Damien’s Week

The knucklehead spent this week at “holiday school”, because- for obvious reasons- I can’t leave him home alone as much as I used to, and because I am a consultant I can’t take him to work with me like I used to*.

Well, much to his surprise, he thoroughly enjoyed himself! He was a little upset the first two days because someone had brought a bunch of pirate DVD’s to watch (more on his reasons for being upset next week), but he occupied himself anyway. On day three, I arrived to fetch him and the three adults who took it upon themselves to look after these children in the holidays (for a fee of course) had these huge smiles on their faces as they watched me walk towards them. I wondered what was up* then my son emerged from the class with his newest creations, he had made his own little “play place” of little huts made of sticks, fire places, pathways and walls using sand, grass, cardboard, stones and twigs. This is what he does, and as soon as I can I’ll post photos of them (he made more the next day & they all inter-connect on the pathways).

Understand, this is a child who went to holiday school with a bag full of JoJos, marbles, comics, whatever he was in the mood to take everyday, yet he will sit for hours building these things. He even makes aeroplanes out of ice cream sticks* it’s amazing that he can focus so intently on things he likes, but cannot bring himself to concentrate on maths!

Oh, I love my baby!

Next week- “the crime dilemma” as discussed in the car*

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  1. Maybe he is going to be an engineer? Or an architect?
    Dreams, sweet dreams about our most talented, most precious babies!

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