31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 15


Day fifteen, creative writing day. Write a short fictional story that starts with the sentence “It was time. He/She had fought against it for too long…”


Okay… I had to REALLY dust off my writing hat for this one, I haven’t written any fiction in a LONG time! I used to do this far more often… Here goes.

It was time.
She had fought against it for too long.

She had threatened him and told him she wouldn’t help him this time, thinking that if she left it he’d actually take care of it himself. She had shut the door and had refused to mention it or nag him about it.
Then she’d started to hang air fresheners in the passage outside the door because it had started to smell. Still he did nothing. And after a month the stench was becoming unbearable.
The worst though was that the neighbours were starting to complain about the stink, and the last thing she needed was for someone to call the authorities.

She pulled on a pair of sturdy rubber gloves, filled a bucket with scalding hot soapy water, tied a bandanna over her nose and mouth, and opened the door.

OMG it was so much worse than she’d thought…
The curtains were closed and it was semi-dark, and her covered nose made the smell a little less pungent, but she was sure that even her eyes were burning!
Holy crap.

As her eyes adjusted she realised she had so much to pick up before she could start scrubbing with the hot water…
Filthy, crusty socks… Mouldy pizza crusts… Now she knew where all the coffee cups had gone to! She couldn’t even see the floor!
Why the hell couldn’t teenage boys just clean up after themselves for heaven’s sake!?!

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Flash Fiction Contest

I think I’m going to try my hand at a little fiction again… I haven’t written any fiction in a looong time and Stephen Parrish’s contests always inspire me.

On 8 September at noon, the Lascaux Flash Fiction Contest will open and it will close two weeks later. There’s a picture for inspiration and you’re only allowed 250 words (not including the title) so its quite a challenge. Anyone can enter and there’s a very cool bloggy badge for the winner AND a cash prize!

A Fiction Writing Contest!

Jason Evans, of “The Clarity Of Night” fame, hosts a short fiction writing competition on his blog every few months, and I try and enter each time so I can exercise my fiction writing muscles a bit!

How it works is he takes a picture that entrants must use as inspiration, and all entries are limited to 250 words. You can write in any genre. He has some pretty groovy prizes up for grabs, and whilst my entries are nowhere near the caliber of most of the entries, I like to try and stay within the guidelines of the competition. And 250 words is a challenge believe me!


For anyone and everyone who entered the last time, there’s a new one coming soon and this time there’s a twist- the number of entries is limited so once its announced be sure not to procrastinate!!

You might also want to pop over and read Contest Scoring (And What Costs You Points) and So How Do I Win a Clarity of Night Contest? for some insight and suggestions.

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The “Running Wind” Competition Is Closed

But the reader’s choice voting is open. Only those who made a submission can vote- but I thought I’d list my top 10 here, in no particular order of course. Of the 64 submissions- these 10 were awesome to me!
This was the picture Jason gave us for inspiration, and every time one of his competitions end I am simply astounded by all the variations on ideas that come from the picture!



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