Our Weekend

Howdy- take a look! Once again the gorgeousness of my child has stunned me! Did I really help to create this beautiful, intelligent, loving creature? Admittedly- this has been “photo shopped” just a wee bit- his teeth aren’t actually THAT white and his sunglasses don’t have red lenses… the rest is all him. This was how he dressed on the last day of last term- it was funky hair day and he spiked his whole head with a LOT of gel and then I put gold streaks in it for the day. The hair all came off just before he went back to school. Damien had a lekker four day weekend- thanx to Women’s Day on Tuesday there was no school on Monday. He spent Saturday rollerblading in the parking lot with a neighbour’s boy (while I slept and read the day) and ate me out of house and home- I cooked enough macaroni cheese on Friday night to feed six people, we had some for supper and Damien ate the rest for lunch on Saturday! On Sunday he went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with some kids from school (it was one of their birthday), he rated it “AWESOME” which is exceptionally high praise from someone who’s answer to 90% of questions directed at him is either “fine” or “nothing.” For example, me: “How was your day?” Damien: “Fine.” Or, me: “What did you do today?” Damien: “Nothing.” And then there’s me: “So what’s interesting today?” Damien: “Nothing.” And of course me: “What you doing?” Damien: “Nothing.” After the birthday he went fishing with his uncle, caught a bass (thanx a bunch G) and when he came home he was exhausted! Monday I worked and he spent the day at his aftercare with some babes who go to the same aftercare and who also skateboard (I think they’re babes- he won’t admit it). Tuesday we went to visit his “weekend parents” (their label for themselves) for the morning. They love Damien and this friend of mine has ALWAYS adored him- even before he met and married his wife (who is just a darling). They now have a little girl and she loves Damien to death too. Damien does guy stuff with this friend of mine- like riding motorbikes, working in the garage and going to the racetrack where he helps out in the pits. Damien can phone his weekend dad if he needs to talk or even if he just wants to get out of the house. I praise and thank God regularly for Damien’s male role models.