The Amateur Eco-Warrior Part 2

On the same beach as the shark rescue, Damien found hundreds of tiny see through baby crabs clinging to a rock in the little river flowing into the sea. Then he spent the rest of the day trying to protect them from the kids on the beach who had also found them. And on the same day, a
baby seal (probably a fur seal) had gotten lost chasing sardines and was playing in the waves. The seal then got out a ways down the beach onto the rocks. Damien went haring off down the beach to see what he could do- camera in hand- shouting for me to phone the SPCA so they could come and rescue it. Someone had already phoned and they arrived a while later, and clearing the crowd that had gathered- carted the pup off to wherever. The rest of the day and the whole of the next one Damien worried what would happen to it, with me reassuring him that they knew what they were doing and they would look after it, maybe even rehabilitate it. I love how my baby gets concerned about things and people around him.

2 thoughts on “The Amateur Eco-Warrior Part 2

  1. I am always afraid for the hurt when they care so much. Wish I could wrap my kids in cottonwool.

  2. Very sweet story. Amazing that he’s so sensitive. I hope James turns out like that.

    Have a great weekend.

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