Old Notebook Entries…

These are from 2007 I think… I may even have blogged them before but when I found an old notebook that used to live in my handbag I was surprised by some of the scribbles I found in it.

I think I’m going to be posting snippets from the book for a while.


What is the restaurant etiquette when you see someone you know but do not join their table. Is it okay to greet and smile and then ignore them? Is it rude to ignore them when there’s a child at the table who makes a point of waving and smiling almost constantly!?


How do you “write off” a dysfunctional friendship or one-sided friendship? No longer contacting the person in any shape or form should be enough right? What if- after months of nothing from them- you stop sending emails and text messages and suddenly they start sending you stuff again. Do you ignore everything and maintain your zero tolerance stance?


What is queue protocol? When I took the knucklehead to see Wallace & Gromit there was one queue for the snacks but space for three queues. There was a family behind me who decided to ‘open’ one of the other queue lanes. When they had been standing there for some time someone mentioned that it wasn’t actually a queue… the line I was in having moved forward in that time. This family then reclaimed their place in line right behind me. There followed a polite… erm… discussion  with the people they had now pushed in front of. They shoulda gone to the back of the queue right?

This Valentines Day…

I awoke at 3h30 to finish a cupcake order! Seriously! I had an exhausting weekend of baking before Valentines Day could even dawn, so after my darling hubby helped me pack the car for my delivery, he left for work and I delivered a cupcake order… and we didn’t even wish each other a Happy Valentines Day!!


Once I’d recovered a little from my lack of sleep, I phoned my sweetheart to wish him and thank him for his help with the cupcakes. Then I set to work on the day’s baking!

A little later that afternoon, I got flowers!!!


I don’t think I’ve ever had flowers sent to me before and this is such a pretty arrangement of red roses specially for Valentines Day! When my hubby got home, we had our Weigh Less supper (yup, he’s dieting right along with me) and after supper we went to watch The Green Hornet in 3D. I LURV 3D movies! I also got a HUGE box full of cupcake goodies for a Valentines Day gift! My darling Glugster gave me cupcake-shaped money boxes, serviette rings, candles, picture holders and cupcake covered serviettes! He’s going to have to build me a shelf or two to put my cupcake collection on now…

Ooh, I gave him the Independence Day DVD coz its one of his favourite movies, although neither of us could wait and we both gave our gifts early, a few days before V-day!!

I know a lot of people don’t celebrate Valentines Day because its basically a money-making racket for shops, and I was always one of the people who actively boycotted it every year… but for the first time in my life I have a man who loves me and spoils me, so we celebrate it every year!

So What’s Been Up Lately Then, Eh…?

Over the weekend, I baked vanilla cupcakes and decorated them with grated white chocolate and maraschino cherries for BlogGirls, and had a fabulous afternoon with the girls at Café Sofia in Greenside. We had a few new BlogGirls at this meet too, which was very cool indeed. It was fantastic to see Ruby Letters, Arkwife, PhillyGirl and Tamara again, and to meet Melisoo, Boldly Benny and CyberSass!

Technically I had met Boldly Benny before- when she interviewed me for an article in Glamour Magazine which is coming out in August I believe. I am very excited about it, and I had my photo shoot for the article on Monday night.

I was dressed in black and white as the article is supposed to have a glamorous feel, and I had my make-up and hair done. It was quite an adventure! I think there were several nice shots that came out of it, and I am hoping I’ll be able to get hold of some of the photos for myself later. The fashion “foondies” present were very impressed with my jewellery, clothes and shoes, and loved my tattoos- so I take that as quite a compliment, teehee!

After the photo shoot, my sweetheart took me to Wang Thai in Sandton for supper. What an incredible place! The food was to die for, as was the service and ambience. I would love to go back there.

Ooh, I also had my hair done on Saturday morning, in preparation for the shoot. I had what my hairdresser calls “stylights” put in over my own hair colour, and it looks really fabulous. The hairdresser blow-waved it all straight for me and the next day I had ID photos taken for my license renewal and my passport application- whilst my hair looked fabulous and all that, you know. And I got lots of compliments at BlogGirls from the ladies who know what I usually look like.
On Friday night, Glugster and I drove the knucklehead out to some friends from his old school- some 50km away from our home! He was to spend the night and we’d fetch him Saturday morning but he asked to stay another day and night. I relented- it has been a while since he saw them all. We were supposed to fetch him on Sunday morning, but he managed to manufacture some reason why we couldn’t- I think he got himself locked in on the friend’s smallholding and they hads to wait for the dad with the key or some such drivel… so Glugs and I spent the day window shopping and strolling round Cresta and going to watch the X-Men Origins movie. It was enjoyable but didn’t blow us away or anything. And my darling gave me yet another ring! It’s an exquisite silver setting with a pale, pale amethyst set into it… simply gawjiss!
Yesterday- Monday- I also had the day off because I had a long list of things to do… so I got up early, made my way to the licensing department in Centurion (which opens at 8AM) and was about 12th in the queue for license renewals when I got there. A dude came out and gave us each a form we needed to complete and told us we needed a copy of our ID. I didn’t have one, so I had to drive a coupla hundred metres up the road to a dude with a VW combi who makes ID copies, sells black pens and takes ID photos! Quite the entrepreneur, eh? And in so doing I lost my place in the queue- and I already had 10 or so people behind me at the time. Turned out half the people in the queue didn’t have the copies they needed either- so because I was first at the combi, I got back to the queue and kept my place in line!
When they called the first 14 people in for the eye-test and such at 8h10, I was included. Then we waited some more inside because the eye-test machines and PCs had not been switched on yet, and their systems were “down”. That they didn’t know this before they opened the doors baffled me briefly- but heaven forbid they may have switched everything on and started working BEFORE 8AM… thank GOODNESS for Twitter and Christopher Paolini! I eventually got out of there at 9ish and headed for home affairs.

Home Affairs was a MUCH longer queue! I needed to get a reprint of the knucklehead’s birth certificate, which has gone missing since we moved- and which he needs to get an ID in order to get his license- and I wanted to apply for my passport. I got the requisite forms, completed them, and joined the queue. I was reading and tweeting, and then I got a phone call that made me cry. And I do NOT cry easily. I cried on and off for almost the full hour and a bit that I was standing in the queue- wearing my sunglasses… and when I got to the front of the queue the woman said my photos were not up to standard and I had to dash outside and retake them! You can imagine my disappointment. My ID photos that I had taken looked divine with my gawjiss hair, and the new ones are HORRIBLE!!!

OMW I swear it’s a fargin conspiracy. I had next to no make-up on, I hadn’t done anything with my hair, and I’d been crying.



Application in and the knucklehead’s birth certificate reprinted.

Then also yesterday I had a joyous day of queuing in a bank… and ABSA– you SUCK when it comes to sorting shite out!

You wanna know why we’re paying such exorbitant bank charges in South Africa? Because a transaction as simple as replacing a damaged (note- not lost or stolen) debit card with a new one involves a 45 minute process and no less than 20 printed A4 sheets of paper. 20 pieces of paper! Do you know what paper costs? Let alone paper that has the ABSA logo pre-printed in the top right hand side in bright red ink. And no sheet is used more than once- so there’s no double sided printing. It’s such an unbelievable waste!

So over and above all that… I have started to suspect that I am becoming one of those women whom other people are afraid to mention babies or pregnancy in front of. Its kak, but I must admit that it is entirely possible.

…come play on my rollercoaster…

Watchmen? More Like Watchout!

It was disturbing in places, but boring overall.

Does that make any sense?

We went out on Saturday night for what might have been a date-night had Damien been able to meet up with his current MXit-only girlfriend… instead it was the 3 of us. We haven’t been to a movie together in a while so it was fun for a change. The knucklehead was in high spirits too, which made it pleasant.
We went to the Greek restaurant, Pappas, for a fabulous supper- but missed the plate breaking because we already had movie tickets.
Now, all 3 of us being big fans of the comic-book-brought-to-life movie genre, we were keen to see “Watchmen” on the big screen after seeing the trailers on TV. And knowing it was done by the people who did “300” I was expecting something a little extreme- but I was wholly unprepared for this one.

It made me cringe in a few places, and at one point I actually covered my eyes- but the rest of the time it was rather dull. I must be honest and say I am not a big comic book reader, I never have been, so I don’t know the “history” of the characters being portrayed in the movie… but forkitall, I was expecting a super-hero movie with a “Sin City” vibe to it, and I liked Sin City!

This was not it. It had the “Sin City” type of feel about it- but these characters were twisted for the most part. I wanted to cover Damien’s eyes on a couple of occasions!!

And now the mommy in me really comes out- so brace yourselves…

This movie should have had a much higher than NPU16 age restriction. And I know there were kids in that theatre younger than 16 years old. The violence is exceptionally graphic, and I don’t cringe easily. Dogs fighting over a dismembered child’s foot, full frontal male nudity, and soft-porn sex scenes make for an 18 restriction at least IMHO.


Had we been watching this at home, I would have turned it off and not let Damien watch it at all. And at over 2 hours long, it wasn’t worth the money we spent to see it.

Our Weekend Was Simply Magnificent!

Friday was relaxed. We rented a bunch of scary movies (Rogue which was surprisingly good, Halloween– the 2007 Rob Zombie version which Damien watched alone and loved, Rise which was a little disappointing, and one other one that I can’t remember) and got Steers take-out for supper. Damien and I often used to do the DVD and take-out movie night on payday weekend so it was cool to do that again.

Saturday was a little hectic with my Glugster working and me doing party preparations and blowing up balloons. There was some drama with the party platters I’d ordered. I went to fetch them at 1PM and the stupid woman made the wrong ones despite my easily read order form taped to the lid of one of the platters. I then called the manager, explained what had happened and informed him I’d be back at 6PM to fetch the correct platters. They were ready and more or less done when I went back, but the woman didn’t apologise even once! In fact, she more than once tried to make out it was my fault! Glugs and I then cleared out the bottle store of everything we could see except Stroh Rum and Tequila and made our way home to shower and get dressed.
Ooh, and I baked “devil’s food” cupcakes and tried to decorate them to look like bloodshot-eyeballs, but I couldn’t find the right colouring to make black icing for the pupils, and I couldn’t find life savers anywhere so they didn’t look like I wanted them to. They were sufficiently gross to fit the Halloween-type theme though, and there were none left, which was more than I could say for the platters! The knucklehead and Glugs are going to get party platter food for lunch for the next few days!
So, our party was attended by a gypsy, two soldiers, a school girl, Sonny & Cher, a clown, a couple of witches, a wizard, superman, a zombie and his hippie mom, the phantom of the opera, the corpse bride, the happiness fairy, the Stig, an angel, the devil and the grim reaper!
I was an angel, Glugs was the devil, and Damien was the grim reaper!
Thank you so so much to all of you who came, it was an awesome party and we had a total blast!
Here’s a collage to whet your appetites for more- and when I get them from my daddy darling I’ll post them too!!!

On Sunday we slept late, and woke up feeling suprisingly good considering what we’d consumed the night before. I helped the maid a little to clean up the mess, and then we drove through to “Cool Runnings” for a late lunch with EXMI. I do love that place’s food, I’ve never been disappointed. And their cocktails are totally fabulous!

And from here on out its all formula one, so if you’re not interested or don’t want spoilers, stop reading now!
The final race of the season- the Brazilian grand prix at Interlagos- started with a bit of chaos and with only 7 points separating title race leader Hamilton from Massa.
They were all ready for the warm-up lap and the start was suddenly aborted when the rain came down in buckets… for all of one minute! There was a mad scramble to get intermediate tyres on the cars as the rain was stopping, and the start was delayed for 15 minutes. Rain was predicted again about 30 minutes into the race, but that forecast changed- thank goodness! Interlagos in the rain is bloody awful!
Massa and Raikkonen, the Ferrari drivers, qualified 1st and 3rd respectively, with Hamilton qualifying in 4th. Hamilton had to finish 6th or lower for my beloved red fire engines to take both the drivers and constructor’s titles- but I had to be honest and say it looked unlikely from the start. However, if they finished level on points with Massa winning and Hamilton in 6th, Massa would take the title as he had more victories this year.
When they started, David Coulthard- who was to race his last race today before retiring after 15 years and 245 races- got thumped from behind by Nico Rosberg at turn one, and then took out Nelson Piquet as he spun! What a way to go. His accident brought out the safety car, which always has a huge influence on strategies… and considering how closely this year’s championship has been contested, once again, I think Hamilton was hoping for another uneventful race to tie up his title as the youngest ever F1 champion, and the first ever black driver to take the title.
By about lap 10 the drivers were starting to pit and switch to dry tyres. Massa switched before Hamilton did, and Jarno Trulli briefly took the lead. Interlagos’s pit lane seems endless and to watch the cars exiting the pits with the race leaders practically parallel to them on the track is so nerve wracking! Massa managed to keep his lead after all the pit stops though, and there were then some spectacular overtaking manoeuvres behind him as cold tyres battled in the semi-wet conditions and the drivers fought to make up the places they’d lost.
On lap 20, Trulli put a move on Bourdais for 8th place that forced Bourdais to rally-cross his way over the grass and back onto the track- controlling his car beautifully it must be said, but losing a few places at the same time and dropping to 13th.
Felipe Massa set several fastest laps through the race, determinedly keeping his hold on 1st place.
Glock was very quickly gaining on Hamilton throughout the race, and then the poor dude had a disastrous pit stop dropping him several places when the fuel hose nozzle wouldn’t go in the first time and had to be lifted and reinserted.
Then suddenly, about 13 laps from the end, there was rain threatening again! The teams were again thrown into disarray trying to work on strategies and with 6 laps to go the rain came down again, albeit not as heavily as the beginning of the race. The drivers started pitting again one by one to put the intermediate tyres back on! This put Hamilton’s title hopes in jeopardy as the rain didn’t come down as hard as they were anticipating and the intermediate tyres are slower than dry tyres, and losing 5th place to Glock who was behind him would mean Massa took the title! Then with 2 laps to go Hamilton was overtaken and put into 6th place by Vettel, with the rain still not coming down hard enough for the intermediate tyres to work properly. As Massa crossed the line to win the race, Hamilton had 2 corners to go when he managed to take back 5th place and crossed the finish line to become the youngest ever F1 champion. The crew in the Ferrari garage was already celebrating Massa’s win when they realised Lewis Hamilton had reclaimed 5th place and claimed the title by one point over Felipe Massa.
So Ferrari keeps the constructor’s title and McLaren claimed the driver’s title for the first time in 9 years.

Bunnies- don’t ever let anyone tell you F1 is boring! I had friggin GOOSE-bumps!!! I can’t wait for next March!!!

As for the debate about making the F1 engines all identical has got me more than a little upset- but that’s another post.

I hope you all had a fantabulistic weekend!!!