The Toilet Seat Issue

Anyone who has a man and or boys in the house knows exactly what I’m talking about. Well, its a non-issue in our house. And it hasn’t been a problem for a LOOONG time. “How did you do it?” I hear you ask. Well, I simply stopped asking Damien to put the seat down, and left it up on a permanent basis. No more sitting on a wet seat in the dark, no more sitting on NO seat when I’m in a hurry- I have trained MYSELF to automatically check that it’s down before I sit. Funny enough, when we were chatting about it a little while ago at house church (yes it is a strange topic for house church), it took another guy to point out the logic behind this- I hadn’t thought of it this way, he said “you spend so many years teaching a little boy to lift the seat when he goes for a piddle, then when he’s mastered it you start asking him why it’s up all the time!?” So no more arguments for us- we argue over other things in stead- like not hanging up towels, the permanently untidy state of his bedroom and him using anew glass EVERY. SINGLE.TIME. he pours himself something to drink.

3 thoughts on “The Toilet Seat Issue

  1. Our seat is never up. One day I asked Rich how he always puts the seat down. He said he never puts it UP. I looked at him oddly. He smiled and said,”I have really good aim!” Whatever!

  2. I too am the ONLY woman in a family of 5 – four men and me. And I too have trained myself to check the seat, but because I still have a five year old, I still get the occasional wet seat

  3. Nahhhhh my boys put the seat down. I’ve drilled it into them… but do you think they can put the lights off? NO!!!!

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