Our Weekend

Friday at work was ok, just ok. I wasn’t feeling too hot, haven’t been for a few weeks now. Every winter I get a form of flu/bronchitis that hangs on for a few months, this year it’s an annoying cough that does nothing but give me a headache and leave me in a general state of breathlessness. My version of the flu just varies in intensity from year to year, I’ve been hospitalised with pneumonia twice, and the look on Damien’s face when he saw me on a drip with oxygen masks and such the last time was my main (albeit guilty) inspiration to stop smoking. Admittedly I didn’t stop immediately, it took me a while, but it’s now been over a year since my last cigarette. And I really miss them* Anyhoo, I’m going off the main subject here. Friday night after work, I surprised Damien (and myself) by going straight to the nearest movie theatre and buying us tickets for “War Of The Worlds”. I had no idea what was showing, I just didn’t feel like going home. We had popcorn, smarties and huge cokes. We haven’t been to the movies in so long- the last movie trip we planned was to see “Star Wars Epsiode III” and it was cancelled due to, um, ag it’s a long story. Needless to say we still haven’t seen it. “WOTW” was absolutely brilliant. I can’t remember when last a movie gave me such goose-bumps or got my heart pounding like this one did. I honestly wasn’t expecting too much (not a Tom Cruise fan me) but it really was excellent. Saturday morning I had a facial, lovely and relaxing, and after that Damien and I went shopping for birthday presents (love my Edgars account) for the July and August birthdays. We spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents place with my brother, sister-in-law and their baby. They were there to practice “N” birthday cake for next Saturday’s party. We then went home and fell asleep in front of the TV. Sunday morning I woke up feeling severely shitty after oversleeping* and missed going to church again (sick last week too)! At least last week I woke up early enough to get Damien ready so he could go with my mom. I spent pretty much all of yesterday in bed, which the cats love, and only got up to feed Damien. I can’t ask my boss for time off to be sick, only three and a bit months into a new job and I’ve already had to ask for a lot of time off for all sorts of reasons! Not the best impression to create!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better now… This winter is just too long with all the viruses 🙁

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