Its Not My Fault

If you really want to annoy me- then tell me my son’s ADHD is a result of me being a single mom. Apparently there are doctors telling their patients and their patient’s parents that single parenthood and divorce is a major cause of ADHD and ADD. Bollocks! Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks! It’s a medical bloody disorder and needs to be treated as such, with medication and/or therapy. If it were true that single parenthood or divorce is to blame then you could also start blaming your boss if you suffer from depression because he stresses you out at work! If it were true then you may as well tell parents of children with other types of disorders that that’s their fault too! How lame is that! This is exactly the type of bull-dust story that gives Ritalin and Adders such a bad reputation. Aaaaargh, IDIOTS!

Non-Sleeping Mystery Solved

you remember i said i don’t allow damien to have coffee, except very occasionally? well it turns out he sweet talked the girls at his aftercare into making him coffee (there are only six kids and they’re allowed to make their own tea, coffee or juice). but not just regular coffee- instant coffee the way i drink mine! three heaped spoons of plastic coffee with a little sugar (i traded nicotine for caffeine a while ago, i figured it wouldn’t kill me as fast). when the lady who looks after them found out she nearly had a heart attack and immediately put a stop to it. she also asked me if i allowed him to drink coffee as strong as that- as if! but once the situation was explained she was cool and i was glad coz now the little shitty’ll sleep again!!

The Amateur Eco-Warrior Epilogue

You see, it’s not only animals he sees and notices and thinks about, its people too- when we go shopping for example, things he sees get commented on as follows: “‘B’ would love that!” “Doesn’t granny collect those?” “Grampa needs those!” “We should get that for ‘T’ for Christmas*” “Doesn’t ‘A’ have a birthday soon*?” And I love how well he knows me (maybe he knows me too well?). My mom takes him shopping for Christmas, mother’s day and my birthday, and he always knows exactly what he wants for me and what I would like.
But make no mistake- he has his share of regular teenage selfish “*I want/need/must have*” episodes, he’s a regular, normal teenage boy.
And that’s ONE of the countless reasons why I love him so much!

The Amateur Eco-Warrior Part 4

One of Damien’s favourite collections is his bones* no- not HIS bones, his animal bones. In his bedroom- the window sill is decorated with a skull (I think it’s a sheep he says it’s a buck) several rib bones and the thigh bone if something big. There are also a few smaller boxes filled with rat and bird bones. This started one day a few years ago when he discovered a veritable treasure trove of rat bones in my mom’s garden. His grandparents had poisoned them to get them out of the roof and this particular poison sends them looking for water so they don’t actually die and rot in the roof. He was fascinated. Since then he has been given a microscope and a dissection kit… I can’t tell you how many times he has “accidentally” pricked his finger so he can examine his blood under the microscope. He also has a Venus Flytrap that he keeps very well fed and watered- feeding the flytrap is the only time his love of spiders clashes with the fascination of watching the plant feed!