Damien’s Room

Here you can see some of Damien’s bone collection- the big ones on his windowsill. You can also see how many books he has. The big ones are on the top shelf of his desk and you can juuust see a little through the gap between the leg of the bed and the ladder. There where the glare of the desk lamp is you can kinda make out a model of a predator and an alien (the ones from the movies), his pride and joy. There’s also a Lamborghini, a BMW and I think the other one is a Porsche. His uncle and his Grampa gave them to him! Under the desk are three huge plastic boxes with lids, one contains LEGO; one has all his action man “stuff”; and the other has McDonald’s toys in it. There are also a couple of pictures of me and one of his godmother there somewhere… pity you can’t see the EMINEM or the shark posters from this picture. This is also the tidiest his room has been in many weeks. Up until a few days ago you couldn’t even SEE the top of his desk… you see, he wants his privacy, so our rule is that he has to keep it tidy himself- I don’t go in there at all except to wake him up and kiss him goodnight. If he doesn’t bring his dirty laundry it doesn’t get washed (and yes I do ask him for it).
Don’t you just love his bed?!

2 thoughts on “Damien’s Room

  1. I am thinking of getting my daughter a bed with the desk under it. You know, for all her kindergarten homework . . .

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