Why Do We Need Animal Rescue Organisations Like Lab Rescue & Wetnose?

We need rescue organisations like Wetnose, Barking Mad, Kitty & Puppy Haven and Labrador & Golden Retriever Rescue because people continue to buy animals from breeders!

I know I’m going to be treading on more than a few toes here, but I really feel strongly about this, today in particular.

Last week I found a dog on the side of the road, and I took him to my vet to stay over for a few days while we tried to make a plan for him. I feel like this makes me more than a little responsible for him.
Tomorrow it will be a week, and my vet can no longer keep him. No one has been looking for him, no one who has been to the vet in the last week is willing to take him on – even as a foster – and I can’t afford to bring him home with me.
He’s now going to the Animal Anti Cruelty League in JHB – THANK GOODNESS – who will be fetching him from my vet tomorrow morning. I am beyond thrilled that he won’t be going to the SPCA, but of all the no-kill rescue organisations in Gauteng, the AACL is the only one with space! I called all of them!

Someone cared about this dog. Even if it was just a little bit. He had a collar, and he had been tied up somewhere. He wasn’t underfed even though he was filthy dirty and he has a few scars. He looks like a small Lab but he has a thick neck like a Staffie. He’s a really sweet, placid boy and the staff at the vet have become quite fond of him. I had no trouble leashing him and leading him to the car.
It makes me sad that he no longer has a home, and I do hope he will be adopted while at the AACL, but what are the chances? He’s not a cute little puppy and he’s not a recognised breed.

And before you bring it to my attention – I’m not referring here to dogs that are bred for a specific purpose, like SAGA’s Labs and Goldens.
Whilst breeders may sell their puppies “to approved homes only” thats the extent of their responsibility, whilst SAGA monitors the health and welfare of every dog they breed for as long as they are alive.

And with that I add another rescue organisation to my donation list (Wetnose and Lab Rescue are the other two).

Please people, adopt don’t shop!
Think hard before you spend thousand of Rands on a dog from a breeder.
Rather donate those thousands to a worthy organisation and adopt a dog already in dire need of a home and love and attention.

I Won Some Sexy Shoes From @BeierSafe & @cathjenkin!

Did I forget to tell you?!

Ag sorreeeeee!!

Back in February, @cathjenkin hosted a giveaway on her blog for a pair of safety shoes from Beier’s new Sisi range.

beier, sisi, angelina, ladies safety shoes

As luck would have it, mine was the winning entry and I could pick a pair of shoes from the Sisi range!
There was only one that REALLY caught my eye – the Angelina!


Why would I even want a pair of safety shoes!? Well, having worked in safety shoes for many years I know they are comfortable, and they’re made for working and walking in.
I spend most of my working days on my feet, in my kitchen, and a good pair of shoes is essential. Having shoes that are non-slip as well is a huge bonus as I am so not the neatest baker…
And having dogs in the house means I often have a wet floor! Puppies have accidents, and Labradors LOOOVE water. And I have toes that get trodden on regularly and when your puppies weigh 30+kg thats no joke!

Due to my own disorganisation and car drama and life and and and, I only went to fetch my prize this week. I love them already!

beier, sisi, angelina, ladies safety shoes

Don’t they look fabulous!?! You would never have guessed that these were safety shoes with steel toecaps!!

Easter 2014 for online gamers and dog lovers

When you think of Easter, egg hunting and chocolate Easter bunnies are usually the things that commonly spring to mind. In fact, according to History, over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made every year. Information released by Statistic Brain states that Americans spend over $2.1 billion on Easter candy every year. But Easter isn’t just about chocolates, it can also be a huge event for online gamers and dog lovers.

DSC_0174Image Credit: ArtMutt via Flickr

Despite its religious significance, most businesses still find a way to commercialize Easter. Various industries capitalize on this holiday to endorse their goods and services. Aside from food establishments and other stores, gaming industries also have their share of special offers for Easter.

Binary Pumpkin Ltd. has recently released Easter Bingo through Google Play. This Android mobile app is a special version of Pumpkin Bingo specifically for Easter. An online bingo game also announced their special promotion for Easter via their social media account. On their Twitter account, Cheekybingo is promoting #Eggstravaganza, their easter offering which takes place from April 1 to 28. It is filled with 5 fun games and exciting prizes like cash and vouchers.

Easter can also be great holiday for dog lovers. Pet Connection Magazine is presenting the 7th Annual Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt. It is a fundraising event held every year to benefit local charities. This year’s charity event takes place at The Regional Athletic Center of Lacey (RAC) on April 12th, 2014, 10:00AM to 3:00PM. Proceeds that will be collected during the event will benefit local charities namely Concern for Animals, Feline Friends and Old Dog Heaven.

In Canada, the National Service Dogs is also hosting their own Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs on Good Friday, April 18, in 8 cities across Ontario namely Brampton, Calgary, Guelph, Kitchener, London, Oakville, St. Catherines and Windsor. Their 2013 event helped raise around $90,000 for NSD.

NSD is known to have pioneered the program for breeding, training and placing Certified Service Dogs with children with autism. It has graduated over 250 CSD teams and aided many service dog organizations around the world with their own autism programs.



This is a guest post by Anna Wilson.

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state here that I was paid for this post~~

Its Turbo Time!

Our guide-dog-puppy-in-training Lennox and I were invited by HP and NuMetro at Montecasino to watch Turbo on the big screen in 3D!

turbo_ver3_xlgAnyone who knows me knows how I LOVE a 3D movie! I love how it looks like the images on the screen are close enough to touch, and I twitch and duck as things coming flying at me during the movie. My Glugster and my knucklehead love to watch me watch a 3D movie and laugh at me as I reach for things and jump in my seat!

There was a brief presentation from HP on their printers and workstations, and I was very impressed to find out that Dreamworks – the creators of many of my favourite movies like Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, Megamind, El Dorado, Over The Hedge and Kung Fu Panda – is HP powered!
And I’ve only ever used HP laptops myself and both of the printers I have at home are HP.

Lennox was as good as gold and everyone was very happy to see him! we even had our picture taken with a giant Turbo!


I had made sure it would be okay to take him with me, as is the SAGA puppy walking protocol. He didn’t make a sound and we headed outside every hour or so to ensure he didn’t have an “accident” inside the movie theatre.
When the movie started, I thought the noise might be an issue to start with, but he went to sleep for about an hour! When he woke up he was a bit fidgety, and there was loads of popcorn on the floor to tempt him, but I gave him a hoof to chew on and he settled down again.

I LOVED the movie! It was funny, the voice cast was phenomenal, the animation was awesome, and even though the story line sounds ludicrous its allowed ‘coz its an animated movie!

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state here that whilst I was gifted the movie tickets, I was not paid to write this blog post, and all opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone~~

Wanting To Be Heroes!

On Saturday morning we headed out to take care of a cupcake delivery and get to the post office and so on, and when we parked at the shopping centre we saw the SANBS tent with signs calling for blood donors.
I am already an organ donor, but I’ve wanted to look into becoming a blood donor for a long time, so after we collected our SAGA puppy’s new name tag we headed for the tent.

We told the people in the tent we wanted to be donors, and they asked if we were on any medication. I told him about my daily allergy meds and asthma treatment, and he asked me to inhale. I thought he was referring to my asthma so I took a big deep breath through my mouth and he said no, through your nose. Of course, my nose is partially blocked on a permanent basis, I’m allergic to too many plants to avoid them all and dust and pet dander sets me off too… And he asked if my blocked nose was just that day or always like that and when I said its normal for me, they said I can’t be a blood donor!
I would never have dreamed my allergies would make that a problem, but it makes sense… My blood is always full of allergens and white blood cells to fight the things that make me sneeze, and that would just make a sick person sicker.

So I can’t be a hero.

My Glugster can though. He filled in the paper work, they checked his blood pressure, and then it was off to donate his first 500ml.


The SANBS staff in the tent were absolutely fantastic. They were friendly and funny and eager to help. When Yvonne was preparing to stick the needle in my Glugster’s arm he told her it was his first time. Without missing a beat she smiled and said “Don’t worry, mine too!”


His donation went smoothly and he was advised to take it easy on partying and the like for the rest of the day, and he’ll be able to donate again in two months time.

Can I just say – as sort of an aside – that knowing I’d have to answer some pretty personal questions in order to become a donor didn’t phase me in the least (not that I’ve ever worried about filling in such a form before)! I like that I know my status, I like that I am in a loving monogamous relationship, and I like knowing that I can tick all the right boxes without hesitation.

You can find the SANBS on Twitter and Facebook too.