Minor Crisis Slash Panic Attack Averted!

Whew… Breathing a HUUUUGE sigh of relief!
I am transferring data from my old notebook to my new one and backing things up and reloading programs and applications and and and… its taken me two full days! And I have a major workload to deal with too.
So tonight- I’m labelling my backup discs, with photos and such on, when I discover there’re a few recent sets of photos “missing”. I have some copies stashed- for digiscrapping- but they’re small versions and its not all of them.
I’m swearing and testing CDs and opening and closing MS Explorer and talking to Glugs while I do it and I’m getting SERIOUSLY pissed off with myself about not double checking before I delete…
And twenty minutes later I find them on my new machine! All of them! I took them straight from the old notebook to the new one- I didn’t put them on CD!!!
I called the Glugster to let him know… sheepishly giggling at myself while I did so, but immensely relieved that I hadn’t actually lost anything.
I swear I am the queen of over reaction!!!

PS I am still having fun (not) with my 3G connection- but it has allowed me intermittent access tonight… so I at least managed to visit a few blogs I haven’t been able to read. But I’m still waaaaaaay behind…

Death To Spambots And Other Weekend News…

Today is mine and the Glugster’s second monthiversary! Sheesh can you believe how time flies bunnies!!! In truth- it feels much longer. And without getting too lewd and lascivious… let me just say that I can NOT get enough of him!!! And yes I know its still early days… but I’m loving it!

On Saturday Glugs and I were exceptionally lazy… we napped and snacked and watched TV all day. Damien had his PS2 with him and played “Ghostrider” all weekend! Heavenly… then yesterday we went to braai at my sister C’s place with da Bruvva and my nephew N. The Glugster got a chicken tour of a difference in seeing sister C’s significant other’s show roosters… we ate really well, and went up to the horse slash game farm where Damien and I used to ride to say goodbye to our old “friends”, and of course there are pictures that I’ll post later.

And I must just warn you all- I am AGAIN having connection crap at home so I am SO very behind on my reading and commenting… and VodaKak is blaming everything from EsKak to the rain for my troubles without actually helping me with anything. I miss you all dreadfully and I’ll get back up to speed as soon as I can!! There’s good news too- I am getting a new laptop!!! An awesomely spectacularly yummy HP Pavilion dv9500!!! I had my grubby little paws on it this morning and I’ll be spending the next week or so installing drivers and programs and all that fun stuff. I had a minor panic attack when I discovered my new toy had an express card slot i.s.o. a datacard slot- but I am due to upgrade and renew my 3G account at the end of February so I’ll be getting an expresscard with my upgrade. I’m also busy transferring data off of my current notebook to make sure I don’t lose anything.

In other news- believe it or not- my BLOG was being spammed bunnies!!! Anyone notice the freaky posts that appeared this morning (thanx for the head’s up babe…)? You see, Blogger gives you the option to email posts and pictures and even videos straight to your blog- and I have been using this option for well over two years as my client’s server doesn’t always allow me access to my blog. Then last week I noticed a freaky post or two saved as drafts on my nephew’s blog. I deleted them, thinking maybe one of the other contributors to his fan club had sent them by accident. Then I got an odd post on my own blog, which I deleted thinking it may be spam, but not worrying about it terribly. And then this morning the dreaded spambots struck again. TWO spam posts!!! I deleted both, and I have now changed the email address I use to post via email. But I’m going to keep an eye on it as this is now clearly not as “safe” an option as it used to be…

My granny darling is out of surgery and into ICU… there’s still a looong recovery road ahead of her- but so far it seems as if everything went well.

Some Stuff I Keep Wanting To Mention…

Yes, Damien and I had a fight for breakfast this morning again. Yes- it was over the fucking school golf shirt again. The PITA knows exactly how to push my buttons and this morning he managed to reduce me to tears for the first time in a loooong time. I would so love to be at home in bed right now. I don’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone. And last night I was with Glugs- who is helping me with work stuff and it was so nice…
So yes- Damien and I are not speaking AGAIN. I am determined- as much as I hate it- not to be the one to give in and be nice to him just because he’s in a good mood when I get home this afternoon. NO ONE on this planet should think its okay to talk to me the way he does.
Oh, and check out the new poll if you’d like.

Anyhoodle, on a different (happier?) note, I’ve been having some freaky dreams of late. And it’s even freakier in that I seldom remember my dreams in the first place!
Just the night before last I dreamt I’d won a Ferrari Enzo to drive for six months! I was cruising my neighbourhood merrily- I knew exactly how to drive it as soon as I got in! I even dreamt one of my client’s staff went for a spin with me.
The other dreams I’ve been having for a while revolve around pregnancy and having babies. Now these freak me out totally bunnies! I really do not want to have any more children, and I am on the pill, and I dunno if these dreams are more because of a subconscious fear of falling pregnant or because of something else. One of my dreams was of Glugs’ ex wife standing at his bedroom door yelling at me while waving a pregnancy test around!
I told you they were weird…

Then there’s a beggar I see everyday that I’ve been dying to tell you all about! In Sowff Effrikuh, every single traffic light intersection has a beggar and several vendors. You can just about do your grocery shopping on the way to work!!! Anyhoodle- there’s one beggar I need to tell you about in particular.
Side note- I am one of those people who do NOT give money to beggars. Firstly because it is illegal for them to be begging and/ or vending; and secondly because I am totally skeptical about what they’re going to use the money for.
The beggar I want to tell you about turned up about 2 years ago if I’m not mistaken. He’s a tall skinny guy and he had his right leg in a cast to his knee. He was on crutches, and his little hand written cardboard sign said “BROKEN LEG, NO JOB, PLEASE HELP”… or some such, I can’t remember exactly. Now being the miserable, miserly skeptic that I am, I was curious as to how long the cast would stay on his leg. And since I drive past him to work everyday I could check him out everyday. No worries, it came off in a few weeks. He didn’t leave his new pozzie though- and he never got rid of his crutches. And no, I still didn’t give him any money. Then last week- he’s in his usual spot- this time his right leg has a shiny, new, very white cast on it- to his crotch this time!!! I reckon I’m justifiably skeptimistic (to use my BIL’s terminology)?

Ooh and I saw a beige Lotus Exige yesterday morning- crappy colour but a nice car… that gave me a little thrill.
And I saw a red Ferrari Modena last weekend. It went flying past Glugs and I on the highway. Glugs laughed at me ‘coz I got goosebumps! Sadly we couldn’t catch it.

Can you tell I’m trying to get my mind off of my daily Damien drama?

So What Have We Been Up To?

Well on the weekend past our original intension, after a busy few weekends, was to stay home and do nothing. To “cave” as I like to call it. This means no phones, no gallivanting, and no visitors. Then Damien invited his buddy J over for the weekend, and that made me happy because the two of them can keep each other busy.

It started with a scrap-booking lesson at my mommy darling’s place on Friday night. I learnt a few new tricks and I liked the page I did- but I was disappointed at not being able to buy all the lovely scrap-booking toys that were on offer! Snazzy punches and sexy, wiggly paper cutters and such… I hate not having money for such stuff.


I then picked up Damien and his buddy and we went through to Glugster’s place.

Damien and J pretty much rearranged Glugster’s living room in order to play PS2, and he and I went straight to bed after a shower and a long hot bubble bath! Divine.

Saturday morning the evil puppies arrived for the weekend, and after sleeping late, Glugs said he felt like doing something.

There’s one way Glugs and I differ bunnies, I can quite happily spend an entire weekend in bed watching TV and napping and snacking- he likes to go out and do something. And we had a lovely time too. Damien and J opted to stay home and swim and Glugs and I found a zoo right near his house!!! I filled my camera’s memory card for the first time since I can’t remember when while we strolled around the little zoo (you can check out my photoblog of course) and then Saturday evening we watched “Wild Hogs”. On Sunday we slept late again, and then went looking for a snake park that sadly no longer exists. We went to see the Lipizzaners instead. While we missed the weekend show which happens in the morning, we strolled around the stables anyway and I photographed the horses. And kissing and cuddling the gawjiss stallions gave me hay fever so we quickly went home so I could get some antihistamines! Then we took the boys to a nursery for a late lunch and much to their delight there was a reptile exotic pet shop at the nursery (there are yet more pictures on my photoblog, big surprise, teehee)!

Monday was hectic as I misjudged the traffic badly! I got the boys to school on time but I was a little late for work. And I didn’t feel like working. And I left my “doggy bag” of Sunday’s lunch in Glugster’s fridge so by 11am I was so hungry I was nauseous!!!

And I burped!!! It was a little one- but a burp nonetheless- and the first one since my op in September 2006!!! My colleagues laughed their heads off at me phoning and texting friends and family to tell them!!!

Monday evening was spent celebrating my nephew M’s 15th birthday. Wow. I cannot believe he’s 15 already. He’s my eldest godson, taller than me and so good looking! Cake and tea with all the cousins, yummy!

This morning started like most days do… if you could hear the way Damien speaks to me you’d swear I kicked him awake every day! First he lost the plot when I refused to give him money for lunch. Thereafter he put his earphones in and pretended he couldn’t hear me unless I yelled loud enough for the neighbours to hear me! Then he wasn’t wearing his school golf shirt, and we argued about that as the school rules require they wear it every day. So he stomped around because I had instructed him to wear it. Then, as true as nuts, when we were halfway to his lift to school I noticed he wasn’t wearing his golf shirt!!! We had a brief discussion in the car over the fact that he wasn’t wearing it and he stated plain and simply that he did “feel like it” which was when I turned the car around and sent him back to the flat to fetch it. Then when he got out the car to catch his ride he left it behind and threw a mini-tantrum when I called him back to fetch it!

Fucking hell.

I’m not exaggerating bunnies, really.

I am so sick and tired of his crap it’s not fargin funny anymore bunnies.

The result of course is that we both start our day in a bad mood.

Maybe I should try kicking him to wake him up- then he’ll have a reason to be such a PITA every fucking morning.