The Weekend Report

It was quite busy actually* Friday was payday, so we got KFC coz I’d been dreaming about twistas for a week! Then we went home, watched “Shrek”, and played computer games well into the night. Saturday morning we were up early (despite an anticipated sleep-in) to go to the bank & ship ourselves off to Damien’s doctor (the one who treats his ADHD). It’s a monthly appointment and if he wasn’t the only doctor to have made a difference in Damien’s performance (ever) I would long ago have looked for another doctor. It’s a two to three hour round trip (including the appointment, depending on traffic and the doctor’s delays) and he’s a crotchety, obnoxious old man. And thanx to me being such a sweet, accepting person (NOT) we argue plenty. Anyhoo, when we got home my darling baby sister dropped off her washing machine for me while she was moving back into my folks place- LOVING THE WASHING MACHINE PEOPLE! It even call’s me when it’s finished! Greebo loves it too, he sits on it all the time- he loves me again coz he thinks I got it especially for him (he even slept with me last night). My machine’s been broken for weeks and I’ve been using everyone else’s as and when thy can fit a load in for me (thanx mom and B). Love you C, thank you. Saturday evening was our fourth ladies movie night. We saw “hitch” and all agreed that all men should see it, and then see it again and take notes! A lekker evening overall. Damien stayed with my brother since my sister-in-law was with us so he had fun too, since he all but worships my brother! Saturday morning we were up early again, my brother surprised Damien with an invitation to go fishing on Sunday morning so Damien begged me if he could please miss Sunday school for a change “coz we aren’t really doing anything” he said. I went to church with my mom and Damien came home round lunch time. I was doing washing (no surprise there- I reckon it should take me a week to catch up if I do a load a day!) Damien spent most of the day in his cage playing LEGO and I worked a little and blogged a little and read a little and snoozed a little* and then last night I baked cookies!
Not bad, but I wish I could have gone shopping- just once* I really miss being able to shop!

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