Sitcom Envy

Have you ever found yourself wishing you lived inside a sitcom?
If you said no then I’ll bet you have and you didn’t even realise it* you know the feeling when you long for someone to come and make decisions for you, or when you wish everything could just go back to the way it was, and when you long for the exact words to fix a hurt or a situation? That’s my definition of sitcom envy. That in life’s equivalent of twenty minutes into a situation- someone would say something brilliant and everyone would live happily ever after* at least for the next week!
And then there’s the extreme version of sitcom envy that should be treated with medication and or hospitalisation- depending on the severity (not withstanding the entertainment factor). This is when you start walking around the house with the biggest torch you can find (a.k.a. a spotlight), too much makeup on, and a makeshift clapperboard* asking what your line is and yelling “CUT” at anyone who comes near you!

3 thoughts on “Sitcom Envy

  1. i always thought my life is a living sitcom, or at least a scenario for a future one

  2. You’re a TOTAL loony!!! The only sitcom I really love is “Everybody Loves Raymond” – cos watching that man is like watching my hubby – and I dont envy his wife or anyone in that show – cos I KNOW what it is to live with a “RAYMOND!”

    But I say again – YOU are a loony!!!!

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