 bottles of chutney, too much pasta¬†and¬†2 bottles of dish washing liquid, but I didn’t have tuna, mince, mayo, or coffee! I decided I had to make a plan to stop wasting money and avoid running out of things so I started making lists.
I actually could have kicked myself because I had always made lists! I even had a list for packing his nappy bag when he was a baby because I always forgot something!

So I sat at work with an excel spreadsheet and added everything I could think of to the list over the space of a week or so, updating it every now and then. Then just before payday I would print it out¬†and at home I drew a line through everything I didn’t need. Then I did my shopping with the remainder of the list. It it even had little check boxes next to the items for when I got them¬†and there were¬†separate sections for “luxuries”¬†like¬†Coke, sweets, cookies and cottage cheese, and “extras” for when someone was having a birthday or an anniversary.

In 2005 I got my first “smart” phone. It wasn’t smart like today’s phones are, but it had capabilities I hadn’t had till then. It had a calendar¬†on which I could capture my appointments and birthdays, my contacts could have names, multiple numbers, birthdays, addresses, email addresses and and and, AND¬†it had a place I could make lists.
Whilst all the phones were getting smaller this one was big and bulky, with a black and white screen, a stylus and no camera, and I was put off touchscreen phones when it only lasted about 18 months, but after that I had to have a phone that could do more than call and text.

My lists have been digital ever since.

Now of course, with apps like Evernote I can update my lists on my laptop and see them on my phone and vice versa! I still have a shopping list with everything on it, I just put a mark next to the ones I need and remove the mark when I have the item. It also has separate sections for occasional items and I have a separate list for baking and cake decorating requirements.
I also have a separate shopping list for the knucklehead and I have a list for packing a bag for when we go away!

Do you use shopping lists?