Oh the joys of mommy-dom!

Well, anticipation fast turned to disappointment on Friday night when Damien and I set off for our nearest shopping centre to see Star Wars Episode III, only to discover that it wasn’t showing at this particular chain of movie theatres! So, off we went to the internet cafĂ© around the corner to see if any of the other shopping centres nearby were showing it. Unfortunately, the one that did have it was just a little further away than I was prepared to drive – I also knew it would be horribly over-full on payday Friday. So Damien and I decided to see it on Saturday morning at the aforementioned over-full shopping centre. Instead we went to Steers and then went home and got some videos to make up for our disappointment. I must stress again just how excited we were so that you can understand our almost total dejection. We are both HUGE Star Wars fans (not fanatics mind you – we don’t own all the movie “stuff” or talk funny, we just watch the movies* over and over again… ok weird enough), and in the week after Episode III was launched, Damien re-watched ALL five of the previous movies – each one at least twice.
And then* disaster struck! My mother’s maid arrived early on Saturday morning to help me out with the housework (my pet hate) and then nearly left when she saw Damien’s room!!!!! Damien’s room, and the generally untidy state of it, is a constant bone of contention in our lives. For the preceding week (at LEAST) we had been arguing about the state it was in, and on Saturday morning I told him that if he didn’t sort it out enough for the maid to do her thing, we weren’t going to go see Star Wars.
I should have known better.
With Damien, one of the few punishments that “work” is grounding, or privileges being revoked, both for only short periods of time otherwise we both forget about it. Unfortunately, when he is grounded (or his privileges are revoked) then – me being the mommy – I am too!
And now, as I sit here typing this (watching Taxi blink groggily at me after my cell phone woke him up) on Sunday night, it struck me that having postponed the movie for a week – providing Damien can keep his room tidy – we may never actually get to see it on the big screen! You see, that’s just how our lives are. I can’t just ignore the punishment and go to see the movie anyway. Naturally that just defeats the object of the lesson, and – I admit it – I suffer from what I have started calling SMS (single-mom-syndrome) and one of the symptoms is that when I have money I have a hard time NOT spoiling my baby. And Damien is all but incapable of keeping his end of deals like this one, even when the reward is something he REALLY wants. The ONLY way I will ever keep his room tidy is to empty it completely and pawn all his stuff, or do it myself.
I am beginning to think that certain behaviours are related purely to the male chromosomes. Like the clichĂ© about men being incapable of putting dirty washing in the washing basket – despite the basket being 2 inches from where they just dropped their dirty clothes. Or like always remembering to lift the toilet seat and I don’t even mind it being permanently up! And it’s not like he has anyone to copy these bad habits from either.
Anyway, after sherry and homemade soup at my folk’s house, and using their washing machine ‘coz mine is STILL broken, my brother, sister in law and myself watched the European F1 (a better day for Ferrari than the last few races). I wish you could see how excited my 10 month old nephew gets when he sees motor racing on TV!
Till next time, goo’night.
The only mystery about the cat is why it ever decided to become a domestic animal ~ Compton Mackenzie.

Two large Cokes and a light-saber please.

Woo Hoo!

Excitement reigns in our little household! My son (a fanatic) and I (a fan) have been awaiting Episode III of the Star Wars epic for about a year! It finally opened LAST Friday and we are going to watch it THIS Friday (which also happens to be payday for me.) I have always been a
sci-fi movie fan (the Alien series being at the top of my list) but as EVERYONE surely knows, Star Wars is special.

I can clearly remember watching it for the first time – absolutely spellbound – at my cousin’s house on one of their birthdays when I was about ten years old. I can even remember how flabbergasted my cousins were that I didn’t know Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and the mostly
indecipherable Wookie intimately! I am unashamed to admit it, I was well and truly hooked. And I didn’t even have to try very hard to turn my son into an addict as well.

A few years ago I found the first 3 movies in a set (after they were re-launched on the big screen and before Episode I came out) and since then my son has watched them over and over and over again. So much so that the boxes the videos came in are starting to fall apart! He can
recite certain parts almost verbatim and he mastered ‘Yoda-speak’ and ‘Jar Jar-speak’ ages ago! Now we have made it our mission to see as many of the sci-fi movies on the big screen as our budget will allow and we have been planning this particular outing for many months.

I’ll let you have our review of Star Wars Episode III next week!

Oh, by the way, I also love vampire movies but that’s another posting (or maybe six) all on its own.


i nearly forgot!

I can’t believe I told you all that stuff about me yesterday without mentioning the two black, um, beings to whom I am enslaved. They have me so well trained that I lift my duvet in my sleep for them to climb in the bed with me. I go weak at the knees if one of them so much as brushes against me when they go past. I go running at the slightest jingle of a little bell. I must be honest- most of the time they ignore me, they’re happy as long as I clean up after, shop for & feed them. The rewards are few and highly sought after and any slip ups are loudly protested. And incredibly, despite everything, I spoil them rotten every chance I get.
Have you guessed?
Hello, my name is Angel and I am a hopeless cat slave.
Have you ever heard the saying: “dogs have masters, cats have slaves”? Oh, it is SO true.
My two furry babies are Greebo, who will be two in November, and Taxi who is almost one. Greebo is all black except for a white tip to his tail and yellow eyes and Taxi is all black with orange eyes. Greebo is a Siamese cross and like most Siamese, almost every movement is accompanied by a sound. He is sleek; beautiful; highly intelligent (he opens all my cupboards so all the kitty snacks have to be locked away) and he is a chicken. Thunder,strangers, and when family popping in will send him scurrying to into my bedroom cupboard until they’ve gone. His favourite sleeping place is on one of the armchairs in the lounge. Taxi occupies on the other one. Taxi is so named because when he was rescued as a kitten, he had white fluff on the front of his ears and when he looked at you it looked like he had headlights. He is going to be bigger than Greebo and he is a lot braver than Greebo. I’m unsure of Taxi’s lineage and unlike Greebo he has no voice- the loudest he can manage is a squeak. He’s also a bit of a bully and one of his favourite stunts is kicking Greebo off of whatever he is lying on so that he can have the warm spot. He also gobbles his food down and then eats whatever Greebo hasn’t finished yet. Thanks to Taxi I regularly walk around with plasters on my fingers because he has mastered the art of the sneak attack. He likes nothing better than to go flying up over the foot of my bed to grab my hands while I’m reading.
When I first considered getting a cat, I researched it for several weeks before making up my mind because I live on the second floor of a block of flats. Since I can’t leave my door open all day while I’m at work a cat has no way in or out of my flat and if I got a cat it would have to be purely a “window watcher”- I wanted to know what the experts say. Turns out cats can be completely happy as long as they’re kept busy.
I have trained both of them to sit, wave and stand up on their hind legs for food and treats, “cats can be trained?” I hear you exclaim. Yup, and I wish you could see it!
When Greebo was still tiny I started training him to walk on a leash. No, don’t laugh, i got a light small harness and leash and it took him just ten minutes a day over three days to get used to the harness and by the end of the week he was walking on the leash. I trained Taxi too. Then I bought them each a very snazzy leash and harness set (spending money on cats- gee, what next?!). I take them for walks outside but make no mistake- it’s not like walking a dog; you go where kitty wants to go- be it two metres from the front door or all the way down to the lawn. Leashes also make vet visits sooo much easier.
Cats could have ruled the universe, but couldn’t be bothered* Paul Gray

my first real posting

I thought I’d use my first ‘proper’ posting to tell you a little about who and what I am, and where I come from, so that anything else I write will at least make a little bit of sense.
I am 31 years old (gasp!) Oh the horror of seeing it written down!
I am a single mom to a gorgeous 14 year old son named Damien (ja, ok, you do the math). He is the centre of my universe. Hopefully one day he’ll be my legacy too. He is currently in his final year of Primary School and he has done his entrance exams and been accepted at the high school of his choice. He is incredibly artistic and also does gymnastics. He wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up.
I am a Ferrari fan and an avid F1 watcher/ analyzer/ fanatic/ critic (pick one, they all fit). My favourite drivers are Senna, Montoya & Alonso.
I read Terry Pratchett (I have almost the whole collection of Discworld stories in paperback), Anne Rice (almost all hers in paperback too), Patricia Cornwell, Steven King and Dean Koontz.
I also LOOOOVE live music* almost anything live is fabulous! My CD collection spans everything from Glen Miller to Metallica with some Anastacia and Wonderboom thrown in for good measure, you’ll also find Beeskraal, Sting and classical music.
I have a Bridal magazine addiction which is kinda under control and I am currently reading FHM, although I think I may be switching to Top Billing soon.
I thrive on good red wine, fast food, and my last cigarette was just over a year ago (NB: I didn’t stop ‘coz I wanted to – I stopped ‘coz I had to and I’m too scared to start again).
I am lucky enough to come from a big, close knit family where I am the eldest of four children. I have two sisters – one married with three kids, the other divorced, and a brother – married with a baby boy. That’s a total of three sisters, two brothers, four nephews, thirteen cousins (one still on its way) and four godchildren, only one of my nephews is a god child, the others spring from various sources… but more on them all later.
My parents are happily married after almost 32 years – even happier now that all of us kids are out of the house. They worry about us and bail us out when we need a hand now and then (sometimes more ‘now’ than ‘then’). They set a tough example – it’s like they’re dating again. They go out to the movies; meet for coffee; go away together on weekends – and a baby sitting request on a Friday night is a no-no except in an emergency, that’s their night.
I have a fabulous bunch of friends, mostly married with children but with a few single women thrown in for added flavour. When we socialize it is usually at one of our homes with the kids in tow. We have also established a monthly ‘movie club’ for us girls – the hostess picks the movie and the rest of us bring something to drink and some nibbly things. I’ll let you know how that progresses.
I look forward to telling you all about me & mine – I have always so loved an audience!

my first hello…

Well, well, well.
I can’t believe I finally have my own blog – I never even knew that was what it was called!
Hopefully my thoughts and opinions won’t prove entirely boring… i won’t say my life is a soap opera but…
Chat again soon!