Who Is Angel


I am a wife, mom, cupcake maven, guide dog puppy raiser, blogger, dog lover, wannabe geek, ADHD champion, wedding planner, and tattooed cat slave.
I have a grownup son, known here as “The Knucklehead” and whilst I raised him as a single mom, I am now married to a wonderful man whom I adore.

Whilst I am dedicated to only a few causes and I actively work to support them, I bake for a living and my interests are many and varied – from motor racing to dog behaviour!

I blog mostly for me, and I hope that by doing so, others may gain from my experiences and mistakes.

I will write the occasional password protected post, and if I do- you’re more than welcome to ask for the password. Whether I share the password depends entirely on who is asking and what the post is about, so ask away.

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