100 Things About Me, Plus 50!

In 2006, this list of 100 things took me several months to write- seriously- and I tried to keep the list in some form of a chronological order too. I hoped it would be greatly appreciated and read with intense attention to detail!


In 2011 I’d been blogging for 6 years, so I added another fifty things to this list! So very much has changed since I set down the first one hundred! One thing that struck me as odd is that there’s no mention of cupcakes or AD/HD in that first 100 things list… Anyhoodle. The extra 50 things isn’t really in chronological order and it jumps around a bit… but I hope you enjoy it.

And now its nearing the end of 2012, and whilst the list still goes to 150 I have removed some of the entries to protect my knucklehead’s privacy and save him from potential embarrassment.


  1. I was born on December 28th 1973.
  2. It was a Friday, 10h30 in the morning.
  3. I weighed 3.26kg (7 pounds 2 ounces) at birth.
  4. I was sitting at five months.
  5. My mom says I could recite nursery rhymes when I was one… I (of course) think I am a genius!
  6. No really… actually the last time I checked I had an IQ of 136… which is only 4 points below gifted you know!
  7. Scary shit people… I do like being smart though!
  8. I can draw- and since I was little I have drawn on any piece of paper I can get my hands on.
  9. I can teach (and have taught) myself to do anything I put my mind to- including programming. I hate admitting that I don’t know something!
  10. I am an excellent public speaker; and I can teach and train other people.
  11. I can speak backwards- phonetically, fluently and fast.
  12. Apparently I refused to continue wearing nappies when I was fourteen months old and my mom came home with my sister B… so whatever sister B did in hers musta scared the bejeebers outta me!
  13. I am the eldest of four children and I have two sisters- B and C- and a brother G.
  14. The same GP delivered all four of us in the same hospital!
  15. My parents had a shotgun wedding in June 1973 ‘coz I was on the way- and that’s what you did back then- but it never even registered with me until my mom asked me if I’d noticed the timing between their anniversary and my birthday, and that if I had I must know I was never not wanted or regretted, etc. We were hanging bathroom curtains at that moment- and honestly, it had never even occurred to me before then! I never did the math!
  16. Since then I quite liked the idea that I was at their wedding too!
  17. One thing I wish I could do is go back and re-photograph my parents wedding for them. They have pictures, but they were taken by a friend of theirs- not a pro- they have none of the classic wedding pictures that one should have.
  18. My parents were high school sweethearts and are still happily married after almost forty years.
  19. My parents always liked my name and both my sisters have two names from famous women, none of us sisters have family names.
  20. Coincidentally- my dad has the same name as my mom’s dad- and his own dad’s name for a second name, and my brother has both as a second and third name! Still with me? Many of the men in our family have my dad’s (which was also my maternal granddad’s) name as a second name- including my knucklehead.
  21. My parents were parents four times over before my mom was twenty seven!
  22. My mom’s parents were married almost sixty years when my granddad caught his last first class flight home to heaven.
  23. My dad’s dad died about twenty years ago of cancer, and my dad’s mom (apart from lots of annoying and strange things she did) was one of those women you want to be like when you get to eighty! She was totally independent- and until the last year of her life she still drove herself around and lived alone. You had to make an appointment to visit ‘coz she was so busy. I love her and I miss her lots.
  24. My grade one teacher went to school with my dad, and she was taught by my dad’s aunt!
  25. My siblings and I all went to the same primary school my dad went to.
  26. When I was in grade one the school wanted me to skip grade 2 and go straight to standard 1, my parents thought it was a bad idea and refused… I sometimes wonder how different my life would have been if they’d said yes.
  27. My siblings and I all went to the same high school my parents went to.
  28. At school I wanted to be a fashion designer- then when I realised there were twenty other aspirant fashion designers in my class,
  29. I decided to become an archaeologist instead.
  30. My high school art major was supposed to be photography, but I met my knucklehead’s father before I could get that far…
  31. I could have done a lot better at school if I had actually studied. I never prepared for one test or exam and maintained a high C average (which in South Africa is still acceptable BTW)… my English and Afrikaans essays and my Art marks especially pulled me through.
  32. Early in standard eight, I was invited to take part in the English Olympiad at the school which would result in much bigger and better things as well as a trip to the Grahamstown Festival. I decided to spend time with my boyfriend instead…
  33. ~~~
  34. My parents allowed all four of us children to find out who we were rather than trying to push a round peg into a square hole.
  35. It’s thanks to my parents that I can honestly say I like who I am now.
  36. I got my artistic talent from my mom- she writes poetry too, and she can sing.
  37. I know I can carry a tune- but I leave that to sister B and da bruvva.
  38. Both my sisters write poetry so I leave that alone too!
  39. My mom and dad both taught me integrity and loyalty, so now no matter whom I work for or how much I dislike the job or the people, I give 150% until the day I leave.
  40. My dad is a book lover and turned me into one too.
  41. It’s thanks to my dad that I love Asterix comics.
  42. My dad has an unbelievable wealth of general knowledge and he is an incredible photographer, he was a wedding photographer for well over twenty years. I’m convinced that if he’d had the opportunity, he could have turned pro.
  43. My dad taught us that punctuality is important- even now I loathe being late for anything and I’m usually a little early.
  44. Our whole family enjoys fishing- my sister B and her husband even went fly fishing for their honeymoon! I am the only one who has yet to actually catch a fish though.
  45. Growing up we lived in lots of flats and houses- all rented- and all inside a roughly 20km stretch of our beautiful country.
  46. My parents bought their first house when I was fourteen- it was our tenth move!
  47. The new house was close to everything and we rode our bikes to school.
  48. Most of my life I shared a bedroom with my sister B.
  49. I have spent some time pondering what could have been different about moi had my parents pushed me juuuuust a little harder… it’s not entirely their responsibility I know, but I do wonder.
  50. I got my first real French kiss when I was thirteen.
  51. I started smoking when I was fourteen.
  52. I got drunk for the first time when I was fourteen- haven’t been able to touch tequila since BTW, except in a sunrise or a margarita.
  53. I met my son’s father when I was fifteen; he had the most incredible eyes and dimples…
  54. ~~~
  55. ~~~
  56. I was pregnant at sixteen. Mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa!
  57. My son’s father and I split up when we had been together for a year and nine days- I was three months pregnant.
  58. ~~~
  59. My son was born on Friday April 5th 1991 at 02h47 after about four hours of labour.
  60. I was seventeen at the time.
  61. It was two years after my knucklehead was born before I had another relationship- it lasted about five months.
  62. About two years after that I met another man and we lived together for nearly three years. That relationship ended VERY badly and I swore off men for good!
  63. Two years later I met another man. We worked for the same company but far apart- and I fell for him REALLY hard. He was a singer and poet. He made me feel like I looked like a super model. He was separated but not divorced- with two children he adored- and after six months he went back to them. He was the first of my boyfriends who made my little boy heart sore when he left. I decided once and for all after he left that that was the LAST time I would allow myself and my son to hurt like we did.
  64. ~~~
  65. ~~~
  66. My son inherited my artistic talent and his paternal family’s gymnastic ability. He is incredibly artistic and creative- the drawings he does freehand and out of his head are quite fantastic- a budding H.R. Geiger maybe…
  67. I collect dragons. My house is was full of them! They were everywhere- wind chimes, fridge magnets, statuettes, pill boxes, lighters, a tea tin, a spoon, a bottle opener, pictures, books, incense holders, picture frames, money boxes, a clock, a ring, a t-shirt, a sarong and candle holders. I even had a small silver one hanging from my rear view mirror. I have a few from overseas too- Australia, Wales and London, but they’re now all in one big display case.
  68. My first car was a light blue, second hand, Mazda 323. It worked very hard, got broken into several times until the only way in was through the boot, and then it got stolen.
  69. My second car was a light blue Ford XR3. It went like a rocket and it had a noisy free-flow exhaust. It gave me lots of grief though… the exhaust fell off four times- I had tyre trouble- gearbox trouble- I could hardly wait to get rid of it!
  70. Then I had an Aquamarine Opel Corsa 160iS (1600CC fuel injected sport for those who can’t decode it) three door hatchback with three spoke mags, roof spoiler, bee-sting aerial and a standard fit radio. I loved it to death- I drove it off the showroom floor with 27km on the clock.
  71. My husband bought me a simply divine silver Audi A3 1.9TDi three door hatch with power steering and aircon and all the bells and whistles… We had to sell it.
  72. I am a cat person in every clichéd sense of the word (yes, every sense- I talk about them, talk to them, spoil them, and carry their pictures with me they have their own blog).
  73. I have trained my cats to “sit” and walk on a leash with a harness, and Greebo will even “wave”. My cats don’t go outside at all except on a leash or in their cat box. Yes- really.
  74. I love going barefoot- the first thing I did when I got home from work was take off my bra and my shoes.
  75. I have long conversations and arguments in my head- quietly- but with all the accompanying head shakes and facial expressions.
  76. I love to savour a good red wine, especially a Pinotage or Cabernet.
  77. I adore make-up, I have too much of it to ever run out… but I keep buying more! And I love doing faces for fun!
  78. I love magazines, but I have a particular fetish for wedding magazines and I spend a fortune on them whenever I can!
  79. I got my first tattoo- a black dragon, about 5cm long and nicely stylized- on the top of my left arm just after my three year long relationship ended.
  80. I got my second one- a small black tribal design that made me think of a dragon- at the top of my right arm about four years later.
  81. My third tattoo was about three years after the second one- a beautiful full colour strawberry in the small of my back.
  82. Why a strawberry tattoo? Because I wanted a tattoo that signified my son. Still puzzled? I toyed with his name, his initials, even a picture of him… then I remembered calling him by the nickname “Strawbreez” until he was about 8 years old!
  83. When I feel like a big change I either get a new tattoo or do something drastic to my hair. And I mean drastic- going blonde overnight (nothing gradual of course), or hacking off all my long hair to just below my ears or something!
  84. ~~~
  85. ~~~
  86. I have five godchildren- and I take my job as godmother very seriously. My goddaughter is one of my littler cousins; my godsons are sister B’s eldest, my best friend’s two boys and da Bruvva’s ex-girlfriend’s little boy.
  87. I, my siblings and our parents are very close, we visit each other a couple of times a month and we email, text and call each other several times a week.
  88. We also have an annual Christmas Sibling Supper with just the four of us. We each have a turn to play host, we each supply a part of the meal, and we each buy one gift. The gift buying has turned into quite a competition- we start shopping months in advance- you see, we try to buy the ugliest, most impractical, kitschiest, kakkest, unlikeliest thing we can find- and then we exchange them. “It” then has to go on display in your house for one year… if it breaks you must fix it, and you can’t hide it away at all… we check on each other too!
  89. I have been EXCEPTIONALLY blessed in my friends, and I thank God for them on a daily basis!
  90. Most of my friends have children who are a lot younger than my son.
  91. I wanted to go back to school when I finished putting my son through school…
  92. I used to think that one day, I would like to make a living from my writing or maybe even website design (still learning that though), or perhaps even teaching or training of some sort…
  93. I love to help friends and family plan weddings and parties for fun- maybe I can even do that for a living one day.
  94. I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan(atic?). I have most of the Discworld stories (in paperback- can’t afford the other kind) and one of my “dreams” is to attend Wadfest (think: a Pterry version of a Trekkie convention, or Woodstock for Pterry readers) in the UK one day.
  95. I read and admire Anne Rice as well- she wrote “Interview With A Vampire”, I have most of her books (in paperback- of course) too. I think she must be one of the most interesting people to talk to (apart from Pterry of course).
  96. I love, love, love science fiction movies and vampire movies and I watch my favourite films over and over again.
  97. I love shoes! If I could I would very likely rival Imelda Marcos’ collection…
  98. My favourite song of all time is James Brown’s “I Feel Good”!
  99. I drink too much Coke…
  100. I’ve been blogging for 7 years, and in that time I have made soooo many friends AND I met my husband!
  101. Thassaright! I am a happily married woman! Contrary to what I had planned for myself, I met and married the most incredible man!
  102. I was single for seven years before I met the man I married! We were reading each other’s blogs and decided a face-to-face meeting was needed since we spent so much time chatting on Skype. For me, and I think for him too, it was love at first sight!
  103. I joined Facebook, and then deleted my account, then recreated it when I could give myself complete privacy, and then they changed it so I deleted my account again, and then joined up again… :p
  104. I’m on Twitter as AngelConradie! Which I love! It lets me keep in touch and I get news before it’s even on the radio or TV!
  105. My aquamarine Opel Corsa was sold 12 years after I bought it…
  106. I am officially the most spoiled woman on the planet! If you don’t believe me you haven’t been reading my blog!
  107. I am now self-employed, but I’m not a programmer or an archaeologist… I bake for a living as The Cupcake Lady (I’m on Twitter too)! How cool is that!?!
  108. My passion for weddings has not diminished, and it has its own website now too, Angel’s Weddings (also on Twitter)! I’m not planning weddings full time, but I am involved in the business and working to get more into it as time passes.
  109. My bestest best friend and I have now been friends for 30 years, and she and her family immigrated to Australia almost 3 years ago. I miss her something awful!
  110. I now have three cats. I had six but I lost my beloved Taxi in April 2011, and Turk and Diva died in early 2012. Greebo, Magic and Minx are our feline furbabies.
  111. We also have three dogs! Thelma and Louise were adopted as adults from Wetnose a year ago after our house was broken into whilst we slept and Riddick was born at SA Guide-dogs but his eyes don’t work properly.
  112. I’m not so much a mommy blogger anymore I don’t think, but I still love doing it! I actually blog about AD/HD more now than I did when my knucklehead was at school!
  113. My darling knucklehead’s AD/HD has become such a huge part of my life! I blog about it a lot and I support several families who are living with it. I host support group meetings at my house and I speak at seminars whenever I can.
  114. I now have eight tattoos and I am still itching for more!
  115. In addition to my first three tattoos, I now have a cupcake on my right calf, a tribute to my folks on my left calf, a binary code bracelet of my knucklehead’s name on my left wrist, a purple ADHD awareness ribbon on my left inner arm and a pair of dragonfly wings across my shoulder blades with the knucklehead’s name in a scroll between them.
  116. I got my ears pierced for the first time when I was 33! Only once though, and I still don’t have any other piercings. 🙂
  117. My darling knucklehead, is no longer at school and is now working full time. Him no longer being at school is such a huge weight off my shoulders!
  118. ~~~
  119. I have done a wedding planning course, and I have a few cooking and baking courses I want to do.
  120. I don’t draw much anymore, but I have seen a few things lately that inspired me so I may actually start doing it again!
  121. After 12 years in a flat with my knucklehead, we now live in a beautiful house with our own garage, garden and a pool!
  122. I love DSTV! The knucklehead and I didn’t have it before I met my Glugster, and now we have a PVR decoder which means we can record TV programs without having to bother with a VCR. This has considerably reduced my TV watching as I have it tuned to a music channel while I bake, and when we watch TV it’s the stuff we’ve recorded instead of channel hopping.
  123. I have many pet peeves, bad spelling and grammar being just one of them!
  124. One of my biggest annoyances is traffic, and I report road hogs every chance I get! I name and shame!
  125. I have five nephews with a sixth on the way, and one “unofficial” niece and an “unofficial” nephew.
  126. I take allergy medication every day. I am allergic to about 80 plants and grasses, as well as dust and pet dander and smoke and and and… there’s no way I can avoid them all so I take meds.
  127. I am asthmatic as well, so I take meds for that every day too.
  128. ~~~
  129. For our tenth anniversary, my Glugster and I are planning on renewing our vows! We may go to Vegas and get married in one of their chapels, or we’ll have another wedding!
  130. ~~~
  131. My darling Glugster and I would love to have a child of our own, but both of us have fertility issues. Spending thousands on fertility treatments, without a guarantee that it will work is just not an option.
  132. My hair is long, and very curly, and naturally dark. I colour it a dark auburn fairly regularly to cover my grey.
  133. Despite my dark hair, my eyelashes and eyebrows are blonde! If I don’t colour them regularly they are practically invisible!
  134. If I had thousands to spend frivolously on cosmetic surgery I would have all my teeth crowned with a beautiful white crown. I loathe my yellow teeth and years of smoking, Coke and coffee hasn’t helped.
  135. I’m not terribly tall, and although 1.64M is about average I am the shortest in my family!
  136. ~~~
  137. I have never been on a roller coaster but I did go on a carnival ride once when I was in high school- the ride operator stopped the ride ‘coz he thought I’d passed out! I was mortified…
  138. I’m a stickler for rules and regulations. I stick to the speed limit, I pick a regular till if I have more than 10 items in my trolley, I don’t park in handicapped spaces… and I get exceptionally annoyed with people who think it’s okay to break the rules!
  139. My knucklehead and his biological father started spending time together when he was 19 years old when he told me he wanted to meet his biological father and I contacted him on his behalf. They get on very well and are very much alike!
  140. ~~~
  141. ~~~
  142. I am a Blackberry slut and I can’t imagine going without it! I Facebook, Twitter, keep my calendar up to date, have shopping lists and to-do lists, and make voice notes while I shop or drive!
  143. ~~~
  144. I repack shelves and display cases in shops. You know the metal basket things filled with sale DVDs and CDs? I will repack them so that they’re neatly aligned and all facing the right way up. The same with book sale tables. I have also been known to rearrange restaurant and coffee shop décor if it isn’t aesthetic enough.
  145. I never go anywhere without a fan in my handbag! I intensely dislike heat and carrying a fan with me means I can keep myself at least a little bit cool when I’m not home with my electric fan or air conditioner.
  146. I dance. All the time. In the car, whilst I’m baking or cooking, sitting on my bed reading… Often without even realising I’m doing so. And according to my knucklehead and my hubby, I even mime actions to go with the words I am singing or mouthing! The dancing lessons my Glugs and I took a while ago were so much fun!
  147. I love cereal… especially the sweet ones. I can quite happily sit in front of the TV and eat a whole box of Frosties straight out of the box!
  148. I have a very special loathing for reality TV!!
  149. I LUUURV berries! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries… all of them! I don’t love eating fruit as such, but I can eat berries till they’re coming out my ears!
  150. One of my favourite words is “necrotelicomnicon”. It’s from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and it’s become one of my favourite words. I dunno why- but every now and then it pops into my head and gets stuck on repeat for a while.
…come play on my roller coaster

I Just Want To Share…

Yesterday I spent the morning in a hospital waiting room with my granny darling. She is on the military medical aid, so its hurry up and wait, and often when we go its a whole day even with an appointment!

The previous times we’ve been there I have noticed that the kidlets waiting with their mommies have absolutely nothing to do, the moms don’t bring anything and there’s nothing in the waiting room- not even magazines. And when you’re there for hours, the children get very bored and whiny.

When I pack a bag to go with my gran, I take a big bag and I pack magazines and sometimes snacky stuff for us as well, coz I know we’ll be sitting for a while. Yesterday I was packing my big bag and I discovered a packet of balloons still in the bag from when we did our family photoshoot a while ago. I left them in my bag for just in case (and now you know why my family calls my handbags “black holes”).

Once we’d been sitting for about 40 minutes, I blew up a bright yellow balloon. A little boy across the room from us was watching me with eyes as big as saucers and when I held out the balloon his mommy nudged him and said he could fetch it. I reckon he was about 4 years old, and he ran across the room with a HUGE smile on his face and said “thank you” as he took it from me! He ran back to his mommy and when his back was to me I blew up another one. He turned around and grinned and fetched that one too. Now his arms were full! Then he was throwing them and kicking them and his mommy was batting them back to him with her hand and I blew up another one, dropping it on the floor. Then another little boy appeared from around the corner and watched this happening so I blew up another one and offered it to him. His eyes lit up and he ran to fetch it from me! It was so cute!

These kidlets were now laughing and giggling and I kept blowing up balloons and after a while there were about 10 balloons and people sitting around the room were batting them back at the kidlets and everyone was smiling at their antics!

I s’pose there may have been a few people who got annoyed with the noise, but it made me smile.

…come play on my roller coaster

Do We Feel Too Much…?

Occasionally, I wonder if having an active social life- one which includes real life friends and family, blogging and bloggers, Facebook, Twitter, forums and all the others- is entirely healthy.

Before you drag me out and pelt me to death with your smartphones, hear me out.

I know I personally bounce from one emotion to another a lot more often in a day than someone who doesn’t use any form of social media! Let’s say for example I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Five years ago I probably would have stayed in that mood all day. Now, I check in on Twitter and Facebook and I read some blog posts, and within the space of an hour I have laughed at jokes, commiserated with someone’s loss, felt heartache, disappointment, excitement, irritation, marvelled at a miracle, got annoyed with shocking spelling and grammar, gone back to feeling a little down (and posting about it somewhere), and then feeling better because I got it off my chest and a whole lot of people told me they think I’m awesome.

With a “normal” social circle in the days before Twitter-blogging-forums-Facebook et-al, your close friends would be a handful of people, and if you were lucky you could include your family. These would be the ones with whom you shared various aspects of your life, to varying degrees. These were the friends you invited to birthday parties and special celebrations. These friends were the ones you called if you had news you had to share.

Announcements of things like engagements, pregnancies, birth, death, divorce and the like didn’t happen every day, and if something big happened- someone having a baby, a couple splitting up, the loss of a parent or someone losing a child- you had ample time to process it emotionally before the next proclamation, in theory of course. And these announcements could be shared personally and intimately. You didn’t have to include a disclaimer when you spoke to someone to please not post it on any social media spaces until you’d had a chance to share your news yourself. There was no chance of finding out someone you loved had died, via a Facebook update.

And on the other side of the coin, you also had no idea just how much you were actually not included in or not invited to.

And I’m speaking here as an adult and to adults. The effect of social media on children and teens is a whole ‘nother kettle of bananas.

With my social circle now HUGELY expanded since I fell into the internet I still have the friends I had before- and I have many many more friends. Not just friends in terms of reading their blogs and their Twitter feeds and getting to know them that way. I’m talking about real friends in terms of knowing them outside of my computer. And a lot of these new friends I would never have had the opportunity to meet in real life and I think that’s fantastic. I now have people I count as real friends from different countries, different race groups and different cultures and without the internet I would never have known them.

In the days before smartphones, no one would have known I’d woken up on the wrong side of the bed. No one would have known just how many times I butt heads with my knucklehead or how many cupcakes I bake. No one would have known just how wonderful my husband is. Losing my Taxi cat recently is a good example. I would have texted my mom and my sisters, and they would have been sad with me, but even if I had told more of my real life friends than I did, few of them “got” how sad I was and how much I miss him.

Now thanks to blogging and social media I can put something on Twitter or Facebook about how I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and not only will I get 10 messages back in commiseration, I will get 20 from people who are jealous that I slept that late, 7 from people still in their beds, and 2 from people who don’t have beds.

I know that social media in all its forms keeps me very firmly grounded and very aware of just how blessed I am. I love how social media allows me to be the centre of attention sometimes. I have become far more aware of real life issues and causes than I used to be. To my mind, social media has done more to break down the invisible barriers between races and cultures than politics will ever do.

It is awesome.

It is powerful.

It can empower you and make you feel like you actually have a voice on this overcrowded planet.

But I also believe that emotional overload is one of the main reasons people take extended “leave” of blogging, Facebook or Twitter, before they feel they’ll have to take leave of their senses!

…come play on my roller coaster

I Am Going To Be Self-Employed!

I am terrified… but so excited! This is a really long term dream of mine. Something I have hoped for and wanted for such a long time I can’t even remember where it started anymore.



I’m going to be baking full time to generate an income, so I will hopefully never have turn an order away again.

I’m going to be dipping my toes in the water that is the wedding industry too. Several opportunities seem to have presented themselves and I will be investigating those to examine their potential.

I am also going to be devoting more time to my passion for supporting parents of ADHDers and creating awareness around ADHD and its treatment. Not working for a boss means I can attend more school meetings and go to more talks on the subject.


Damien no longer being in school means I have time now to focus on me… but I would never have been able to take this step and actually follow my dreams if it weren’t for my sweet Glugster’s support. I would have had to save up and stash money for a loooong time before I could give up a proper reliable salary.

I am still more than a little nervous about handing all financial responsibility over to my sweetheart… you single mom’s will get where I’m coming from on this… but as my boss says, “When its time, its time.”


My bosses are all for personal growth and have always encouraged their staff to learn and grow, so I knew I would have nothing but support from them when I spoke to them about going off on my own. I’ve been exceptionally lucky in that respect. Of course, my darling Glugs will not be “carrying” me indefinitely, if this all doesn’t work and I’m still not making a living off of it in about 6 months, I will have to go back into the work market and find employment again, so hold thumbs I don’t fork this up completely bunnies!!


So I handed in my letter of resignation.

Signed and everything.

My last day is July 22nd, shortly before the wedding. I’ll be sticking a ticker up in my sidebar, but along with the wedding ticker I don’t reeeeally need another one!