i nearly forgot!

I can’t believe I told you all that stuff about me yesterday without mentioning the two black, um, beings to whom I am enslaved. They have me so well trained that I lift my duvet in my sleep for them to climb in the bed with me. I go weak at the knees if one of them so much as brushes against me when they go past. I go running at the slightest jingle of a little bell. I must be honest- most of the time they ignore me, they’re happy as long as I clean up after, shop for & feed them. The rewards are few and highly sought after and any slip ups are loudly protested. And incredibly, despite everything, I spoil them rotten every chance I get.
Have you guessed?
Hello, my name is Angel and I am a hopeless cat slave.
Have you ever heard the saying: “dogs have masters, cats have slaves”? Oh, it is SO true.
My two furry babies are Greebo, who will be two in November, and Taxi who is almost one. Greebo is all black except for a white tip to his tail and yellow eyes and Taxi is all black with orange eyes. Greebo is a Siamese cross and like most Siamese, almost every movement is accompanied by a sound. He is sleek; beautiful; highly intelligent (he opens all my cupboards so all the kitty snacks have to be locked away) and he is a chicken. Thunder,strangers, and when family popping in will send him scurrying to into my bedroom cupboard until they’ve gone. His favourite sleeping place is on one of the armchairs in the lounge. Taxi occupies on the other one. Taxi is so named because when he was rescued as a kitten, he had white fluff on the front of his ears and when he looked at you it looked like he had headlights. He is going to be bigger than Greebo and he is a lot braver than Greebo. I’m unsure of Taxi’s lineage and unlike Greebo he has no voice- the loudest he can manage is a squeak. He’s also a bit of a bully and one of his favourite stunts is kicking Greebo off of whatever he is lying on so that he can have the warm spot. He also gobbles his food down and then eats whatever Greebo hasn’t finished yet. Thanks to Taxi I regularly walk around with plasters on my fingers because he has mastered the art of the sneak attack. He likes nothing better than to go flying up over the foot of my bed to grab my hands while I’m reading.
When I first considered getting a cat, I researched it for several weeks before making up my mind because I live on the second floor of a block of flats. Since I can’t leave my door open all day while I’m at work a cat has no way in or out of my flat and if I got a cat it would have to be purely a “window watcher”- I wanted to know what the experts say. Turns out cats can be completely happy as long as they’re kept busy.
I have trained both of them to sit, wave and stand up on their hind legs for food and treats, “cats can be trained?” I hear you exclaim. Yup, and I wish you could see it!
When Greebo was still tiny I started training him to walk on a leash. No, don’t laugh, i got a light small harness and leash and it took him just ten minutes a day over three days to get used to the harness and by the end of the week he was walking on the leash. I trained Taxi too. Then I bought them each a very snazzy leash and harness set (spending money on cats- gee, what next?!). I take them for walks outside but make no mistake- it’s not like walking a dog; you go where kitty wants to go- be it two metres from the front door or all the way down to the lawn. Leashes also make vet visits sooo much easier.
Cats could have ruled the universe, but couldn’t be bothered* Paul Gray