And On Another Note

I finally got the pictures of the little log house “thingies” I told you about that he built during the school holidays. The little LEGO men are for you to see the scale.
And here are my two furry masters. Everybody take a deep breath and say aaaaaaaaw… Greebo on the left and Taxi on the right. This is how they sleep in winter (and only in winter) when we’re all in the lounge. When Damien and I go to bed they move to Damien’s bed.
Oh- BTW- TOTAL (and I mean TOTAL) confusion during the first thirty seconds of Gilmore Girls season three! It returned to TV last night & started with Lorelei waking up to thirty or so alarm clocks, finding Luke in her kitchen, arguing with him over switching her regular coffee with decaf, and him saying goodbye to her and the twins she’s pregnant with. I spent the FULL thirty seconds wondering when they had aired the season I had missed!
And this was a very strange weekend in another respect in our usually quiet suburb- Monday night, we had a slide show- baby photos- VERY funny. But at the same time and for a good hour we listened to a gunfight. Yup. It was quite close to us, my dad estimated about 1000 rounds fired. It’s very scary to hear the sound of automatic gunfire just a few hundred metres from our homes… and the strangest thing- nothing in the news. Nothing. It was VERY scary. Then on Tuesday night, someone ran past our flats screaming. Yes, screaming. Someone screaming fast, and loud. Like movie screaming. Goosebumps. I sat there thinking: do I look? Is it a joke? Is it serious? What if I look and get seen, then I’ll have to go into witness protection and lose contact with my family and friends… and all this after I went home on Monday night expecting to find bullet holes in my windows and hoping my cats had survived the gun battle! And still nothing in the news.