How Annoying Is That!?

Can you believe my luck?

Last week I wrote that post about the crime in SA and how my son and I discuss things and how we carry on regardless… well… here’s a story for you: on Saturday afternoon my brother threw N’s first birthday party at my folks place. With all the family and several friends in attendance there were probably ten cars outside the house. This is not unusual, I mean, we are a big family. Later, after the knucklehead helped load the car with all N’s pressies and all the other baby paraphernalia, and I helped with the dishes (picture every available space in my mom’s kitchen covered with dirty cups, teaspoons, cake platters, cake forks & glasses), we made our merry way to the car. I got in, and where I would normally unlock for him from the inside, the knucklehead’s door was already unlocked. I figured he’d forgotten to lock when he got out (it happens occasionally). He got in and his door made a really funny noise when he shut it. It wasn’t the usual satisfying ‘THUNK’ of a door that’s proud to do its job… it was a ‘THUNK RATTLE’ of an unhappy door.

We looked at each other and he looked at his door and “AG NO MAN- THEY TRIED TO STEAL OUR CAR MOMMY!”

Strooz nuts (very South African this)! The whole top half of his door was bent far enough away from the car that you could probably squeeze an arm in and unlock it, but not so far that he noticed when he got in. I wasn’t particularly angry, or even upset, and this was the strangest part of the whole palaver for me. Usually for me this would result in a screaming, shouting, swearing, hammering fit of rage. All I thought was whether or not I was going to have to put in an insurance claim to have something fixed or not. Then the knucklehead ran inside to let my dad know so that the remaining car owners could check on theirs and move them into the driveway (behind the palisades, electric fencing and razor wire). Then my dad took a look at the door, pushed it more or less back to where it should be, and we went home.
Now, unless you know where to rub to feel the kink in the door metal from folding it back & forth, you’d never notice anything. That’s it. No cops, no insurance, no forensic investigation, nada. And now you know why I NEVER EVER EVER leave anything in my car. The cubbyhole has some papers in it- nothing important. The boot has a spare fan-belt and a first aid kit. I think that if I had not had a gear lock my car would have been long gone by the time we went outside. Now my biggest concern is the surprising flexibility and softness of my car’s body work… what if I’m in an accident?

Is it just going to tear like tinfoil?

Bloody hell!

See how blasé we are here!?!

That’s how my mind works, ciao!

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  1. Very typical South African. I hate how this always makes me feel unsafe, violated.

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