A #GirlfriendsGetaway With @NocturnalWenchy And @sterkinekor At @RosebankTheZone

Last week I got to have a Girlfriends’ Getaway with Ster Kinekor thanks to the ever fabulous Nocturnal Wenchy! We were joined by several social media users of the female persuasion including Jenty, and it was really cool to be able to catch up a little. Girlfriends’ Getaway is for girls … Continue reading

You Must See @showtime_sa’s @cirque_eloize!

My Glugster and I were privileged last week, to attend the media and VIP performance of Cirque Éloize iD at Montecasino’s Teatro. As we arrived and I fetched my press pack, I heard someone say “Barry’s just arrived…” and turned around to see none other than Barry Ronge! 😀 I’m usually terrible … Continue reading

The @TsogoSun #SunCares Diepsloot Schools Arts Academy Showcase

If you think back on your school career- and your children’s school career, I’m sure your memories include countless concerts and speech festivals! Probably starting in nursery school! I remember rehearsals during and after school, late nights performing, costumes made and/or rented, tickets sold, seats booked, sitting through seemingly endless song and … Continue reading

A Bloggers #GRCExp at @GoldReefCitySA – Parker’s

Did you know there was a Parker’s at Gold Reef City’s Casino Hotel? We didn’t, not till we got there and were told we’d be seeing a show! When we walked out of Parker’s, I actually had sore tummy muscles and a headache from laughing! It was some line-up let … Continue reading