The Amateur Eco-Warrior Part 4

One of Damien’s favourite collections is his bones* no- not HIS bones, his animal bones. In his bedroom- the window sill is decorated with a skull (I think it’s a sheep he says it’s a buck) several rib bones and the thigh bone if something big. There are also a few smaller boxes filled with rat and bird bones. This started one day a few years ago when he discovered a veritable treasure trove of rat bones in my mom’s garden. His grandparents had poisoned them to get them out of the roof and this particular poison sends them looking for water so they don’t actually die and rot in the roof. He was fascinated. Since then he has been given a microscope and a dissection kit… I can’t tell you how many times he has “accidentally” pricked his finger so he can examine his blood under the microscope. He also has a Venus Flytrap that he keeps very well fed and watered- feeding the flytrap is the only time his love of spiders clashes with the fascination of watching the plant feed!