Here’s Another ADHD Poem!

And I love this one! I found it here and I’ll be linking Tracy in my side-bar soon. This one in particular is very close to my heart… I’ve been through nearly everything in this poem and I’ve often been judged by my “neighbour”- literally & figuratively!

© By: Tracy Nicolaus
What kind of mother sits in the front yard,
Making mud-pies before dawn?
Then hoses her son and herself down like animals,
Don’t you think that’s wrong?
And did you see that tantrum her kid threw,
In the grocery store?
Why she just stood there smiling at him,
I can’t take this anymore!
I should call Protective Services and have that boy taken away,
To a nice quiet family, normal you know?
Where he’ll learn how to obey!
Once she pinned him down on the sidewalk,
Imagine how he felt!
I looked at her shamefully and she said
“I’m not using a belt!”
I hear she put a padlock,
On the outside of his door,
She told Sally it’s “for his protection”,
When she couldn’t take anymore”!
Everyone hears his screaming,
That yelling never ends!
And she’s always with that poor child,
He hasn’t got any friends!
She taught him to play with matches and knives,
I saw it myself,
Do you think that is wise?
They were throwing a butter knife at each others feet,
Right there on the lawn, at the edge of the street!
And one day she had these matches,
A whole big box of them,
They sat on the curb,
And she watched as he burned,
Each one of them to the end!
The poor child was just sobbing,
He had blisters on his thumb!
I was listening,
Here’s what she said to him
“See? Playing with matches is really dumb”!
“Natural consequences” her only reply,
I tell you its all rubbish!
If that were my child,
I’ll tell you what!
He would be PROPERLY punished!
And it’s odd,
‘Cause I KNOW she’s the worst kind of Mom,
But that boy has a twinkle in his eye like a song.
And he’s really quite charming and a smart little chap,
It’s amazing he survives with a mother like that!

The School Saga Continues

The promised update…
Remember last week I spoke to one of Damien’s teachers who told me he was concerned about Damien and maybe he should be in another school and so on. He also suggested a school… a private school that’s close to his current school in fact.
I eventually got hold of the educational psychologist whose number he gave me. He had spoken to her briefly about Damien, so she knew who I was- I do think I surprised her just a wee bit; I was using big words like “Modified Conners Rating Scale” and “Occupational Therapy” and “Speech Therapy” and “Independent IQ Tests” and “Monthly Psychotherapy” and “Monthly Doctors Visits With Medication Analysis” and “Private School”, specifically so that she’d understand that I do know Damien’s diagnosis and that he is being treated and that his school hassles are not new to me!
Maybe it was just my big ego getting in the way of my hearing… but she sounded surprised at how much Damien has already done since he was diagnosed NINE YEARS AGO! So many times I’ve spoken to someone new and they immediately want to diagnose Damien and suggest treatment and and and… it really frustrates the crap out of me- they jump to conclusions before you’ve even had a chance to speak!
Got a little off topic here… mini-vent… sorry.
Anyhoo, about the school- it is indeed a private high school offering remedial facilities, but its an Afrikaans school- and as bilingual as Damien is, actually learning in Afrikaans would make things that much harder for him.
Yesterday was also our monthly visit to Damien’s psych. He’s a really nice guy and I think Damien likes him too- which puts me at ease a little because maybe he’ll talk to this guy if he doesn’t want to talk to me. We spoke about Damien having hassles at school, and how- despite everything his teachers are prepared to do- its not enough. He also suggested changing schools… there’s no doubt in my mind that a small class environment would suit Damien a lot better- but I so wish “things could come right” where he is now.
There are several private schools where I live, and several Christian schools as well- the problem with the Christian schools is that most of them are not registered with the department of education, which means a qualification from them would not be recognised everywhere. The regular private schools are mostly very academically driven- and there’s where Damien battles… I doubt he’d even pass the entrance exams!! A lot of them are also hesitant to take on kids with ADD/ADHD…
So it’s back to the drawing board- trying to find the right school- and quickly because August is registration time!


I got this from an e-mail support group I belong to- a group of parents I would not have survived the last year without- and apart from the hitting and biting (Damien never did that to me) it could have been written about myself and my darling ADHDer Damien!

You’ve seen me before.
I’m the mom dragging her kid out of the car in the school parking lot while he holds on to the interior for dear life.
I’m the mom walking her kid into school wearing no shoes or coat when it’s 12 degrees outside.
I’m the mom who issues a sigh instead of a gasp when caller ID shows it’s the school calling.
I’m the mom whose cell phone number is on the school’s speed dial.
I’m the mom who has strangers tell her she has the most charming son while caregivers tell her he’s exhausting and suggest I look elsewhere for care.
I’m the mom who knows to hold onto the stair railing so she doesn’t get pushed down the stairs in her child’s rage.
I’m the mom who has put her kid in his room then sat outside crying while he emptied his closet and threw hangers at the door, chipping off the paint.
I’m the mom who had a lock on her kid’s bedroom door to keep him in his room at night when he was young.
I’m the mom who knows the best way to carry a 50 lb kid in a manner where she can’t get kicked, hit or bit.
I’m the mom who can turn her back for 2 seconds and lose her kid in a hotel, on a cruise ship, at the park, or anywhere that child abductors might be lurking.
I’m the mom who will let her 6 year old go into the men’s bathroom at McDonalds alone rather than suffer a meltdown of epic proportions.
I’m the mom who people shake their heads at and say, “That kid wouldn’t be doing that if he were my son”, or “that kid just needs a swift kick in the pants”.
On the other hand, I’m the mom who gets bear hugs and “I love you” with no prompting and right out of the blue.
I’m the mom who gets asked at bedtime, “Will you share some special time with me tonight?”
I’m the mom who has a little boy hugging and kissing her with total abandon – in front of his friends.
I’m the mom who smiles proudly as her son charms the waitress, the mailman and the pizza delivery kid.
I’m the mom who gets to celebrate even the tiniest accomplishments of her son because each one means so much.
I’m the mom who has a son who can make her double over laughing because he has such a great sense of humor.
And I’m the mom who can love her son through good and bad unconditionally.
I’m the mom with an ADHD son.
By Michelle Flood (Mom to Austin, 6)

Two large Cokes and a light-saber please.

Woo Hoo!

Excitement reigns in our little household! My son (a fanatic) and I (a fan) have been awaiting Episode III of the Star Wars epic for about a year! It finally opened LAST Friday and we are going to watch it THIS Friday (which also happens to be payday for me.) I have always been a
sci-fi movie fan (the Alien series being at the top of my list) but as EVERYONE surely knows, Star Wars is special.

I can clearly remember watching it for the first time – absolutely spellbound – at my cousin’s house on one of their birthdays when I was about ten years old. I can even remember how flabbergasted my cousins were that I didn’t know Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and the mostly
indecipherable Wookie intimately! I am unashamed to admit it, I was well and truly hooked. And I didn’t even have to try very hard to turn my son into an addict as well.

A few years ago I found the first 3 movies in a set (after they were re-launched on the big screen and before Episode I came out) and since then my son has watched them over and over and over again. So much so that the boxes the videos came in are starting to fall apart! He can
recite certain parts almost verbatim and he mastered ‘Yoda-speak’ and ‘Jar Jar-speak’ ages ago! Now we have made it our mission to see as many of the sci-fi movies on the big screen as our budget will allow and we have been planning this particular outing for many months.

I’ll let you have our review of Star Wars Episode III next week!

Oh, by the way, I also love vampire movies but that’s another posting (or maybe six) all on its own.