Am I Just Another “SATC” Wannabe?

It’s my absolute all time favourite TV program. I mean, isn’t it everybody’s?
I have seen every episode of every season, and now I’m watching all the reruns– again. At some point in my life, I have been able to relate to all the girls, except to Charlotte, her I-just-want-to-find-‘the-one’-get-married-and-have-a-baby naiveté is fine on TV, but I don’t think I’ve ever been like that. I have definitely been a Samantha, and a Carrie, and a Miranda, I’d kill for their wardrobes, and occasionally for their lifestyles, of course that’s what made it so successful as a TV program. I bawled my eyes out and used half a box of tissues during the final episode.
My mom was never very impressed with it but I think maybe she and my dad just found it a little “too” for their taste (I think they watched an episode or two when I raved about it constantly). I have always wished I had a couple of girlfriends to visit and talk with like they do on SATC, but I think even some of my friends find ME a little “too” sometimes. And then of course, they’re all married or seriously involved. Admittedly I like the “limelight” and I love to shock people, but this country is still so very conservative– I mean, I get funny looks when I paint all my finger nails different colours, or wear a bandanna in public, and that’s not even a little bit shocking!
Oh, to discuss my latest read, my newest accessory acquisition (one of my addictions), my “goodie drawer,” my “conquests” (with appropriate nick-names of course) and even blogging with a couple of girls who will give me an honest answer and opinion to any question or suggestion…
But our conversation inevitably turns to our kids, to our kid’s achievements, our kid’s schools, our families and our jobs. It’s like we don’t exist as individuals anymore, like everything else falls by he wayside when you get married or have kids. And as much as I love my son, I do long to be just me sometimes. Our monthly ladies movie nights are great fun, but they’re not “ladies nights” as such, it’s just like our usual visits, just not with the kids actually in attendance. They’re there in every other way though.
Why do we put things (careers, hobbies, interests) off until later when we start a family, are we SUPPOSED to sacrifice everything that makes us who we are as individuals when we have our own families?

One thought on “Am I Just Another “SATC” Wannabe?

  1. So many questions in one post!
    I hear what you are saying… It is also a different world we live in, I think. Our lives revolve so much around driving to work, actually work, driving home, picking up children, getting dinner ready, and that is it…
    Notice how many times the most popular topic of conversation is traffic!
    Sigh… Wannabe SATC!

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