My Baby Boy Turns 25 Today!

Today, my baby boy celebrates his twenty fifth birthday.

When I realised just how grown up you are, I literally stopped dead in my tracks. Its actually had me tearing up thinking about it! How silly is that! 😀
You changed the world as soon as you entered in, and you made sure to keep changing it. Time flies so fast, and you have grown up to be an amazing young man, but you will always be my baby.

I wish I was more eloquent a writer, so I could do a blog post here that does you justice, so I could share with people just how hard you’ve worked and how you are well set on a fantastic career in something you are passionate about. How wonderful you are with your cousins – all younger than you. How you love spending time with your family.

We are so very proud of you. Enjoy your day, my knucklehead. Stay as sweet as you are!

Our Riddick Pup Turns Four Today!

You read that right – our big, beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever, born with dodgy eyes who is now blind and diabetic, was born on April Fools’ Day!

My poor boy has been through the ringer in the last few months, as we’ve tried to get his blood sugar under control. Apart from that and his blindness, he’s perfectly healthy and active and lovable!

And totally mommy’s baby!

My Granny Darling and Me


My Granny darling passed away just after midnight on Sunday January 3rd. She was almost 91 years old, and she was ready to join my Grampa darling in heaven. Granny Sheila died peacefully, falling asleep as she listened to a bible reading, her faith rock solid as always.


I was blessed in that I got to spend a lot of time with my Granny. I got to visit her a couple of times after she moved to KZN too, and I am going to miss her a lot.
There are things that will forever remind me of my granny Sheila, like giggling till we can’t talk anymore, and Sunday buffets. Doing crosswords in waiting rooms, and drinking dry white wine with our fish and chips in Wimpy. And lemon curd.


Thank you, my Granny Gran.
You didn’t try, you did.
You didn’t talk, you acted.
You didn’t bully, and you weren’t a pushover.
You didn’t butt in, but you didn’t keep quiet either.
Your love for your family and your faith unwavering.
I love you lots.
I miss you.

We’re Eight!


My sweet love.


My Glugster.


My husband.


My best friend.


My mentor.


My motivator.


My butt kicker when I need one.


My support.


Eight years ago, I was a happily single, single mom to a teenage son, with 2 cats at home, a blog, and a job I was good at but didn’t really like. I had been single for 7 years and I had no intention of changing that.

Then I walked into a restaurant after a particularly shitty day, you stood up to greet me as I was shown to the table, and there was an ice cold Black Label waiting for me.
Eight hours later we realised that all the tables and chairs were stacked up around us, and all the wait staff were standing at the restaurant door, waiting for us to come back to earth.
Two weeks later I announced to my family and the internet that I got a boyfriend for Christmas.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for indulging me. Thank you for being a father to my son.

I love you, my darling Glugster.

I am still on cloud nine.

My Sweetheart Loves Me

He knows me so well…

In December he bought me a 120m roll of baking paper which makes my life so much easier, and he buys me 2kg bottles of Dill pickles to snack on even though he doesn’t like them!


And this week he put a door on our en-suite bathroom!