My Sweetheart Loves Me

He knows me so well…

In December he bought me a 120m roll of baking paper which makes my life so much easier, and he buys me 2kg bottles of Dill pickles to snack on even though he doesn’t like them!


And this week he put a door on our en-suite bathroom!


Today marks the 7th anniversary of the night I met and fell in love with my Glugster. What was supposed to be a blogger meetup to put a real person to the online person I had become friends with, became a date very quickly.

Two weeks later, he met my daddy darling and my brother on Christmas Day, and I announced to the world that I got a boyfriend for Christmas.
I’d been single and a single mom for so long that my mom and my gran actually cried…


Now he is my husband.
He’s my best friend, my lover, my sounding board, my cheerleader, my advisor, and my co-parent.
He’s my first call, my first thought, my next of kin.

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He listens to me and he loves me, even when I start a sentence in the middle of a thought and he has no idea what I’m talking about. He records TV shows he knows I’ll like, even if he’s not interested in seeing them.
He surprises me with little things that he knows I love, and if I asked him he wouldn’t hesitate to go and get me an ice cream in the middle of the night!

The night we met, when we came back down to earth, we had the wait staff standing at the door of the restaurant and all the chairs and tables stacked around us! We were completely oblivious to everything and everyone but each other and it was going on 2am!
It was amazing! I could hardly wait to see him again, and then I put the poor man through the wringer for a few months ‘coz I didn’t think I could handle parenting my son and a relationship, but he wouldn’t let me go.
And tonight, he’s taking me back to that restaurant!

I love you babe. With all my heart. Here’s to seven HUNDRED more!

A Blindfolded Eye Opener

On Saturday my Glugster and I attended a Puppy Raiser Social at the SA Guide-dogs Association’s Gladys Evans Training Centre in JHB.
These socials are an opportunity for puppy raisers and brood stock holders with pups of all ages to meet each other and meet members of the training staff.
There is time for socialising, refreshments are provided and they include an activity or talk that is either informative or fun (they usually try to make it both).

For Saturday’s two hour social, we were surprised with blindfold masks and then we were escorted across the training lawn to the GDA’s College of Orientation and Mobility hall.

There we were assisted to a seat – exactly they way they would help a visually impaired person – and then shown that there was a knife, fork, cup, spoon and serviette set out on the table in front of us.
And just a note here – the following pictures (except the first one in this gallery) I took while I was blindfolded because I couldn’t NOT take any pictures!

Once everyone was seated the GDA staff walked around pouring fruit juice and then served food and we were informed where the food was on the plate – rice at 2 o’clock, quiche at 6 o’clock and veggies at 9 o’clock – and, still blindfolded, we were invited to eat!


Plates were cleared away (with many people not even sure if they’d finished eating) and dessert was served. A couple of slices of tinned peaches on a plate are tricky to find without using your fingers!

All of this was done under blindfold, with us having to keep control of our puppies-in-training at the same time!
Wendal was an absolute superstar, and having been under formal training for a few months already he was as good as gold, lying at my feet.
My Glugster had a bit of a harder time than me, having offered to look after almost 16 week old puppy-in-training Ash whilst her mommy was busy. She is very well trained already, but there was another young pup under the table next to her so they weren’t quite as chilled as Wendal was.


Executive Director Gail spoke to the Puppy Raisers afterwards and explained why the pups knowing to sit quietly at a table whilst people are eating is so important.
The social was certainly an “eye opener” for many puppy raisers!

Now you know what we did, let me try to tell you how I felt…

Firstly, I have a deep and intense connection to my camera (and my phone of course), and not being able to take pictures and tweet what we were doing was immensely frustrating!
Is that ridiculous or what!?
I found myself racking my brain to try and think how I was going to access the apps on my touchscreen Samsung S4 if I couldn’t see the screen!!

Walking across the lawn under blindfold was strange… I know the property so I knew where we were going, but it felt to me like we were walking in a circle to the right! I battled not to try and steer my guide by yanking on his arm as we walked!
Once we reached our destination he guided me to a seat and then I realised I didn’t know where my husband was or who was sitting next to me! Was it a round table or a square table?! Was my handbag going to be okay under my seat!? And reaching out to see if there was someone in the seats next to me was a little tricky as I didn’t want to grab someones boob or smack someone in the face!
And the noise! I battle to filter out background noise under normal circumstances and without my eyes I was even more aware of the voices around me! Thankfully they seated my Glugs almost opposite me at what I realised was a long table, and I heard a voice I recognised a few chairs down from me, but there was not a lot of conversation… Without eye contact its very hard to initiate small talk so I found myself talking to my husband, who was not quite a metre away from me at the table but it felt like a mile!

At the start of the little luncheon I handed my camera to one of the Guide Dog trainers and she took a few pictures of the seated guests for me, and then she got busy so I had to either not get any pictures or make another plan, so without removing my blindfold – which was incredibly tempting – I remembered how to unlock the screen and turn on the camera, and held thumbs!

We were blindfolded for maybe an hour, and it felt a lot longer. I kept catching myself trying to look past my blindfold, as if I was just holding something in front of my face and turning my head a little to the left or right would fix it. Let me tell you, it took considerable concentration to not simply remove the blindfold, like you would brush your hair back out of your face.

Once I found my cutlery – with the aid of the GDA staff member who had seated me – I kept touching it as if I was expecting to forget where it was or someone was going to take it away!
Eating the food on my plate was tricky – I couldn’t tell if there was anything on my fork and I kept turning my fork upside down and getting nothing on it! And I couldn’t see how big a piece of the quiche I was cutting so I got almost the whole thing in my mouth!
I tried using my fingers to see if there was any food left on my plate, but I also wanted to be polite and not make a mess!
Dessert was two slices of tinned peaches on a plate, and lemme tell you bunnies – that shit is slippery!! I resorted to using a finger to hold a piece while I cut it with my spoon and I managed to eat it, but I got sticky fingers in the process!

I was terrified I was going to knock my cup over, and I was quite sure I would spill food on my shirt and in my lap!

It was an eye opener and a half, excuse the pun. It was fun and a little scary. It made me think differently and I learned a lesson or two.

You Must See @showtime_sa’s @cirque_eloize!

My Glugster and I were privileged last week, to attend the media and VIP performance of

Cirque Éloize iD

at Montecasino’s Teatro.


As we arrived and I fetched my press pack, I heard someone say “Barry’s just arrived…” and turned around to see none other than Barry Ronge! 😀
I’m usually terrible at recognising faces, but as the auditorium started filling up I saw SO MANY FAMOUS FACES! I was really glad when the show started and the lights went down and I could stop playing lookee-loo!
So just ‘coz I CAN do a whole lot of name dropping from last Wednesday’s performance – before I tell you about the actual show – here goes… I had a lovely chat with Barry Ronge after I went up and introduced myself, I had my picture taken with Cito, Ilze Klink and Emmanuel Castis (and went totally fan girl when I was speaking to Cito). Alex Jay got hauled on stage and we spotted Gugu Zulu, Anne Power, JJ Schoeman (whom I have met before), Timothy Moloi, Carol Manana… I could go on but you know how I hate to brag. 😛

And now onto the show.
I’d seen a snippet on YouTube, so I knew it was nothing I’d ever seen before, but it went WAAAY beyond incredible. My hands were literally sore from clapping when we left!
Could you imagine a contortionist and a break dancer dancing together!? It so worked!

ID Cirque Eloize

20140820_CirqueEloize_ID_ContortionDuo2And could you imagine a woman on a ribbon trapeze, performing with an inline skater?!! It was so beautiful, so fluid…
Guys on a pole, trampolining on and off a wall, a juggler, a guy on a stunt bicycle, a girl in a hoop… It was mesmerising!

The show has beauty and artistry for the ladies in the audience, and it has the absolute cool factor for the men!

Cirque Éloize’s dazzling and energetic show entitled “iD” started in South Africa for the very first time at the Teatro at Montecasino on Tuesday, 19 August. Showtime Management, SA promoters of this unique visual spectacular that combines contemporary circus arts and urban dance announced the show is extending by a week to accommodate public demand.
“iD” must close on 14 September.  
With a limited season of only four weeks, patrons are encouraged to book now to avoid disappointment.
Its a dance fuelled adrenaline rush. Get ready to be blown away by the pulsating and captivating performances that make Cirque Éloize iD the not to be missed family entertainment happening of the year. Hurry, book now at Computicket. Special family packages available via Computicket. For Montecasino Group Hospitality and Show and Stay Packages please dial telephone 011 367 4250



Teatro at Montecasino

From 19 August until 14 September 2014

No Monday shows
Tuesday to Saturday @ 20h00
Saturday @ 15h00
Sunday 14h00 and 18h00[GP1]

TuesdayWednesdayThursday @ 20h00 & Sunday @ 18h00:
R120, R150, R250, R350
Friday @ 20h00Saturday @ 15h00 and 20h00 and Sunday @ 14h00:
R150, R200, R300, R400

Family Package (4 to 6): R300.00 per ticket
Valid Tue – Thu at 20h00 & Sun at 18h00 – Top Price Only
Only available at Computicket stores or the call centre on 083 915 8000

50% Discount on top price only – subject to availability
TuesdayWednesday and Thursday 8pm performances ONLY. Available after 2pm on the day of the performance.
Part-time and full-time students, including visiting international students. Student must be present with their student card. One show ticket only per valid card that must have a recognisable original photograph. Only available at the Teatro/Montecasino Box Office.

Computicket by calling 0861 915 8000 / 011 340 8000, visit or visit your nearest Computicket service centre.

Strictly Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ONLY
Contact: Beth McKey
Landline: 011 476 5456
Cell: 073 321 2191

Cirque Éloize iD:
Showtime Management:
Follow Cirque Éloize iD on Twitter @showtime_SA and @cirque_eloize and find Showtime Management on Facebook http://Facebook/showtimemanagementsa

~~As per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state that whilst I was gifted two tickets to the show I was not asked or paid to blog or tweet about the show. I must also say a big thank you to Showtime and Montecasino for giving me two tickets to the show, which meant I could take my sweetheart with me!~~

Ugh… Insurance…

We finally found a jeweller that stocks Donna Mia Jewellery to get a quote on replacing mine.

And we’ve decided that instead of attempting to replace ALL my precious rings and costume jewellery we just asked the same jeweller to quote on a necklace and ring along with the bracelet.

This whole process of having to get our own quotes is taking too bloody long and we’ve given up trying to find a place to quote on replacing my Glugster’s clothes.

And my beloved bracelet was one of the MANY things stolen when they burgled us and every day I remember another thing that was in my jewellery box that is now gone.
My wedding earrings…
My umbrella earrings from Snowgoose…
My amethyst ring from my Glugster…
My silver ring with my name on it…
My collection of cupcake earrings…
My cupcake necklace from Shebee & Jon…
My infinity sign earrings from Sweets…
My bead and enamel “dragon” necklace from my mommy darling…

Another thing in my jewellery box was an apple pendant on a silk rope. Years ago my Glugster and I bought matching pendants for myself, sister B, sister C and my mommy darling on a special offer from Jenna Clifford, and we often wore them at the same time – without any planning.
Anyhoodle, mine was gone and when I lamented the fact to them one day my mommy darling went and fetched hers and gave it to me. So now my sisters and I still have matching pendants!
Isn’t that just awesome of my mommy darling!

As for the laptops, hard drives and the phone we have those quotes already sorted, and the TV was replaced by Teljoy as it was a rental.